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Charlie Rangel May Have Difficulty Keeping His Congressional Seat

For the first time in recent memory, Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel has a legitimate chance of losing his district primary and ultimately end his four-decade run in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Despite the challenging road he faces in order to keep his seat, Rangel has remained defiant. The New York Post reports that the 81-year-old issued a challenge yesterday to those looking to unseat him: “If you came up with any name that you have on your mind that you think could better serve, then I would reconsider [running].”

A determining factor in this race is the reapportionment of the district, which now boasts a voting-age population that is 46 percent Hispanic. The 46 percent marks a 10 percent increase in Hispanic voters while the white population dropped from 27 to 17 percent. The black population remained at 33 percent.

A recent ethics scandal, which included failure to pay taxes and properly report personal income, has led many to call for Rangel to step down. When asked about Rangel during the height of his ethical woes, President Obama described him as “somebody who’s at the end

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