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Did Desperate Housewives Series Finale Go Out With A Bang Or Bust?

Desperate Housewives’ season finale concluded the series with the same things it hooked America with the day it premiered: a bunch of twists, lighthearted scandal, and tenuous sisterhood. For those who didn’t get a chance to catch the closer, just know that despite the fact that ABC’s suburban soap drew in numbers way below projections, all ends well on Wisteria Lane. But that’s the extent of the spoiler you will read here.

As ratings continued to wane for ABC’s dramedy soap, calling it quits after season 8 appeared to be the best way to end things gracefully.  Drawing nearly 11.1 million viwers, Sunday night’s airing of the Desperate Housewives two-hour series finale was a ratings win among the main demographic sought after by advertisers (adults age 18 to 49).  However, those numbers are nowhere near as popular as its days as a reliable top-10 performer. The season finale for season 1 drew more than 30 million viewers, while, this season, the series has averaged 8.5 million each week.

However, Sunday’s episode, written by series creator Marc Cherry, was a great reminder of why “Desperate Housewives” struck such a chord with viewers when it premiered in the fall of 2004. You would have had to watch yourself to understand what we’re talking about, but all the same juicy ingredients remained, even as the women of Wisteria Lane scattered to embark on new life journeys.



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