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Outrageous: Spirit Airline to Charge $100 for Each Carry-On

Spirit Airline has announced a new policy charging $100 for each carry-on item a passenger does not check before boarding. The policy, which goes into effect in November, is aimed at shortening delays in the boarding process and deterring passengers from bringing several carry-on items.

The company released a statement about their new policy: “Much like a speeding ticket, the fee is intentionally set high to deter people from speeding; we don’t want customers to wait until they get to the boarding gate to pay for their carry-on bags as this delays the boarding process for everyone.”

Spirit Airlines currently charges $45 for any carry-on not paid for at the ticket counter. The new $100 fee would be the first of its kind, and passengers aren’t happy about it. Spirit flier Aponte Juan told CNN, “I think it’s outrageous actually. I would say it cost more than an actual flight with them.”

Kate Hanni of took it a step further, saying, “I see it heading toward more fees. In my cynical world I wouldn’t be surprised to see them charge for seatbelts and oxygen.”

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