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Video Captures NYPD Brutally Beating a Bronx Teen

Several New York Police Department officers are being accused of engaging in police brutality, after a video surfaced of them beating 19-year-old Bronx native Jateik Reed. The incident was captured by nearby surveillance video, according to NY 1.

Officers claimed that Reed was holding several bags of crack and marijuana in his hand when he was approached by the officers and then he threw the bags to the ground. However the video shows no bags on or near Reed when officers are attacking him.

The officers also accused Reed of resisting arrest as well as striking an officer. Surveillance video does show Reed trying to escape the beating, but at no point do you see him throw a punch.

Reed’s lawyer, Michael Warren, wants the Bronx District Attorney to charge the officers with assault and filing a false report, in addition to the brutality. He feels there is no need to speak with the Bronx DA about pressing charges, as the video speaks for itself.

Watch the video below.

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