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Griner Breaks Wrist While Longboarding

All-American Brittany Griner

The site of a 6-foot-8 woman longboarding would be interesting, to say the least. Seeing two-time All-America center Brittney Griner on an elongated skateboard was a common vision at Baylor — until Wednesday night, that is.

Griner, who led Baylor to the NCAA first 40-win season and the national championship, now sports a cast on her right wrist, the result of breaking it while longboarding. She has said longboarding has been a passion of hers since she saw students doing it when she arrived at Baylor.

Her coach, Kim Mulkey, said Griner will be in a cast for four weeks, meaning the rising senior should have plenty of time for a full recovery to go for another national title.


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