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Blessing or Curse? ‘Megatron’ on New Cover of Madden 13

Uh oh.

Detroit Lions superstar receiver Calvin Johnson will be featured on the Madden 13 video game. Do not be surprised if he is not excited about it.

One would think that to be plastered on the cover of one the most popular video games in the world would be cause for celebration. Well, not so much.

See, there is this talk about a “Madden Curse,” where players on the cover get injured — or something weird happens.

Want proof: From 2000 to 2008, the following players were on the Madden cover and suffered injury or some other dramatic event occurred to sidetrack their career: Barry Sanders (2000, retired week before training camp), Dorsey Levens (2000), Eddie George (2001), Daute Culpepper (2002), Marshall Faulk (2003), Michael Vick (2004), Ray Lewis (2005), Donovan McNabb (2006), Shaun Alexander (2007) and Vince Young (2008).

Need more proof? Brett Favre (2009) missed games due to injury, Troy Polamalu (2010), Drew Brees (avoided injury but lost in first round of playoffs to Seattle) and Cleveland running back Peyton Hillis was injured after he made the 2012.

So, rest assured it is a proud and scary day for Johnson, the former Georgia Tech star.


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