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FDA May Support HIV Prevention Drug for the First Time

A Gilead Sciences HIV drug may be the first to gain the support of the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA). On Tuesday the FDA seemed to take an interest in the HIV prevention drug, which may prevent healthy users of the medication from getting the virus from their partners.

The HIV prevention drug, called Truvada, is hoping to get FDA approval to be marketed to consumers who have high chances of contracting the virus. It is currently a very popular drug on the market and is used along with other drugs to help treat HIV. By Thursday, the FDA is hoping to reveal their answer on whether or not they will recommend the drug for HIV prevention. The FDA has already claimed that those who use Truvada along with other preventive tactics “may be spared infection with a serious and life threatening illness.”

The drug would be marketed mainly for gay or bisexual men along with heterosexual couples in which one partner is already infected with the virus since they are the consumers who are expected to be at high risk for getting HIV. Although the drug does show hope for future development of a drug that can promise the prevention of HIV for all users, the FDA wanted to remind consumers that attempts at producing a vaccine “to prevent against HIV infection have thus far been unsuccessful.”


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