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Ewing A Candidate for Bobcats’ Head Coach Job

Patrick Ewing's expertise improved Dwight Howard's game.

Patrick Ewing, one of the most-liked and respected players of his era — and a pretty productive one, too — is among a group of candidates to interview f0r the Charlotte Bobcats’ head coach position.

For those who knew Ewing as a relative introvert but outstanding player with the New York Knicks, envisioning him on the sideline leading a team could be a stretch. However, since his retirement from the NBA eight years ago, Ewing has worked as an assistant coach. He has spent the last five years with Orlando and is chiefly responsible for the low-post offensive development of Magic all-star center Dwight Howard.

In the later part of his career, Ewing grew from an on-court leader into a leader in the locker room, too. His voice was the loudest and most respected, and that, coupled with his Hall of Fame career, make him a viable prospect.

Throw in the fact that he impressed Joe Dumars when he interviewed for the Detroit Pistons’ job a year ago and that he and Bobcat owner Michael Jordan have been friends since they entered the league (and shared the same agent, David Falk), and Ewing’s chances increase.

Charlotte surely could use some star power. Jordan’s team set a record in league futility for winning percentage (.106) and let go coach Paul Silas, opening up this opportunity.

The Bobcats also will consider Golden State Warriors assistant Mike Malone, the hottest young assistant in the league and  former Seattle and Portland Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan.

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