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New 'Skyfall' Production Stills & Video Blog Hit The Web

New Skyfall production photos and a videoblog have been released, giving fans an inside glimpse into the happenings on set of the latest James Bond movie.

The new production stills portray, as usual, an armed and dangerous Bond, played by Daniel Craig.  We also get a hint of what Naomi Harris’ character, Eve, looks like in action. Judi Dench’s M appears to be carrying out her normal duties, keeping tabs on the ongoing secret missions.

Oscar-winning production designer Dennis Gassner also reveals some details into the look and feel of Skyfall. In the newly released video blog, he gives us a brief look at how he builds a massive underground station on the 007 Stage.

Unfortunately for Bond movie fans, there is still some ways to go until we see the completed project. Skyfall is currently filming in Instanbul, Turkey. The Sam Mendes directed film is expected to hit theaters in the later part of next year.

Until then, the production photos and video on the following pages should hold you down for a little while.

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