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'Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate' Hits IMAX 3D Across North America

'Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate' Hits IMAX 3D Across North America

Today, IMAX Corporation and Indomina announced the release of Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate for a limited engagement across North America. The full IMAX 3D format is scheduled for a September release.

The Bona Film Group’s blockbuster starring Jet Li will be the first Chinese film to be shown in the IMAX 3D format, and it is the fourth highest grossing Chinese film of all time.

Indomina’s Vice Chairman and CEO Jasbinder Singh Mann said, “We’re delighted to be working again with Bona and Tsui Hark and to release their newest film, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate.  It’s an ideal fit for Indomina – just as IMAX is the ideal movie-going experience for the film. Audiences are in for a real treat when they see this Chinese martial arts masterpiece on the IMAX screen.”

Since the film’s initial release in China back in December, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate has grossed approximately $85.5 million in box office ticket sales. $10.6 million of that money was generated in IMAX theaters across China.

The movie set a new record for an all Chinese-produced movie and became the fourth highest grossing IMAX title in China following Avatar, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Titanic 3D. The film also took home an award at the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Action Choreography, Art Direction, Edition, Visual Effects and Sound Effects.

Watch the trailer for the film below:


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