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Entrepreneur or Just Sick? Man Sells Trayvon Martin Gun Range Targets

An anonymous supporter of George Zimmerman has drawn harsh criticism for selling gun range targets that feature a hooded figure meant to resemble slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

According to CBS News affiliate WKMG, an advertisement for the targets, which has since been removed, stated the seller “supports Zimmerman and believes he is innocent and that he shot a thug.”

The targets, which do not show Martin’s face, feature a hoodie with the target aimed directly at the chest. The hooded individual appears to be clutching an Arizona Ice tea and has a package of Skittles in the pocke—items Martin was carrying the night of his murder.

The seller admitted the main motivation behind the targets was to make money from the controversy. He said he sold out of the targets in two days.

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40 thoughts on “Entrepreneur or Just Sick? Man Sells Trayvon Martin Gun Range Targets

  1. Nacho Negro says:

    I'd like to see a picture of this guy so I could make targets out of this butt munch.

  2. The persons that buys the hoodies is sick as zimmerman, I hope that nobody close to them get shot down and someone call their love one a"THUG".

  3. Mike Az Mike says:

    What would happen if a Dead White child's likeness was on that instead, I wonder?

  4. That's just sick. Please let the publis know who this person is.

  5. David Sommer says:

    Completely tasteless. It shouldn't matter which "side" of the case you are on, this just isn't what should be done in such a tragic situation.

  6. Rebecca Croucher says:

    What happened to that thing from the Bible called a "commandment" that said don't kill… It's a basic law. Making fun of or profiting from someones death is not right either. & noooooo it really isn't about what color your skin happens to be.

  7. Just sick trying to make a name for himself

  8. No regard for trayvon family sick ind.

  9. Scott Astley says:

    If it was a white child, it would be just as horrific. Here is a better question, what if it was YOUR child that was gunned down??

  10. I don't see Travon's face – do you? Where is it? Hunh? What a bunch on whiners… Si Se Puede!

  11. Trayvon is a criminal, he attacked a neighborhood watchmen in the middle of the night.

  12. When there is no Empathy, the end is Nearer than u think!

  13. Cory , that because the grown man was following him . A man has no right to follow a child who was minding his own business.

  14. You are so right Tarsha Harris.

  15. Audra Pittman so the correct answer was to commit assault on a neighborhood watchmen? Wrong answer. We aren't caveman we can't just go around hitting those we don't like. If he had a problem he should have called the police not club a stranger in the head in the middle of the night.

  16. Mike Az Mike says:

    Scott Astley Wasnt making it a race issue, just showing both sides of the coin. I agree with you its still horrible. Im impressed that you came at this w/o a race based thought!

  17. Mike Az Mike says:

    you are as ignorant as you sound! The rest of you just wait til your in a position, being followed by someone who has no biz following you! and if you say I wouldnt have done anything, then a victim is all youll ever be! And a Closet Internet Racist!

  18. Mike Az Mike says:

    They cant have have regard for people they regard as second class citizens still!

  19. Oh that's right,Zimmerman a outstanding citizen w domestic violence,beatin up cops,and killed a child

  20. @ Camille Phifer: You might want to do a little more research before passing final judgment. Zimmerman donated his spare time and money to tutoring two young black boys. He also donated his time to being a neighborhood watchmen as we all know. He was a pretty decent guy before the media dragged his name through the mud.

  21. Mike Az Mike says:

    Cory Winchester Let me hit you with some knowledge: 1 Zimmerman was not a Neighborhood Watch Person, as reg by the Natl. Sheriffs Assoc. Rules! 2. Criminal please show me some convictions on his record, not just some urban legend hearsay! 3. We are yet to hear the full "Story", from Zman! 4. Why did he apologize for killing, what he says he thought, was and Adult?

  22. Jus sayn you believe what Zimmerman says, and I believe trayvonn,and guess what nobody's winning….

  23. Chris Bennett says:

    You all calling this guy sick and what not, what about the people who bought the targets? I don't know how many he had but it says he sold out in two days.

  24. Kim Davis says:

    Zimmermann told dispatch he wasn't going to let Trayvon get away when he reported Trayvon was running. Trayvon's gf heard Trayvon ask someone who had approached him "why are you following me?" He had been speaking with his gf about this creepy wierdo who was behaving strangely. An armed neighborhood watchman attacked Trayvon Martin who wasn't doing anything wrong that night.

  25. Kim Davis says:

    Cory Winchester Rumor has it Cory there was a call made to 911 from Trayvon. The FBI has the recording of that call and from that and forensics did the State Attorneys office find Probable Cause to charge Zimmerman with 2nd Degree Murder.

  26. Kim Davis says:

    I vote Sick.

  27. Kim Davis says:

    Cory Winchester AND he killed an unarmed teenager whom he instigated trouble with that night….so to your list of all those , don't forget to add that

  28. So they have the right to kill them? More so then this, we know from court evidence that the "watchman" had been told NOT to pursue by the cops who was in contact with via radio (he saw the kid walking through his neighbourhood, then began to follow him) . The watchmen put himself in danger, and to tell you the truth, if someone starts following you, at night, alone, your usually going to be raped/mugged/attacked . Its not a case of those we don't like, its a case of someone being KILLED because he was a teenager AKA a monstrous, murderous, drug takin daughter rapein machine…apparently…

  29. Trayvon's autopsy report released

    He had bruised knuckles and no other injuries, kind of weird if George attacked him isn't it? What half wit excuse are you guys going to have now? George made him punch the ground before he shot him?

  30. Ouch Trayvon Martic tox-screen just released… He had drugs in his system what do you know. So now he we have possession and assault, still think he's not a criminal?

  31. Micky Lineswine Parker says:

    Is he doing any more of the & if so where can I get some?

  32. He was stalked by Zimmerman in the truck, then on foot… then approached by Martin who was armed. Anyone who wouldn't try to defend themselves at that point is a coward. Zimmerman's life is over. Doesn't even matter what the court does now.

  33. I got one I'd like to pin to the back of your head.

  34. Micky Lineswine Parker says:

    M. Shawn Langford Anytime, canuck boy.

  35. People said the same thing about Steven Hatfill and now he is a multi-millionaire.

  36. Permar Parker says:

    Of Course its tasteless…But He is getting paid. That's the new attitude in America. Tasteless behavior pays in Our Country now. Look at any reality shows that has Wives in their titles or based at a shore. Also have you noticed since Obama has become President the Blow black in America to all things black we have been witnessing..It has increased tenfold and way more public.With that fact alone the Trayvon reaction by some Americans was easy to foresee… Anyone that knows the History of our country knew this would happen.That's life I guess, in a free society..God Bless America and God Bless those that are afraid and hate.

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