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John Travolta Releases Photo Proof As Third Accuser Comes Forward

John Travolta has responded to accusations of sexual misconduct by an unidentified Los Angeles male masseuse who says the actor sexually harassed him during a massage. Additionally, a second man also revealed similar accusation, and now a third man has come forward claiming Travolta made indecent proposals to him while aboard a cruise ship.

The Pulp Fiction star has released a sketchy photo and receipts that purportedly show he was in New York City on the day he is being accused of making unwanted sexual advances on one of his accusers in a Beverly Hills hotel. In the photos, which were posted on TMZ, Travolta is supposedly standing in front of a New York building during daytime hours on Jan. 16th – one of the dates in question.  A dinner receipt from a Mr. Chow Restaurant in NYC on the same day is also intended to establish Travolta’s alibi.

In the midst of Travolta fighting to prove his innocence, cruise employee Fabian Zanzi told a Chilean TV program that Travolta offered to pay $12,000 to have sex aboard a Royal Caribbean voyage in 2009, but he declined the proposition.

“He said that I had something on my neck, I thought it was lint. When he got close to me, he took off his white robe and he became naked,” Zanzi told the Chilean TV news show Primer Plano.

“He hugged me and asked me to give him a massage.”


Travolta’s lawyer has yet to comment on the new allegations.  The first two John Travolta accusers, known as John Doe #1 and #2, have remained anonymous in the federal lawsuit filed in Los Angeles. Both men are seeking $2 million each from the famous actor for allegedly sexually harassing them in separate situations in L.A. and Atlanta.


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