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White South African Model’s Racist Tweets Enrage a Nation

FHM model Jessica Leandra dos Santos used the word “kaffir” in a tweet on May 3, summoning South Africa’s nasty history of racism and segregation. “Kaffir” is South Africa’s version of the n-word in the United States. It may even cut deeper in South Africa, however, in South Africa, because the wounds of apartheid are still fresh.

“Just, well took on a on arrogant and disrespectful kaffir inside Spar. Should have punched him, should have,” she tweeted. The backlash came immediately, forcing the model to delete the tweet within hours. Dos Santos later claimed that the incident inside Spar, a South African supermarket, came after she was confronted with sexual remarks.

To be clear, “kaffir” is a term that was long used by European colonists and their descendants to describe native Africans. The divisive term is labeled as hate speech, meaning that its use can result in prosecution.

In her own defense Dos Santos tweeted, “Would u all stop! These are the kinds of people that land up raping young girls of our country! I wasn’t going to let him get away with it.” Of course, feminism is not a defense to racism. By tying the actions of one man to a race, the model has incited the rage of a nation.

Regardless of her intention when including the word in her tweet, Dos Santos made herself into an international model for ignorance, using a slur with a heavy past so lightly. In South Africa, the use of hate speech and racial slurs on Internet social media outlets can actually result in criminal charges. A columnist there, Mabine Seabe II, announced a complaint he filed with the Human Rights Commission against Jessica Leandra Dos Santos via twitter.

FHM magazine’s South African branch has already distanced itself from Dos Santos, condemning the model’s comments. She was stripped of her title as the winner of magazine’s 2011 Modelbook competition, and will no longer appear in its pages.

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364 thoughts on “White South African Model’s Racist Tweets Enrage a Nation

  1. David Crowe says:

    Who gives a rats ass? You're making a mountain out of a mole hole as usual. Get a life you kaffir.

  2. Ann Watson-Thomas says:

    Its a shame you decided to use the 'K' word so often in writing this article especially as you would not use the 'N' word even though your consider it just as offensive.

  3. she deserves everything she gets – and then some.

  4. Phoenix Shining says:

    When you say "she deserves everything she gets" do you mean that she would deserve to be assaulted, raped, or/and murdered because of a single WORD?

  5. Anonymous says:

    'Kaffir' is an Arabic word, meaning 'Unbeliever'.

  6. Jared Grey says:

    Why didn't she just use the n word?

  7. Using that 'k' word is inexcusable and she deserves the most stringent criticism and world-wide light to be shone on this racist tweet but… I wonder if the systematic and ongoing torture and murder of white Boer farmers in S. Africa will get the same attention.

  8. Blaine you are a dumb fool.

  9. Mark Monroe says:

    I say kaffir all the time.

  10. Trevor Thompson says:

    The wounds of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, hyperghettoization, the so-called War on Drugs, systematic discrimination, and a criminal injustice system are still pretty fresh in the U.S. Maybe the "k" word is more biting than the "n" word (I doubt black South Africans are going around saying the "k" word to each other), but I don't think the reasoning described is sound.

  11. Dan Summer says:

    funny, in america we call each other the n-word as a compliment these days.

  12. Micky Lineswine Parker says:

    When the blacks stop calling me a "cracka", I'll stop calling them a "kaffir".

  13. I doubt her comment "enraged" a nation….probably just pissed off a few wankers…maybe she just should have kicked the melatonin skinned jerk in the balls, if he had any! Hmm, I've been called lots of things and I don't get upset about it, because I see the source and just have to laugh. Pathetic is as pathetic does.

  14. Micky Lineswine Parker says:

    …but of course "cracka" is perfectly acceptable, right?

  15. Victoria Maldonado says:

    The systemic, unrelenting discrimination you have experienced must make that word really hurtful for you. Gosh.

  16. N*gger, spook, wop, kraut, squarehead, cracker, bozo, lamebrain, retard, mangacake, geek, weirdo…they're just words, if you take any of them personally what does it say about you? You've got issues. Jewish "comics" feel they can insult everybody because of the "holocaust", black comics can say nigger all they want, and call white people anything they want, and white people are supposed to do what, exactly? Racism is just a word as well, it's actions that count….an ass hole is an ass hole no matter what colour it is, and everyone has one.

  17. Anonymous says:

    what's new?, it is only the blacks who need to be notice go on these useless rants,it is her god given right to express herself… when the black insult the white with their idle rhetoric they are ignored because they are ignorant people with a fragile grasp on reality and a victims mentality.

  18. Anonymous says:

    what's new?, it is only the blacks who need to be notice go on these useless rants,it is her god given right to express herself… when the black insult the white with their idle rhetoric they are ignored because they are ignorant people with a fragile grasp on reality and a victims mentality.

  19. Anonymous says:

    uncalled for

  20. Anonymous says:

    shut the hell up

  21. Anonymous says:

    Micky Lineswine Parker – it perfectly acceptable to white inbred crackas 🙂

  22. Anonymous says:

    i don't please do not generalise

  23. Terry Rudden says:

    I have to admit I don't look to superstar models for either intellectual or moral leadership. Dieting and the ability to pout prettily on demand are certainly commendable skills, but clearly do not guarantee that their possessor is not a vapid, spoiled airhead.

  24. Stephanie Stone says:

    Its one thing to defend oneself, its another to slander an entire race with open wounds.

  25. Mike Myers says:

    But it's OK for the guy to sexually harass her? So, he can call her a C**T or WH*RE, but targeting his race is off limits? It's nice that South Africa has nurtured a protected class.

  26. Bigot. But we pay far too much attention to supermodels anyway, and this one doesn't even look good.

  27. Rhea Jones-Price says:

    Actually, there is not a right to "express" yourself. Hate speech is not even protected in the US, where we have a First Amendment freedom of speech. Hate speech=fighting words

  28. Rhea Jones-Price says:

    I love how you think that black people started this whole name-calling thing. Like in response to the ever-so-dehumanizing term "cracker," whites came up with the name "kaffir." If that's what you think, you're even dumber than you look. Maybe if you stopped calling them a "kaffir" they'd stop calling you a "cracka." Ever think of that?

  29. Rhea Jones-Price says:

    You think his race had something to do with his alleged sexual harassment? Because, assuming her allegation was true, a "c**t" or "wh*re" would relate in some way to his goal of sexually harassing her, but I fail to see how "targeting a race" combats sexual harassment…

  30. Tara Allen says:

    You want say anything to our face, will you? Typical of you fools!

  31. Tara Allen says:

    I could care less what a person of another race says about me behind my back. No one has called me anything in my face and that's what counts. I have never known any white person to say the "n" word in any black person's face- only on tv where shit is scripted. Why? Because they know better! Whites are intimidated by non-whites & always have been & that's where all the hate comes from. If U.S. history is correct (which it's not), why would you bring "Africans" from Africa to slave and then hate them? Why wouldn't you just leave them where they were? I'll wait for an answer…..

  32. It's hilarious how many white people go out of their way by saying blacks are the true racists…while stating that "fact" in the most racist way imaginable. It must be a white thing, to have one's head shoved far up their ass.

  33. Because that word certainly carries out a history of abuse, huh?

  34. Mike Myers I agree with Rhea, what you said is quite foolish. So because one guy made sexist remarks, she has every right to label every S. African, because he's a total representation of them, huh? I mean, after all, it's not like she knew that she would be insulting many others. What that guy did was horrible. That does not excuse what she had said. It's akin to swinging a bat wildly in a crowded area in hopes of hitting one guy. You'll end up hurting everyone else.

  35. Phoenix Shining

    Where the hell does it say that she will be assaulted, raped, or murdered? I do think she should be punished according to South African customs, and whadaya know, she is!

  36. Phoenix Shining says:

    "Where the hell does it say that she will be assaulted, raped, or murdered?"

    He said she deserves "everything" she gets. And if it's everything, that would include assault, rape, and murder.

    "she should be punished according to South African customs"

    Which ones, South African civil law or native South African customs? Because the latter would involve assault, rape, and/or murder.

  37. she's a racist twit, is what she is. That entire situation could have been handled far, far better but she's an obnoxious model; what did you expect?

  38. Ivan Backes says:

    Phoenix Shining kids do things like this. When you asked a kid why he punched his sister, they typically make up a story like "well she hit me first" and sometimes that's not true…This shits been happening since the beginning of time.. White woman doesnt like the fact that the big black beast didnt bow down to her, she gets angry calls him a derogatory word, and then, tries to mitigate it by saying he insulted her with sexual remarks…then supports it by saying "the black beast will rape our women(who is OUR women? Should not it be rape Women?)" I'm a german and i dont think that white americans realize how subtle racism can be!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Micky Lineswine Parker i thought whites called themselves crackers and stuff like that

  40. Anonymous says:

    re-read the paragraph…i bet you pity her because she's blonde…what suprises me is that you would even ask a question like that. Upon appearances you don't look like a bigot…But then they come in all shapes and sizes. I bet when you seen a black mans penis you soon grew envious of the n words.

  41. Anonymous says:

    man africa doesnt get much attention at all…too many blacks for americans likings. even if the issues are about white s. africans.

  42. Phoenix Shining says:

    Ivan, I agree that there is no excuses for what she said and that it's wrong, but I'm talking Blaine Hislop who said that she deserves everything she gets, which is a dangerous and disturbing mindset to have when countering racist insults (words). I'm sure that you would be against what he said as well, no?

  43. Kimberly Copeland says:

    Get it right black comics say Nigga and not Nigger. Believe it or not their is a difference…But then again I don't expect you to understand.

  44. Kimberly Copeland says:

    They should call you ugly ass motherfucker. Because that is what you are.

  45. Kimberly Copeland says:

    Yeah Peckerwood.

  46. You've got to be kidding….are you really that stupid? ….then again, I wouldn't expect you to understand. Why do you use a racist white name???? Maybe I'll call myself Ibi Baba muhuammed'bama, kinda like the sound of it. LOl! Gee, black and blak must mean something else as well, maybe that I can't spell???

  47. Kimberly Copeland says:

    Oh wait you're from Canada that explains everything now. Weak ass coward ass country. LOL.

  48. Oh, a "black" American with a cracker English name who lives in a police state that bombs little kids from 7,500 miles away and doesn't even know that Canada is a criminal ally of the criminal U.S. because the nigga's got fox and oprah an the n.b.a. but still is too much of a coward to use a good African name? He he he, je reste, tu es tres stupide et pathetique aussi! You really are that stupid! Good luck with what little sense you may have, my dogs know more about history and world affairs than you do! LOL!

  49. Rhea Jones-Price says:

    Randall, I'm not quite sure what your point is. Is your logic basically that because you see those words as simply words, and because you attach very little significance to words in general, nobody else should attach the meaning?

  50. Yep…..words are just words, and my point is that they can be used for either good or ill purposes and they are often used for deception and selfish interests…I believe we are awakening to the point where hopefully a large number of us will be able to communicate truthfully and empathically, which i believe is within our capabilities…there is no downside, as one would immediately realize both one's intent and true and proper meaning…it would bypass ALL colour/racial/language barriers….now won't that be nice, eh?! Who would be afraid of truth and honesty…..well, let's see,eh?

  51. Carol Drouillard says:

    Ugh, I hate stories like this. Granted I don't know South African laws, rights, etc, but freedom of speech does NOT mean that you can use any offensive, derogatory words that you want without consequences. That's what a lot of (white) people defending her "right" to use that word don't understand.
    I hate these stories even more because, every time one comes out, it starts unnecessary race wars focusing mainly on who should be able to say what and call each other which words. Sorry everyone, but your skin colour in no way makes you better or worse than anyone else. If you think it does, you have far more issues than just your annoyance with being shunned for using a hurtful word. Besides, the" k" and "n" words are about 1000x more offensive to black people than "cracker" or even "honky" are to white people. Those two words were created specifically to belittle the slaves brought over from Africa. The words used to describe white people weren't originally used as derogatory terms (which is also why they are more acceptable).

  52. Edward Green says:

    How days gits to the USA……….das rite…….dey wass' brought heeeea!

  53. You degrade an entire country because of one statement but want people to understand your sensitivities?
    A pathetic,hateful and ignorant action Kimberly. This "weak ass,coward ass country" never had slaves.We took as many as would come through the underground railway.We treat people of different ethnicities as equals. You need to grow up Kimberly. Come up here some time and you'll realize we love everyone regardless of race.

  54. Zog Mossad says:

    Whites are getting exterminated in South Africa by people that came in there long AFTER them. SA will soon be as bad as Zimbabwe. Zim has ZERO economy…SA will soon be bankrupt and starving like Zim.

  55. Zog Mossad says:

    Looking at the news of all farmers being cut to pieces by psycho bolcheviks…we will soon enjoy their starving to death like zimbabwe!

  56. Zog Mossad says:

    The court of the King of the Zulu used to eat 40 little girls for breakfast…Winnie Mandela cant wait for cannibalism to be back…How many in her surrounding did she kill with her bare hands?

  57. Stephanie Stone says:

    Did he make it public in front of thousands of people? No he did not. If you want to be racist, sexist, or whatever else DO NOT take it public.

  58. Zog Mossad says:

    "Mother Fucker" is a term invented by black Americans to denigrate each other…
    It does have a base in daily observed reality! 90% of them dont know their father's name. Sooo, what's a mother to do…at least a black mother!

  59. Zog Mossad says:

    Go eat a Roosevelt, Faith! It is what your ancestors did until King Leopold cut a limb out of a million of you people…and hung them alongside the Congo river…that shook some sense into your gran pappies!
    Who do you think was selling all these slaves to the ay-rabs who resold them to the crackaz?

  60. Zog Mossad says:

    Slaves sold to arabs then to crackers where the cannibal's surplus meat!
    Arabs black slaves where so numerous as to be worth nothing and they all got killed…300 millions of them. Some slaves fetched as much as $25,000 in New Orlean, which is a million dollars today! And American blacks are now a nation of vampiric welfare queens!

  61. Zog Mossad says:

    White inbred crackaz have built a civilization that is feeding a large gaggle of vampiric niggers who never worked a day in their life, like that illegal alien Hussein Soetoro-Obama!

  62. Jeff Flash Thompson says:

    kimberly your comments about canada as a whole are 100 percent correct

  63. Jeff Flash Thompson says:

    oh well she's a whore.

  64. Some people just can handle the truth. "Shut the hell up"…how enlightening….he he he ….who "sold" black people to the Portugese along the Ivory coast…. the indigenous white tribes? Yeah, right! Blacks have kept slaves just as long as any white people have, like ALL white people are filthy rich industrialists I'm sure! Oprah spread the wealth amongst her own???

  65. Rhea Jones-Price says:

    You didn't answer the question. Why were white people, who, to hear them tell it, brought civilization to Africa, so willing to engage in the barbarity that is buying humans as property? Moreover, it is a fact that when the cotton gin was invented, the number of slaves here experienced a huge spike, and it is also a fact that because of the growing appetite and greed of slaveowners, white slave traders did not only get slaves through trade, but even went so far as to capture them themselves.

    To address the rest of your comment, American blacks could never be a nation of vampiric welfare queens, unless American blacks were all female, which is preposterous. Moreover, never in the history of America have there been more blacks on welfare than whites. Welfare was created for white women, not black women or any other minority. White women continue to represent the highest population on welfare.

  66. Joe Kelsall says:

    What does she model? Toby Jugs?

  67. Okay, I am no racist. But it hurts to know that a lot of those people still exists. I wonder when we will all start getting along and working on ways to better ourselves as a people and as individuals….

  68. Zog Mossad u r a ass

  69. Rhea Jones-Price thanks
    tell that fool Zog the ass

  70. Taneha Moody says:

    wow in 2012 I still have to see such hate and ignorance. It is sad that someone could say words that are so offensive and have absolutely no regard for their actions. Sad so damn sad that the human race is still so F'd Up.

  71. Disrespect is disrespect. Regardless of color. That model was intentionally disrespectful to an entire race of people. If that person was rude to her and she felt justified in calling him a "kaffir" to his face then so be it. He might have deserved it. But to tweet that to the public shows a level of disrespect toward an entire race of people, not just the idiot who upset you. She in effect has lowered herself to a level of that beneath her tormentor with her actions…

    FYI "Melatonin" is the hormone that helps people to sleep. "Melanin" is what gives people of African decent their specific shade of brown… It's so sad to see someone so consumed by anger they cannot think straight.
    No matter how much you hate people with more melanin than you the fact remains that there have always been and will always be more of us than you. Thus it would just make life simpler for you if you just build a bridge and get over it.

  72. Not true….either you have freedom of speech or you don't. Why not look at the simple truth of this matter… guy sees girl who he thinks is pretty, makes offensive rude comment, gets rejected. Her right. Move on and leave her alone. What does colour have to do with it? Absolutely nuthin…..say say it again…ugh,,,war ….huh….what is it good for?….absolutely nuthin!

  73. I know what the words mean…it was a play on them, dumb ass. Melatonin causes sleep…sleepy skin, get it, know it all????

  74. I am so consumed by anger all I feel for you is love sister…..come on over and let me give you a big hug!!!!!!

  75. No. I don't get it. Neither does anyone on google. If ignorance is bliss, you must be elated! LOL.. It might just be easier on your ego if you admit your mistake…

  76. Like the U.S. government and it's silly courts know what's best! Ha ha ha! We are sovereign beings, entitled to use whatever words we choose. Like I've said before, it's ACTIONS that count. words are pretty much meaningless….wrap your minds around it, get out of the word trap, which is all it is, a pathetic trap invented by those who wish to control the sheeple!

  77. Really??? What's she charge, and does she do house calls, or are ya just wishin????

  78. I think it has a nice ring to it! Kaffir…..mmmmmm, sounds tasty!

  79. Ebony Anderson Of course you don't get it, because you're ignorant, just like most people on google….piss off!

  80. Ebony Anderson How do you know? Were you there? Course not, you self -righteous little mind!

  81. Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, ALL black people are perfect, model human beings who have never ever done anything "wrong"…please forgive me, I'm so sorry, I'm not worthy of any respect or consideration "cause I'm a cracker who doesn't know what nigga or melatonin means", even though I have an I.Q of 158 and a little nigga in Brooklyn knows more about life than I do….someday I hope I have , gee, a quarter of her sentience, hope she doesn't have to look it up or check with her google friends. Now piss off!

  82. Rhea Jones-Price says:

    Randall, if you're fighting a battle with words, take a stand. Stop using them.

  83. As entertaining as your misplaced anger is… I have made my point. And as a bonus you have further confirmed your ignorance. My job here is done.

  84. Carol Warner says:

    In the words of the late Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?"

  85. Michael Brown says:

    So this enrages a nation while genocide is being committed against Boers? Why don't the rest of the white South Africans leave, let the nation continue to implode.

  86. I find this hilarious.

  87. Jedidiah Bird says:

    Carol, you are actually a fucking moron. Kaffir and Nigger were not originally "created to belittle slaves." They were simple words describing the person in question. All they meant originally was "black". Because that was their skin color.

  88. Jedidiah Bird says:

    The reason I don't call black people niggers is because many find it offense and I have more respect than that. If you think for one second that I do it out of "fear" of black people, you are a bigger moron than you look, and judging by your pictures, you are a pretty damn big moron (What, 350lbs?)

    One serious question though, do you even know who the father of your two kids are? I'd have to say the odds are against it, as are the odds of them being from the same father.

  89. Jedidiah Bird says:

    Albert, she is a black bitch, she doesn't have to have common sense or knowledge. She has her sense of entitlement to guide her. Nevermind all the Canadians who helped her "race" escape oppression as slaves, as soon as it is convenient for her to throw them under the bus she will.

  90. Lisa Small says:

    ABS staff, feminism is NOT! NOT! NOT! about claiming black men want to rape white women!

    SHAME on you for publishing such a disgusting libel on the feminist movement. Grow up Go read Susan Brownmiller's AGAINST OUR WILL, specifically, the chapter on black women being raped and how the allegations of rape of white women were used to deepen the racial divide. SHAME. ON. YOU.

  91. Lisa Small says:

    @Mike Myers, sexism does not justify racism. What's the matter with you?

  92. Rhea Jones-Price says:

    Black slaves found freedom in Canada, yes. Many white Northerners in the US also helped blacks escape from slavery. That of course does not excuse or expiate them from the history of disparate treatment between blacks and whites in both countries. You should be able to understand that a stance against slavery does not equal a stance for equal rights. You can have a problem with the idea of people as property, but still recognize classes among races. That is a problem that, in my experience, has permeated even north of the border.

  93. Rhea Jones-Price says:

    So because a word is descriptive, it can't be derogatory?

  94. Matthew Weilenmann says:

    Thanks for your insight Jebidiah… I feel stupider now from reading your rant. Lord help us all.

  95. What these racist pigs fail to remember, is how, and why they are they in South Africa, in the first place, and after they colonized the country, you had every human rights violation committed against the Africans that is imaginable. What a horrible example of a human person.

  96. Because when they left Europe, they did not have shit, when they got to Africa they went crazy, after seeing all that we had. I mean come on, they had to leave Europe to look for resourses, get it. They were stealing and taking all of Africa's resourses, natural, the people, and look at Africa now, and look at them now, all over the world, they took other people stuff, and now today they are living on top of the world, granted, no world power has ever stayed in power, the law of balance will straighten this shit out.

  97. Carol Drouillard says:

    Wow, a racist named Jedidiah is calling ME a "fucking moron"? Classic. I think I actually heard a banjo playing while reading all of your comments.

  98. People need to grow up. Racism will only die when people stop taking such minor things so personally.

  99. He is clearly wrong to imply that it was ok to make a racial slur, but you are just as bad by responding with "White people". Come on now.

  100. Mike Myers No, it is NOT ok for her to be sexually (or otherwise) harrassed. But for her to publicly put down an entire race in response to that is more than unacceptable. She can be crude, she can call names, she can be rude or even hateful, but to debase an entire race by implying that he acts in such a way because of his race is deplorable. No class is protected, but if she has a problem with an individual blame it on the individual and address the individual. Don't blanket entire races with hate for the actions of one man.

  101. Although I DO feel that she should face no legal action because of it. She is free to be a racist (or maybe just allowed to have poor judgement and choice of words) all she wants.

  102. Donna Honeycutt says:

    If She had been Black Making a Comment about a White, Everyone would have thought it was OK. I am sick of Certain Individuals using the Race Card at every comment made by a White Person.

  103. Damaris Hochanadel says:

    @Kimberly Copeland- Nice mouth honey.

  104. Jason Burgoyne While I would agree with her right to be a racist, this isn't America, and she has to respect those customs.

  105. Randall Selinger If words are meaningless, I shouldn't care what you say, because everything you type is a waste of time, yes? That wouldn't be fair. Words convey understanding and meaning, to refute that would be asinine. They can convey a positive meaning, or a negative one. And the same way you feel good to get a compliment, it'll hurt to offend.

    We must all take care what words come out of our mouths.

  106. Bob Mace says:

    You know, if you would all just not react to stories like this, the whole thing would turn into a non-issue, and the whole problem would go away. Post like this simply inflame the situation.

  107. T.J. Palazzolo says:

    Just shows how fucked up that country is…"hate" speech can bring criminal charges? What's next, the thought police? It is sad to say the least that she used such a vile term and showed her ignorance and stupidity!

  108. Why are some people defending her for using that word simply because she felt disrespected? Obviously she's comfortable with using that word all the time if she can use a social network to vent. She deserves all the backlash she gets next time vent in the privacy of your own home you dummy.

  109. I like how some of the comments are trying to get into the minutiae of it, but it's pretty simple. Racism is wrong. Whether it's a black person discriminating against a white person or vice versa. It's just plain wrong. Simple as that.

  110. Marcus Ford says:

    Donna Honeycutt, It is SHE who played the race card, not anyone who calls her on it.

  111. Marcus Ford says:

    Zog Mossad, actually, Mother Fucker came from southern rednecks. It's how they insult one another as incest was both rampant and taboo at the same time.

  112. Larnie Rose says:

    I am what people refer to as African-American and I can not speak for all, but I do not let ANYONE of ANY COLOR refer to me as a "nigga" or "nigger". Not all people of color tolerate the "N-Word" or any other variations. I do not refer to racial slang to refer to human beings who are of all cultures and colors. I do not care what he said to her, she chose a racist response. If he was sexually-explicit with her and she was offended (as she should be), she could have used a different expression, such as "Perv" or some other sexually-directed lingo, but the fact that she responded by degrading a race over comments that were of a sexual matter/nature really shows/displays her character. Both parties were wrong in this situation, and honestly she sounded even more ignorant as she tried to justify that it was okay to use a racial slur because someone offended her. I am offended everyday, by poor thoughts, actions and decisions that are made by individuals, NOT whole entire races of people. I do not know how old she is but if she lives long enough she will see that pervs come in various colors and cultures, so race really is not the issue.

  113. Larnie Rose says:

    I am sorry I must interject again. I May I add that EVERYONE (human) has melanin their skin (melatonin is the hormone/compound that regulates sleep cycles and all humans possess this as well), just some people have more than others. I will stop here because I do not get paid to educate the misinformed.

  114. But he's right…You hearing banjos might be a result of your own insanity.

  115. Love Sharing says:

    The media is hiding/ not reporting all the black mob attacks against whites that are happening. Wake up the blacks have started a race war but because the major news media doesn't report it, people don't know. Google Knoxville Horror and go from there.

  116. Love Sharing says:

    The media is hiding/ not reporting all the black mob attacks against whites that are happening. Wake up the blacks have started a race war but because the major news media doesn't report it, people don't know. Google Knoxville Horror and go from there.

  117. Love Sharing says:

    The media is hiding/ not reporting all the black mob attacks against whites that are happening. Wake up the blacks have started a race war but because the major news media doesn't report it, people don't know. Google Knoxville Horror and go from there.

  118. Matthew Weilenmann says:

    Whew boy, all the good ole' boys letting their opinions known.

  119. Jedidiah Bird You aren't well off calling people "big". I was with you for a second about being respectful, until you decided to screw it up with disrespectful, racist comments.

  120. Jedidiah Bird Yeah, that sounds kinda foolish, for the reason Rhea pointed out. They're derogatory, that is their intent, whether they are descriptive or not. I don't think white people during Jim Crow times called blacks "niggers" out of respect.

  121. Jedidiah Bird Once again, Rhea is right on the money. You've left out the race of people who had the slaves that sought freedom in Canada. I'm certain that plenty of white people helped slaves escape and seek freedom. I'm also certain that many more white people kept slaves as well.

    On an unrelated note, I find it hilarious how many white people, or people in general (in this case, white) like to go on about how much above racism they are (and how racism is in the fault of black people) while going on a completely racist tirade. If your gonna call Kimberly stupid for her Canadian remark, then call her stupid. But of course, to you, she is a special kind of stupid, a "black" stupid, which must mean it is a whole racial thing. I don't like pots teasing kettles for being black.

  122. That was surprisingly witty for a Facebook comment, well done.

  123. Anonymous says:

    Simon Caldwell


  124. Anonymous says:

    Kimberly Copeland:

    at least in the cowardly country of Canada, we recognize that there is no difference between calling someone a "nigger" or "nigga" other then poor spelling…

  125. B. H. Pay her Canadian comment no mind, lest you end up sounding like the stupid supermodel that the article is about. What she said is a reflection on her, not black people as a whole.

  126. Tanya L. Rhoden-Rock says:

    To Kimberly Copeland, I am an Afro Canadian woman, and to be honest I am floored by your comment. That is the very comment that elicits the kind of negative opinions white people everywhere draw about black people. "Uneducated, ignorant and worthy of being called Kaffiers or niggers". Yeah they are just words but they carry a weighty history of pain, degradation, need I go on? Please, if you're going to publicly comment on these issues, for the love of God and our people…DON'T. Especially if you're going to say something like that. Oh now to defend Canadians, name one thing you know about Canada, moreover have you even EVER ventured outside the USA? Land of the greedy and home of the so-called brave (Re George W Bush and the 911 conspiracy)? At least our country cares enough to provide a viable heath care plan to the rich and the poor alike. I feel sorry for you if you aren't a Kardashian and you get ill. You can do better than my dear.

  127. Anonymous says:


  128. Anonymous says:

    Zog Mossad

  129. Anonymous says:

    you need God ! its more white welfare queen > blacks like look it up boo boo

  130. I am a proud Canadian and you are a poseur (look it up) and an idiot. Oh, and by the way, it's "there is a difference", not "their is a difference". University student, my ass.

  131. Betty Carpenter says:

    @ ZOG WHO THE H— LET YOU OUT!!!!!!!

  132. Kimberley….weak ass coward ass country????are you frickin kidding! Go back to school girl and take up HISTORY other than the USA!!!!

  133. Jeff Flash Thompson ….lol!! Jeff , you are an idiot!

  134. Mike Butler says:

    Shit, now we have Canada haters! It would appear that YOU are the weak-ass coward, and a loser.

  135. Ertan Zeki says:

    To be clear, “kaffir” is a term……..Please do your homework before you try 'to be clear' The word is derived from the Arabic term Kafir, which means 'disbeliever' or literally, 'one who conceals [the truth].

  136. Nick Wilson says:

    Like for example if someone driving a mini-bus taxi doesn't believe in road signs then are they a kaffir?

  137. Jedidiah Bird You are an idiot and a hatemonger!!!

  138. Ruby Grewal says:

    Easy there Kimberly with the stereotyping a country. Isn't that exactly what you are upset at the model for doing – stereotyping based on one single arsehole. BTW – Randall doesn't speak for anyone but himself, and not very well at that either.

  139. Jessica D. Lewis says:

    “Would u all stop! These are the kinds of people that land up raping young girls of our country! I wasn’t going to let him get away with it.” Of course, feminism is not a defense to racism. "

    Umm… that statement was not feminism. Just more racism. Similar to calling Black American men potential rapists as an excuse for lynching or false imprisonment.

  140. Jessica D. Lewis says:

    Nope. You don't ignore a cancer. You identify, discuss, document, treat. And treat aggressively. Racism and hate dont grow or die without attention.

  141. Jessica D. Lewis says:

    Also, who will benefit from this situation being ignored?

  142. Madison Bowles says:

    Racism & sexual assault are both wrong. Move along now.

  143. I can see where she's coming from, but using racial slurs is not okay.

  144. Imani Edmond says:

    The white privilege is strong in this comment section.

  145. You have poor grammer. The world record for penis size is a white dude. The elite class wants to divide and conquer. Peace Folks!

  146. Marcus Ford says:

    The reason people defend her is because all racist scum stick together.

  147. Racism is a form of prejudice, which is a survival instinct. It will always exist because of the nature of man/women and the competition for resources. Even a good education doesn't stop one's instinct to compete for dominance. Not to mention our society perpetuautes it. A truely peaceful heart is hard to find.

  148. Anonymous says:

    She's not even that pretty. Come on. Who cares what she has to say. She's a bigot in a third world country.

  149. Brian St Cyr says:

    Randall Selinger your an unspohisticated moron. Words have power you imbecile, speech IS ACTION. Words start wars, words put people in prison , and words have the power to end people's lives. Racisim is a word that connotates a rigid class belief system that is reinforced by consciously and unconsciously by ACTIONS. And TALKING IS AN ACT THAT REINFORCES THIS BELIEF SYSTEM. Your simple and idiotic comments about racisim and the invalids that like your mindlessness betray the very fact that youre a white moron thats completely oblivious to the very real social effects of it. By the way theres plenty of white people telling racist jokes, see tosh.0 and stormfront.PS Kimberly you suck at debating STFU youre making us look bad.

  150. OK so What I don't understand @Randell is why you are so sarcastic and rude. I feel like one min you are right, there is no need to insult Canada nor is it right to call you all the stuff you have been called on this post. I agree words are just words and we shouldn't use them to emphases a point BUT understanding the world in which we live in, words DO have power behind them regardless if we, you, don't think they should. So knowing that to be true, why respond to others post using derogatory phrase? It just makes you look crazy and devalues your points. Yes you are tight about some of the historical facts you spoke of but You can get your point across with tact and respect. You don't have to say things like "a little nigga in Brooklyn" or "Oh, a "black" American with a cracker English name". I just feel like this conversation went wayyyy south for no reason, it gives way for "racist" both black, white and in between to come out and play, get some shit off their chest. Furthermore I think that the chick who tweeted what she tweeted to get this conversation started in the 1st place is just an idiot.(and I know that's not nice so sorry in advanced) All im saying @ Randall is that there is no need to feed into the ignorance that has cascaded this post. Black people are just as wrong for calling other blacks "nigger, nigga" as white people are. IF you want something to change it has to change with-in. The world has to many other issues to deal with to care about someone skin color. All those on this post saying disrespectful things to others just need to grow up and find something better to do with your time.

  151. Marcus Ford says:

    They weren't starving BEFORE colonialism.

  152. Marcus Ford says:

    You're talking about a different word that sounds the same. Like "two" and "too". There's a name for that but I forgot what. It's some sort of 'nym.

  153. Carlos Djalo says:

    Albert Gump KayeThis "weak ass,coward ass country" never had slaves. yeah ??? but your fucken Priest's molested litle indian kids in the house of GOD …

  154. she is probadly looking for a black mule to kick in her stall.

  155. Yeah but then where is the fun in that if I'm not able to express myself the way I want to…that is precisely what freedom of speech is about, and it is black and white, either you have it or you don't, unedited. No one is better able to judge what is right for me than myself….I was born sentient and free and i have every right to exercise that sentience and freedom in whatever manner I choose…..if someone doesn't like it, they don't have to respond to it and can simply ignore it. That is what real choice is about, not pre programmed b.s…..and who says I'm rude??? hat's simply YOUR opinion, and you're entitled to it, doesn't make it either accurate or correct though, does it? I know I'm on Facebook, I don't take it nor myself too seriously.

  156. Like the racist pig niggas that clubbed their black cousins over the head in the middle of the night and sold them to the Dutch and Portugese for blankets and machetes??? You're a moron who doesn't know your own history…you probably think every white person had three or four slaves…personally I'd fight to the death if someone tried to make a slave of me, what's your excuse?

  157. John Newman says:

    WTF? "Oh wait you're from Canada that explains everything now. Weak ass coward ass country. LOL."
    Just as an FYI, my weak as coward ass country has been fighting along side yours in Afghanistan for the last 10 years and sending the body bags back home to prove it.
    Also as an FYI, Miss University of Scranton: There, Their, They're…believe it or not THERE is a difference.

  158. Mr. Terry Rudden ver well said, thank you…

  159. Eugene Cobb says:

    nigga and nigger are the same thing but I don't let any of those idiots bother me with those words cause they're just words and I'm better than that to let words from a dumb ass bother me. I'm African american and puerto rican and I know what I am and who I am a smart mutt.

  160. Eugene Cobb says:

    and for anyone who thinks the word nigga and nigger are diffrent your a fool and if the word bothers you then why do you refer your buddies" my nigga "cause its the same shit dumb ass.

  161. Scharala Mitchell says:

    Kimberly Copeland
    Well, how convenient for you. Com'on Kimberly! Grow up!

  162. Jb Helene Courchene says:

    Its still disrespectful Mr. Selinger, disrespectful and very, very rude

  163. Jb Helene Courchene says:

    You know, I wonder about the same thing here back in Canada.

  164. Carlos, in case you missed it, plenty of children have been molested all over the world by priests (among other) so your point is moot.

  165. Canada "weak ass, coward ass country"..really, tell that to my grandfather who fought the Nazis in ww2, and stormed the beaches of Juno, or his father that died on the somme in ww1… The ignorance you show in that statement speaks volumes about you.

  166. Marcus Ford says:

    The charge is $2 and she doesn't do house calls, corners and truck stops only.

  167. Marcus Ford says:

    Yeah, sounds a lot like CRACKER too.

  168. Ron David says:

    Kimberly Copeland you have just stepped right in it. What is being said that is that we should not tie the actions or comments of one person to a single race or group but you just have. Seems your ignorance eplains quite a bit about yourself!!

  169. Holly Coonc says:

    Kimberly Copeland oh, yeah right, Eubonics, that explains it. Go back to school and take an English class. By the way, drop the attitude. I am pretty sure you have never been enslaved. The only difference between nigga and nigger, is an a and an er. How about we all respect each other for who we are and what we do. Oh, Kimberly, in that case, I don't respect you. Not because of your color, because of your ugly racist attitude.

  170. Holly Coonc says:

    Phoenix Shining Huh? Who said that? Weird comment.

  171. Holly Coonc says:

    Rhea Jones-Price I like your comment but a lot of people here sound like they are in 3rd grade! Why does anyone have to call each other anything? I see children of all races play together daily. We could take a lesson from them.

  172. Kenny Lewis says:

    Im glad they stripped her of her title…and after reading all of these racist comments Im not upset..I blame your cock mouth mothers for not teaching you any many more important things in this world to get angry about besides skin color u have no control over..and say what you want..I can be a nigger..kaffir..monkey or donkey..Im your worst enemy because I know my worth..Im black, intelligent and Beautiful..And Im still goin 🙂

  173. Dayna Menzies says:

    Nigger or Nigga (if from the south) is the white slave owner's ebonics. It does not JUST describe a person's skin. It is derogatory from conception.

  174. Karen Rouland says:

    nigga, nigger or negro it means the same thing! you're too lazy to say the actual word…. If you call each other that word don't feel disrespected when someone else calls you that. If you don't respect yourself why should anyone else?

  175. Joy Norton says:

    Poverty is on the rise; especially in American suburbs.

  176. Joy Norton says:

    Poverty spreads to the body, the spirit, and the intellect; and yes we whites are the largest American group in poverty. This is nothing new.

  177. have you ever called the true black race in his face a N ?

  178. Randall Selinger Wild looking caveman . no wonder you hate. Because if i looked like u, Hell i would hate my self.

  179. Randall Selinger Yea'' like Mitt Rich.

  180. Charles Robert Graves Man just one white dude? white women just crave the flavor of the true black man. Keep trying.

  181. Marcus Ford says:

    Randall Selinger That's wrong, Randall. It started out with prisoners of tribal war being sold to the colonialists, but after while, the colonialists began to raid Africa and randomly capture whomever they could find.

  182. Marcus Ford says:

    Randall Selinger By the way, the World Banks have already made a slave out of you and you're fighting to the death to remain one.

  183. Marcus Ford says:

    Well i'm not touching that filth.

  184. Marcus Ford says:

    Well i'm not touching that filth bucket!

  185. Mark Meeler says:

    You should know best brother!

  186. Kenny Lewis says:

    Written by Sucha'efnLady Martin 🙂

  187. Mark Meeler says:

    You can't expect people to realize the truth! They use their objection to any term they deem can be used to paint some one as racist when in all actuality these same people are the ones who are the racist! Obviously these people have no knowledge of history. All races have been subject to bondage, mostly thru being conquered on the battle field. The only difference is the Africans enslaved their own people and then sold them to the Europeans!

  188. Marcus Ford says:

    Identifying racism doesn't make me guilty of it…brother.

  189. Mark Meeler says:

    Both sides are guilty as charged. Racism is know being propagated for political and financial gain by the very leadership that claim to oppose it!

  190. Oooh Charley, let's see a pic! I don't hate anybody or thing except stupidity. And I love the way I look…..whatta matter, youse a bald nigga scared to show his face to a white cracker neanderthal????

  191. Marcus Ford ,so you were around BEFORE the european colonists and know verbatim that all the black brothers and sisters lived in sweet harmony and paradise, because what, they was giftted with betta genes and are naturally loving and giving creatures, ja? Show me the money, Marcus, you must be God ifin youse know I'm all wrong about this. Teleport yourself over here, I'd like to meet the black guy who created us all, let's have a java and a face to face, bro!

  192. Here's my new head shot, Charley, just for you lover, hope you can find my lips so you can plant a juicy wet one on me!!!! Dyin' to see what my new admirer looks like, hope you're HALF as cute as me, could be the start of something grand, baby!!!

  193. XaNia Mama'Cheetah Masline says:

    It's only minor to you because rarely do people make racist jokes about white people. It is clearly major to people because racism hurts more than just feelings, it hurts progress.

    You are ignorant like many of the people on this site.

  194. XaNia Mama'Cheetah Masline says:

    If all those words meant the same thing, there would be no need for the variation. Black people say it as a way of trying to take out the 300 year old sting in the word. When other people say it, it's like pouring salt into the wound. If you can't understand that, then you shouldn't be trying to "educate" others on words you know nothing about.

  195. Karen Rouland says:


  196. Richard Diamond says:

    Another tough guy on the Internet. The last caucasian that called me out of my name (to my face) went to the hospital fast as hell. I wish and hope (the difference between me and you) that one of you (any one of you) had the true courage ro say any of that talk to a man's face. Fucking cowards! See me!

  197. Richard Diamond says:

    Figures. A canuck talking stupid, eh?

  198. Richard Diamond says:

    Zog Mossad is very cowardly!

  199. Anonymous says:

    I like South Africas approach to racism.

  200. Donna Honeycutt says:

    Randall, you are so correct..

  201. Jb Helene Courchene says:

    Yeah, its hilarious until you experience racism and prejudice first hand, then you wouldn't have much of a laugh now, would you???

  202. Leo Zimmie says:

    Well she got the attention that she craves.

  203. Joanne Jackson says:

    No she isn't stupid Randall. Nigga and Nigger mean two different things. If you are not black, then you wouldn't understand–so don't try if you don't know. Of course people can laugh at and talk about themselves and their own racial identities. But as a black woman I would never say, for example that all Italians are mobsters because it isn't true and it IS insulting. But Italian-Americans can say it about themselves if they wish. Why can't you get that?

  204. Joanne Jackson says:

    Jedidiah Bird The young lady may be young, and it was wrong of her to disparage a whole country in her comments, but how is calling her a black bitch helping this conversation? I'm going to take a guess that you are both very young, and probably not very well educated (thus the foul language). If you guys can't articulate a point without name-calling and cursing, then you essentially add nothing to this conversation. Why can't we work together as decent human beings for once? This is sickening.

  205. Anonymous says:

    Why do my black next-door neighbors call the ignorant, violent, trashy blacks across the street who sell drugs, cause problems and constantly have police calls at their house niggers? Not niggas. Niggers. As in saying to me, "Watch our for the niggers across the street. They're bad news."

  206. South Africa is the violent rape capital of the world, and is especially dangerous if you are white. No one should use racial slurs, but its time White South Africans began to be seen as the endangered minority they indeed are.

  207. John Newman says:

    homonym is the word you're looking for. See, we can work together 🙂

  208. John Newman says:

    It's hilarious in a really sad and discouraging way to see just how widespread ignorance and racism really is. Virtually everyone who commented on this topic has revealed some degree of prejudice or spewed race-wide stereotypes as accepted truths. My own belief is that humans are instinctively programmed to fear and mistrust the 'other', the person who does not resemble themselves or their group. Undoubtedly this had some value as a survival mechanism thousands of years ago but all it does today is cause division.
    I often wonder what an alien race would think if they discovered our solitary planet, a beautiful blue oasis of life existing by sheer chance in a vast and hostile cosmos. instead of realizing how fortunate we are to share this miraculous lifeboat in the galaxy we find reasons to fight and despise each other. Pathetic really.

  209. Rue Meka Uba says:

    I liked you other comment because it had (a little bit) of sense, Kimberly. Though the minute you start touting a countries willingness to go to war, by calling Canada a "weakass" country… is the minute you made yourself look like a right out fool. Even if Canada wasnt fighting with us in the middle east (which it is).

  210. John Newman says:

    Randall Selinger".words are just words, and my point is that they can be used for either good or ill purposes and they are often used for deception and selfish interests…I believe we are awakening to the point where hopefully a large number of us will be able to communicate truthfully and empathically, which i believe is within our capabilities…there is no downside, as one would immediately realize both one's intent and true and proper meaning"

    Unless this refers to some sort of bullshit, new age extra-sensory communication I don't see what the hell you're talking about. Any verbal exchange, regardless of how well-intentioned, enlightened or truthful the interlocutors may be (or think themselves) is loaded with cultural and personal coding. And to be honest, I haven't seen anything even resembling an attempt at communication on your part. Rather than tossing words like nigger around and then hiding behind your 'words are just words' horseshit you ought to concentrate on perfecting your telepathic skills and give those of us with a low tolerance for pseudo-intellectual poseurs a break.

  211. John Newman says:

    Randall Selinger".words are just words, and my point is that they can be used for either good or ill purposes and they are often used for deception and selfish interests…I believe we are awakening to the point where hopefully a large number of us will be able to communicate truthfully and empathically, which i believe is within our capabilities…there is no downside, as one would immediately realize both one's intent and true and proper meaning"

    Unless this refers to some sort of bullshit, new age extra-sensory communication I don't see what the hell you're talking about. Any verbal exchange, regardless of how well-intentioned, enlightened or truthful the interlocutors may be (or think themselves) is loaded with cultural and personal coding. And to be honest, I haven't seen anything even resembling an attempt at communication on your part. Rather than tossing words like nigger around and then hiding behind your 'words are just words' horseshit you ought to concentrate on perfecting your telepathic skills and give those of us with a low tolerance for pseudo-intellectual poseurs a break.

  212. Rhea Jones-Price says:

    It's actually quite funny how people compare blacks to every other race and say, "Hispanics don't do [x,y and z], so why do blacks do it?" or "The Native Americans don't complain, so why are you complaining?" as if that means something. What point does that make? You seem to think that the reason Hispanics don't get called spicks anymore (??) is because they don't use it anymore. You completely ignore the possibility and the actual reality that 1) people DO call them "spicks" still, but it's just the racists. You know, the people who will call you a name regardless of whether you call yourself the name. We saw that in the aftermath of the tsunami that hit Japan, when some people referred to the Japanese callously as "Japs." 2) Many people call each other names that originally meant something bad. For instance, many women refer to themselves proudly as "bitches." Of course, these same women will get mad if someone else calls them the same name.

  213. I have to wonder what wording she would have used had he not been a person of color. Let's say he was white and "sexually harassing" her, as she claims. Was he really or was it her prejudice that so angered her that this "Kaffir" as she called him, had the nerve to speak to her at all. After all her RACE is above him and like the USA of old it was not acceptable for a black man to approach a white woman. Hmmm, I am just wondering!

  214. Rochelle Rainford says:


  215. Ko Kuffuor says:

    I'm glad. I'm so sick of being told – both as a man and as a black person – to "get over it". What did this guy do that she felt the possibility of hitting him? That's another topic of consideration – the casual ways that abuse of men are accepted – because a guy saying something like that better be a comedian with a joke or a man in hand to hand life or death combat. I'm proud of FHM for standing up to this. We're waking up and realizing how messed up media is today – how they use stereotypes, only give half the story, etc. – so it's refreshing ot hear they took a stand on something that isn't popular with the lobbyists. Thanks for sharing.

  216. Ko Kuffuor says:

    Randall Selinger This is the ignorant nonsense I'm talking about. First of all, I don't even approve of how artists use the word – and they do not speak for the black people of the world. They speak for even only about 10% of the black population in America and Canada. The rest of us don't talk or act that way. Not to mention, that word is fueled by white corporate america, and not by the poor black kids they offer a way to feed their families if they sell out – which is what it is. To point : no one had it worse than black people other than the native americans – and in both cases racism is still ongoing and no reparations are made. Jewish people own the media – from tv to movies – so any jokes you see are approved by them, the owners, who allow for these pieces to be aired. More, if you paid attention to what happened with Charlie Sheen you would see that even when something is said with a Jewish inference it's immediately called "Anti – Semitic" and zero tolerance is applied, even firing their 2 million an episode guy – which means they were making much, much more – to make that message clear. I applaud them for that. So – why don't you and any other person on the "other side" of any issue try to learn what they are speaking of, before carrying off their ignorant comments to the world. It would do you and the world a lot of good.

  217. Sean Lyons says:

    Hey Robert, I have to ask you a question, if somebody were to walk up to your mother and call the Wh… word and you were standing by her at the time would you object to that? I mean it is just a word, and if it were to upset you or your mother then what you are saying is either of you would be out of line as they are just words. It's not just the word but the context it is used in. About the comedian comment. Comedians are actually taught that it is accepted by society to poke fun at your demographic without incurring any serious recourse. Do so outside of any demographic is to be done with much caution.

    Hey Kimberly, if Robert was from Scranton and said the same thing what would be your reply to that? Would you hate on America?

    Focus on the facts. South Africa has a volatile enough past without a high profile person tweeting to the world what she thinks about certain citizens of that country. At the end of it all the reality is that she is ignorant of probably a great deal of what goes on in the real world and that is the shame of it.

    By the way, I am Canadian. I am wondering in what area are we weak ass? I can give an example of how we are not. Our banking system survived with no bail out. How did you guys do?

    Sorry that was punchy, but it is a point.

    Sean Lyons

  218. You are stupid, I tried to stop myself from posting a comment, but an idiot shouldn't be allowed to think he's deep. Read a little history, and shut the hell up. Ignorant negrophobe.

  219. Limonlady Grant says:

    Did she say the person called her a C%T or WH#%*RE, or did she say the person called her names. What article did you read MM. Nevertheless, it is not OK for any one to be sexually harassed. Who is the protected class.

  220. Matthew Utley says:

    a nigger here is a nigger there, they are not any different anywhere else on the planet, it's like saying this is a clean cockroach or a friendly tiger, get the fuck out of here, fuck em all.

  221. Lucy Marianela says:

    randall you dummy when we say nigga it is a term of endearment we dont say it to disparage someone's skin color unlike you… so yeah there is difference… you do things with hate motivating you…

  222. Lucy Marianela says:

    randall you dummy when we say nigga it is a term of endearment we dont say it to disparage someone's skin color unlike you… so yeah there is difference… you do things with hate motivating you…

  223. Lucy Marianela says:

    that's what happened you were there? I have been accosted and I can find a million anmes to call someone other than something racisl from crackhead to dising what they have on you can find ways to hurt feelings without getting racial so please please shut the f*ck up

  224. Lucy Marianela says:

    that's what happened you were there? I have been accosted and I can find a million anmes to call someone other than something racisl from crackhead to dising what they have on you can find ways to hurt feelings without getting racial so please please shut the f*ck up

  225. Lucy Marianela says:

    Jedidiah Bird so kaffir and nigger are positive words.. they were and are meant to belittle us and make us feel worthless it iis not a positive description and funny hwo racists on talk shows here say nigger means ignorant and blah blah when infact it is only used to describe black people of African descent .. I have seen peple from india darker and from pacific islands super dark and they arent called NIGGER asa description of their skin color… they are never sais in a way thatis not disparaging degrading and NEGATIVE so spare me… black can be used to describe black but the other twi words are more dehumanizing and made tadrs and enlsavers and you feel better about inflicting racsim on people… there is a psychology behind it… anyway how on earth will I expect you to understand or even give a shit.. you create this mess by focusing on the uncontrolable – race- noone can determine how they are born… and using it to hurt people and steal theur resources.. if a people feels worthless and have been conditioned to self hate they are willing to let people like you come in with a bible talka bunch of shit while stealing everything as usual.. so

  226. Mark Meeler says:

    No but it always seems people are ready to pull the race card out any time some one disagrees with them. That card has expired!

  227. Mark Meeler says:

    faith.every Racist alright! Your words speak loud and clear Faith! People with out issues are laughing at you!

  228. Mark Meeler says:

    He has no clue or any real knowledge of history in West Africa! He is probably like Micheal Jackson wishing he could be white! People who are are low performers are always looking to blame their circumstances on some one else instead of taking responsibility!

  229. Mark Meeler says:

    I believe if you treat others the way you would like to be treated then there is no problem. You have people of all colors who are racist and always making it the issue . I have no time, room or sympathy for these types of people.

  230. Lucy Marianela says:


  231. Mark Meeler says:

    Rhea Jones-Price If you read history, it can be found online and in books, they are usually found at a library, you would know that man has been enslaving man since virtually the beginning of time. Slavery was not just some thing that afflicted only Africans. Africans were just the latest conquered people. Conquered (defeated) tribes or nations were enslaved by the victor! That is until modern times in which countries such as America fought and died to bring the freedom and equality to everyone. Unfortunately some of the descendants of these latest conquered tribes think all white people owe them something. Any time some of these descendants don't get their way they holler racism (Cry Wolf). That card is expiring fast and the more injustice committed by those who are doing it in the name of racism is only going to turn the other way and these racists will get the conflict they are looking for.

  232. Kimberly Copeland no difference. We all know the truth.

  233. Marcus Ford says:

    Randall Selinger No, I can't say that I was present during the colonialists insurrection of Sub-Saharan Africa. If you believe that one has to witness historical events in order to know abou them then it's no wonder you're such a novice on it. I'm not sure where you were going with that other gibberish.

  234. Marcus Ford says:

    Mark Meeler You and Randall Selinger are the only "low performers" here. Neither of you have given any rebuttal because you have none. All you have are desperate ad hominem attacks. You WISH somebody wanted to look like you. Just because the media tells you that you're superior doesn't mean anybody else buys it, get over yourself. There's no blame, just facts. As far as taking responsibility for our circumstance, the figures who led the charge to do that from Marcus Garvey to King to Malcolm X to Farrakhan to Sharpton have become you greatest boogey men. They tell black people how to take control of their own situation and are called hate-mongers for it. But please, tell us more while showing us more of you own ignorance.

  235. Marcus Ford says:

    You're never going to get along with people who makes it a hobby to NOT get along. You just have to keep shaming and outclassing them.

  236. Marcus Ford says:

    Richard Diamond David Crowe pooped his tighties just reading your comment. They always get brave online because they're big pussies in the outside world.

  237. Danielle Aja says:

    actually, the original word was "nigre" or "niggre" not "nigger". The former comes from the true English language (as in Britain) and meant dark skinned person, but slave owners changed it to the latter to demean people of color. Although they look similar, they are prnounced differentl.

  238. Danielle Aja says:

    Im glad someone knows our history. Preach sweetie!!

  239. Danielle Aja says:

    why generalize and pass judgement? I know they discuss that in every religous book in this world.

  240. Danielle Aja says:

    Not I! No prejudice here. All I can do is pray for her, because after her display of ignorance, she is going to need it!!!

  241. Marcus Ford says:

    Thanks, Danielle! Nice to see somebody else with some sense. Somebody has to educate these bums.

  242. Taylor Offoh says:

    There was no sexual assault though.

  243. Anonymous says:

    If I call you a Bitch that gives you no right to call me a Nigger. But it works both ways. I don't understand why anyone thinks calling that model (as idiotic as she may be) out of her name. They're basically doing the same thing she did. Madison's comment is right on.

  244. Anonymous says:

    I see a lot people posting outrage but using just as much venom, in fact more, than the supposed racist! Then I see others adding fuel to the fire by saying people have the right to defend themselves. That's cool, but I don't think it's defending herself when she get's on a social network and talk about how she should have punched a kaffir.That's just venting. I think some people just say dumb shit when upset. She's not the first model to do something stupid and won't be the last. Long story short, we can't defend ourselves by being just as vile to people when they are to us. I'm black, but when I say we, I mean everybody.

  245. Rhea Jones-Price says:

    Mark, now that's just not true. What's worse, it's irrelevant. It doesn't matter to my point whether slavery predated America. I certainly would never make the point that white racists were particularly novel in anything. I will point out that if you bothered to use the resources you so eloquently pointed out, you'd know that American slavery was a different brand of slavery than what you described. It was not a result of blacks and whites fighting a war; therefore there was no "conquered" or "defeated" tribe, nor was there a "victor." That analysis, thus, is not applicable to the enslavement of blacks.

    At any rate, I'm not quite sure what you're trying to tell me on the racism piece. Not that it's particularly germane to my previous comment, but you seem to be really disturbed by the idea that people have the audacity to suggest that racism plays a role in our lives today.

  246. Tammy Ward says:

    In South Africa, it is still first generation, so I don't think you have any place to say it has expired.

  247. Tammy Ward says:

    Lucy – you are wasting your time trying to argue with someone like Jedidiah. He obviously has biased views that he is trying to hide behind semantics. Plus, he seems to have just as much of a problem with women as he does with different ethnicity groups.

  248. Mark Meeler says:

    So you want to go with the leaders who preach hate and blame all the troubles of minorities on the white man. Take it by force and violence? I'm in West Africa and I don't see the people here preaching such divisive words. Any one can walk the streets in Ghana and you don't have to worry about getting mugged or attacked. The people don t call each other the N word you despise so much. Try doing that any where near the projects in the USA! These people are brown, black and white. The police will not go in to them. These are the people living on government hand outs, dealing drugs and doing drive by's. Mostly killing each other or innocent bystanders. Yea its all the white mans fault! Good people of all colors are getting tired of it.

  249. Mark Meeler says:

    Tara come on down to Texas. You will be given good hospitality. As for whites being intimidated well not where I come from. Maybe when they are out numbered. Which is a tactic of low life's of every color, attack the weak and defenseless..

  250. Lucy Marianela says:

    Karen Rouland you are so stupid as a latina who is also mulatto you ahve no idea about the dynamic in our culture many latinos use terms of endearment that seem disparaging to tha pc american ear… many hispanics are infact black or classed as black due to one drop retarded rule and use the word nigga all the time it is psychological.. if we use it like that it isn't as hurtful a word anymore and the hispanic experienceis slightly different I feel it in many ways growing up inthe USA yet having a white/ hispanic sit down and dont speak on what you dont know… we use our own words not spic.. and it is a cultural difference too so stop comparing ..its like saying a brazilian a jamaican and a detroit black peson are all the same..

  251. Lucy Marianela says:

    honduras is worse… violence against women and gang warfare is serious ms 13 ms 16 all that shit and beheadings etc… south africa is bad too but i dont think as bad as honduras

  252. Lucy Marianela says:

    but whites are no endangered minority… they just want the privileges of the past at the expense of the African… not gonna happen again

  253. Karen Rouland says:

    Lucy marianela first off thete is no need to call no one names second of all learn how to spell and third did I hurt your feelings? Lol … I see your catching offense to things i wrote. Your right people might call hispanics spicks to their back but not in their face. We demand more respect, and about the word bitch if you call yourself that or if someone else does does't change the meaning. Female Dog!! Call yourself that if you want to but dont demand respect when you don't give it to yourself.

  254. Anonymous says:

    For those of you that are claiming that she had "freedom of speech" to say what she did, didn't the guy have "freedom of speech" to say what he did? After all, he did NOT assault her so why would she degrade a whole race of people by claiming that THEY ALL are RAPISTS, etc? BECAUSE SHE IS A RACIST, THAT'S WHY! YOU PEOPLE THAT ARE DEFENDING HER SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! The guy was a JERK…She should have answered back by being a JERK as well…NOT A RACIST JERK! Why is every negative thing that blacks do somehow related to their race with white people? Black people don't go around claiming that whites are child molesters and serial killers BECAUSE they are white! HOW STUPID IS THAT? IT'S BECAUSE WITH RACIST PEOPLE, EVERYTHING IS ABOUT RACES THAT ARE DIFFERENT FROM THEM!

  255. Mike Myers you dont know what the guy said.. all you know as fact is what she said.. act on fact

  256. really?!! Mark Meeler? is that why you hardly have any African American friends on facebook.. your group of friends is hardly diverse.. you just say those words to make urself look as non racist as possible.. but you dont even have any black friends.. The foreiners dont count

  257. yeah it gets attention.. probably as about as much attention as the white slave masters raping african girls, and boys, for over 350 years gets

  258. You are already a slave Randall, you are completely brainwashed

  259. Jb Helene Courchene says:

    Mark Meeler, there are some people you can treat very nicely but they will still follow you around the store watching to see if you will steal only because you are not white.

  260. because he forgets that while the cannibals were reading, teaching, building, cultivating, and doing brain surgery, his people were still in the caves eating raw meat, sleeping with dogs, and hitting women over the head with bats

  261. well wouldnt that go the same for her?! :/ shouldnt she have saw the source and just laughed??? so in your own sentence you just called her pathetic lol

  262. I 'm happy Black Africans are making such a "stink" out of this. I know some White South Africans. There was a time in South Africa when Whites could openly and freely call Blacks a derogatory term and Blacks felt powerless to respond. The fact that they are standing up and letting her know that "those days are over", is actually progress.

  263. Marcus Ford says:

    Wheeler, they blame the "white man" because he is to blame but they don't believe that it gets black people off the hook. They tell black people what happened to them and what they can and must do to fix it. Blame and responsibility are two different things. Just because we blame others doesn't mean we don't take responsibility. After all, nobody's going to undo the damage done to us so we're undoing it ourselves.

  264. Mark Meeler says:

    Rashema Thepicturelady Johnson You talk when you have no knowledge of what you speak, to you all whites are racist and that will never change. JB you are absolutely correct. There is still a lot of distrust between races. That may never end.

  265. Mark Meeler says:

    Look in the mirror Rashema. Those that cry wolf are usually the most guilty!

  266. Halal Khalid says:

    Randall, I can understand your not from America so I'll give you a pass on ignorance on this one, but to explain, the word "Nigger" is what the ku kux klan racist used, and the word "Nigga" is what most people use in America today, there is a clear distinction between the two, if you were in America and you said the word
    "Nigger" then make sure you have bullet proof vest saying that, but "Nigga" is like saying your friend, buddy, pal etc.. get the difference? i'm sure your smart enough to be able to read between the lines and understand the difference in the wordings. Anyway, thanks for reading this and not sounding more ignorance.

  267. Anonymous says:

    Kimberly Copeland

    Maybe you should stick to the topic at hand Kimberly. Your going in the wrong direction bringing a whole country into the discussion. The model was wrong to say what she said. It's common knowledge that South African whites use the term very loosely and have for decades. It will change over time but it will take a lot of time. This woman should know better and deserves to be made an example. The magazine did the right thing to drop her. Having her allowed to do this without punishment leaves the wrong message to the people of South Africa. No doubt many will feel she did the right thing because she said she was being sexually harassed. Again this is something that happens everywhere and by men/women of every race and every nationality. It does not mean she has a right to use a racial slur.

  268. Marcus Ford says:

    …while he eats from a jar of Peter Pan peanut butter!

  269. Marcus Ford says:

    Rashema Thepicturelady Johnson ROTFL!! Yeah, and all while eating from a jar of Peter Pan peanut butter!!

  270. Tru Locs says:

    Why is she called a "White African?" as Chris Rock said "Just because you fall out your motha's pussy on Afrikan soil that makes you Afrikan!!!" I'm yet to see an indigenous "White Afrikan!"

  271. Tru Locs says:

    These CRACKAS are full of laughs… They only wait for a way to deflect attention from themselves hahahahahaha!

  272. Tru Locs says:

    Mark Meeler… FUCK YOU! And this is coming to you in the calmest of manner… First off how dare you address black people as "COLORED!" Have you ever taken a good look at yourself in the mirror? Secondly, There is no such thing as a racist black individual, you endure the things we still experience today and then talk! I can tell you ARE a racist because you have no empathy for those who suffer the injustices your kind have done and still inflict on then to this day and how convenient of you to only notice the so-called black racist and not those that created the it in the first? Maybe you're only programmed to see black or "colored" as you put it! You'll white people are so pathetic and self righteous! I have no time, room or sympathy for people like you nor to reason with you so go fuck yourself!

  273. Tru Locs says:

    To me ALL whites are the DEVIL!!! So fuck of all you satan Children!!!

  274. Tru Locs says:

    Kinberly, why try to reason with these comics? They won't listen nor would they see their ills so don't waste your time… They only understand one thing!

  275. Mark Meeler says:

    I see you have a colorful vocabulary to go with all your racist hate. it shall eat you up and spit you out like the foul words you utter. All races have endured slavery and persecution and some will always live in the past. If that is the path you choose then you deserve what ever you get! I hope you can overcome this rage and hate and live a wonderful prosperous life!

  276. I really don't like racism…….. The problem is, the longer we hide or try to change the past, instead of talking about it and coming together as a people, we will never get along…. i read or at least heard somewhere that there is 'mistrust' between the races. You know that the person who said that or wrote those words is correct.

  277. Sharon A. Joseph says:

    Tanya L. Rhoden-Rock Your right. Randall Selinger is an anomaly in Canada. I lived there for four years as a child an have a lot of black Canadian family. To be fair Americans always insult Canadians, no matter what ethnic group. Randall Selinger didn't need an excuse to post racist crap.

  278. Sharon A. Joseph says:

    White people love act like they did enslave their own. Greek and Roman empires ring a bell, you history deficient scum.

  279. Sharon A. Joseph says:

    Actually Americans of English decent started calling Irish and Scotch Irish indentured servants crackers and paddys. Whites madeup honkey as slut against Hungarians. You issue is with them, Mikey!

  280. Taj Johnson says:

    Canada is just as racist. I don't know why they have this feeling of superiority when it comes to race. Clearly, some people know very little about how they actually treat Blacks and Natives in their great land. First, Randall is completely wrong, and is using his fake utopia to justify blatant ignorance and racism. Seemingly, it pains a lot of white folks that when it comes to calling names, we're not all Context is everything. No such historical context can socially make blacks and whites equal. There are CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS in place to protect blacks from whites, and even those remedies are inadequate in protecting blacks and others from discrimination and racism from whites. Make no mistake about it, the badges of racism takes many forms, and calling Blacks nigger or kaffir speaks to the ineffectual sentiment that whites have towards blacks. This sentiment is played out in how you treat us in the judicial system, in obtaining jobs and in schooling and when you all post on articles on the internet and become Microsoft Rambos.

  281. Ok, I am just indignant that Kaffir is an insult. I use Kaffir Lime Leaf in my cooking all the time and it is LOVELY. Kaffir is wonderful. If I say that will I get in trouble in S. Africa? Ugh and what if you are Irish and you want some coffee and people think you said Kaffee. No we need insults that don't sound so close to good decent words.

    Oh and nigger from the french negre just meant black. But now of course it doesn't. My mom always taught me to try to figure out words by their use in a sentence. By that exercise "Nigger" becomes unworthy, low class, uneducated, black person. "Whore" becomes the worst thing a woman can be.

    Most of our curse words don't mean what they actually mean. Imagine trying to insult a man by calling him the second words in my examples. Asshole vs. Anus, Dick vs Penis, Jackass vs. Donkey, Fuck vs Sex Act, Douchebag vs. Waterbottle with nozzle.

  282. Marcus Ford says:

    Mark, all you have is this "whomever said it, let it" Kindergarden logic.

  283. Jai Thick'emsz says:

    smh … wow …. these comments are crazy

  284. Ron Rivers says:

    Luv, don't dis the country, but some of the cowards that live in it…I'm an American living in Canada, and I can tell you 1st hand that there's alot of ignorant immigrants and hicks up here, just like those south of the border….They will never understand, or at least some of these idiots wont….Idiots like that will try to play, and insult your intelligence….Let fools argue with themselves, and you'll definitely see how one sided these idiot windbags are….SOUTH SIDE!!

  285. Ron Rivers says:

    Who exactly are the animals? The ones who raped South Africa in the first place, or the aboriginal inhabitants of that land? Just curious….

  286. You got it all figured out don't you Randall, I bet you're real fun to talk to.

  287. Tru Locs says:

    This dude Mark is one of those undercover racist who have a burning desire to lynch a "NIGGER" but he tries to argue "his" so-called logic, his illusions which was created to attempt to remove the white guilt! All the years of murder, rape, slavery, must be overlooked and focus must be brought to bare upon the triviality of a socioeconomically railroaded, socially un-endowed blacks, which to his mind has caused the world economic problems… It is people like you that cause the likes of me to not trust any white face and yes some black faces as well… You're sheer scum, wolf in sheep clothing, a ticking time bomb! Look at your comments, just full of deep seated rage and waiting, SMH, one of the many reasons I don't waste time to reason with the likes of you. All of the white people on here commenting those with or without faces, all you do is deflect and attack to remove any attention coming your way but its not about any of that its about one white bitch making hurtful remarks to someone of another race and so its the race card hahahahaha you white people make me laugh! You try so hard to deflect, and dodge but you can't even outrun black much less the truth so to you I say carry on, keep on keeping it on… Tammy Ward, a white face mention that racism is still rife in SA, the world over you white people are turning gold to shit and yet you have no shame about it no wonder people call you the devil because you're characteristic is that of the being the bible describe to be the devil, he tried to prove he didn't exist and so you tries to prove that you're no an evil doer, you cover wounds with plaster instead of mending them. South Africa nor Africa for that matter does not belong to you, neither is America, Canada, Asia etc but you lay claims and the rest is history!!! Well done white people, well done! So Mark Meeler, you're doing a great job.

  288. Bruno Gissara says:

    FHM models are not exactly known for their intellectual abilities, but I think this has become a storm in a teacup…. I think society is becoming too politically correct, you have to be careful what you say at every turn because it might embarrass or offend someone….The woman clearly used a word that she has been brought up with, and no one told her it was not sensible to use it, but the way some people have reacted, she may as well have committed mass murder..

  289. Mager Zakaria says:

    Clearly Kimberly hasnt learned from the mode'ls actions who used racial profanity to generalize a race. In a mere two sentences, you generalized a whole 30 million people Kimberly. If you had any intellect you wouldve made an argument with substance instead of taking a cheap shot.

  290. Mager Zakaria says:

    Carlos Djalo Say it with me Priests' and I dont think Canadians just let priests' go around raping children without any criminal prosecution which was the case. Another thing, I'm pretty sure only a small percentage of Canada are priests.

  291. Mager Zakaria says:

    Taj Johnson -"Canada is just as racist. I don't know why they have this feeling of superiority when it comes to race. Clearly, some people know very little about how they actually treat Blacks and Natives in their great land."
    If you knew anything you would know that those were the actions of early British settlers not modern day Canadians, but no we still Canadians claimed responsibility, issued a public formal apology, and provided Natives we extra privileges, and monetary restitution. Racial superiority??? Have you ever been to Canada or are you spurring the media content and stereotypes of Canada. Canada is one of the most multicultural nations in the WORLD so for any "racial superiority" to exist amongst so many races would be just stupid to conclude

  292. Correct me if I am wrong please. But, isn't there only one race and we all belong to it (the human race)? I think this is the findings of modern science. One people group on planet Earth all being members of the same 'kind'. A race of human beings called homo sapiens, am I correct in believing this information?

  293. Randall Selinger You don't know what freedom of speech means. It is freedom from prosecution/persecution from the government. It does not mean you can say whatever you want without consequence.

  294. Baljot Bhatti says:

    You kinda just proved his point about ignorance with that ignorant comment.

  295. Aubrey Rosea says:

    Oh wait, you're from the U.S. and that explains everything; big ass country that got its big ass kicked in Vietnam and Afghanistan

  296. And yet white sex tourists flock to Africa… isn't that something? 🙂

  297. Marcus Ford says:

    I don't think we would have existed for over 1 million years if that were true.

  298. Shaun Walker says:

    Marcus Ford what mark was saying you numpty…is you accuse the girl of being racist becuse of one word..yet balcks re making all kinds of excuses,for meghan bokens killers…'re saying blackman being called names is worse than a beutiful white woman being murdered by a piece of black shit….strange values you blacks have…..bro

  299. Marcus Ford says:

    Shaun Walker Spare me all of this "are you saying" nonsense. I said what I intended to say in the fashion I intended. Don't try to spin, rephrase or paraphrase what I say into something that's easier for you to argue against. Now giive me one single example of anyone, black or white, making excuses for what happened to Meghan Boken. Just one. You are the one making excuses and you're making one out of Meghan Boken. You do a great disservice to Meghan and her grieving family by using her as your own little bludgeoning object against all black people. That's all she is to you and that's why you never cared about how she or her family would feel about this.

  300. We dont need segregation, all we need to be able to do is talk about this and not try to cover it up. Get all of this mistrust and pass abuses out in the open. We as a people need our reparations for the way that we are being treated. Every race that has been mistreated have their reparations.

  301. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Have you looked in the mirror today?

  302. Shaun Walker You need Jesus! You're living in a fantacy world.

  303. The law of cause and effect: You get what you give! That expectation causes fear. We fear that the things we did to others will be done to us!

  304. Just plain greedy!

  305. Shaun Walker: On what planet do you live? Where do you get your information?

  306. Micky: The word cracka came from the people who were enslaved and were whipped by their so called owners. The whip made a cracking sound, so the slaves called them crackas!

  307. Marcus Ford says:

    Shaun is someone who see his reflection in toilet water and flushes it!

  308. Anonymous says:

    There's so much hatred shown in nearly all these posts. Black, white…Canadian, American….What the he77 does it matter? Let's just respect each other or further support the evil in this world through words and actions.

  309. Shaun Walker says:

    i think you'll find most blacks arrested for something..hve actually done something..

  310. Oh God. You are vile and frankly are not worth the effort of education. you will never get it because you are vapid and lack respect for yourself let alone another.
    Really? Are you for real.

  311. Shaun Walker says:

    this is a very difficult thing for me to do, and embarrassing.but I would like to apologise to ll the black people on this site and any that have read my "comments".they were written in fit of anger.i actually have some black friends, both male and female.they are as nice a bunch of people you could know, hard working, honest, brave, strong and beautiful.and s for the horridnasty things I said bout africa nd its suffering…i'm ashamed.racism feeds on anger..and begets hate…and that is the dangerous one.i started to hate, but I knew I was wrong.please, please see it in your hearts to forgive me.i see things in papers, on t.v, the internet…and if its injustice or cruelty I overreact.criminals come in all colours and types.i feel so impotent and frustrated at governments reactions to crime, poverty, education to be derisory.i often tell my little nieces and nephews we're all flowers but different colours and all equally special… so.sorry for any hurt I caused.

  312. Marcus Ford says:

    Well Shaun you hate my race because it's clearly different from yours, and my race is human.

  313. Marcus Ford says:

    Shaun Walker Maybe segregation would have lasted had blacks been allowed to make their way without interference, but you couldn't leave us the hell alone. You burn down every business we build and kill us for trying to do something for ourselves. So now, since you wouldn't let us build our own house, we move into yours and took the b!t<h over. Maybe next time you'll stay out of the way.

  314. So basically free speech does not exist in SA. I don't condone her actions. Let the consequences come as they should but prosecution???

  315. America America!

  316. Tina you would be jailed for life there!

  317. where is all the hate coming from?

  318. There it is… lets just drop it.

  319. Eric Chan says:

    So Shaun, are you saying that Holocaust shouldn't have exists then? All the Jews should of just committed suicide and everything would of been ok?

    Take it like a man and answer the question.

  320. …20,000 people have died in Syria. Even more in Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, Japan….dear God, the list of lives lost is too long due to hate and tragedy- and it's growing by the second. I'm not sure how many of you who commented here are Christian, or even believe in God, but much of what is written here by blacks and whites is very saddening. What about LIFE? In the name of God, respect each other because God gave us all life. Please! Whether you have a high trace of melanin or not is no reason to hate- and it is by no means an indicator of morality. All of our ancestry and present demographics have both good and evil to atone for. Because we continue to hate; all of us are guilty.

  321. Shaun Walker says:

    Terry Rudden i'll stand up for my race white..then the nationality it..

  322. Terry Rudden says:

    Oh, yes, Shaun. We "get" it. Thank God you're on an island half a world away.

  323. Marcus Ford says:

    I'm also not wanted in the suburb of Giving A Flying Crap Heights.

  324. Shaun Walker says:

    Simon Caldwell look at the crime stats…segregation would almost stop murder of white females overnight…..what happens to the blacks amongst themselves..i couldn't guess or care less..

  325. Shaun Walker says:

    Simon Caldwell read up on megan boken,channon christian,eve carson,lauren beurk,ann pressly,emily haddock..then go on youtube and type white women murdered by black men…then you'll understand why us whites want segregation from non whites..the blacks have started a race war under the guise of criminal activities..and if ever they were to make black on white murders like a few i've mentioned mr white guy would soon sought the jewish liberal antiwhite problem…totally.sign a peace treaty with the arab nations,offer to sell them whatever arms the jews get……..and not get involved..if they attack israel..what would the jewish lobby do then.

  326. if you think that way

  327. If that was the case I would be blaming you for everything, like wasting my time, etc. etc. etc.

  328. Jana Jasper says:

    Kimberly Copeland is right, by the way. There is a difference and you'd know that if you really knew about black people.

  329. Stevie Marsh says:

    All she did is say in public what most white South Africans say in private. As the song goes "I've never met a nice (white) South African"….

  330. Problem with you, Terry, and ALL of you on here, is that none of you know this woman personally, so you don't really know what she's about….you're speculating, assuming she's an airhead, which she may or may not be, and that the black person she was talking about is a decent guy, which also may or may not be true. He could just as well be an ordinary ass whole.

  331. Some of you really need to get a life. I'm not scared to show my face or debate with any of you, and for the record, MOST in-bred low class white folks such as myself NEVER supported Imperialism or Colonialism. My background is musicians and farmers far back as I can go and none of my ancestors that I know of ever were upper class crackers with slaves or evil corporate companies. Some of you under educated people of darker skin would benefit from realizing that most white people have been just as oppressed as any one else…..crippling taxes, conscripted military service, debtor's prison, concentration camps……read your history and do some real research, and you will find it is the elite and rich in ANY society which causes most of the pain and discord. When the white elite are replaced in places where they were in control, they are replaced by the elite of the incoming bunch, whether black, brown, yellow, red, or green. A corrupt black leader is just as bad as anyone else….like The Who sing in their song……." meet the new boss, same as the old boss!" Nothing will change until we all get a lot less greedy and a lot more co-operative and giving. Throw out all the garbage, write the TRUE history of everybody and change a world wide corrupt and oppressive system that the elite 2 percent, of ALL colour, don't really want changed. How many of you have the guts to do that?

  332. Michelle McClean-Tamborro says:

    Easy there sista…do not base my country on one ignorant Canadian….I try really hard every day not to think how delusional the US is but never think all in inhabitants feel the same way.

  333. still praying for Shaun. Gheesh, this guy…

  334. Jeff Gouda says:

    Randall, the only accurate thing you said was that an asshole is an asshole, something you prove to yourself every time you look in the mirror.

  335. leave her alone-shes young maybe at the time-she was angry upset-we don't know what was said to her-yes maybe she should not have said the word-but its done+dusted-leave it-why runi her life etc-because ONE BLACK man siad horrible things to her–everyone is different–but why is it I can be called a white [email protected]@rd-but I cant call my mate-a black [email protected]@rd?
    i mean I can if I want were mates-since babies-we call each other wors-when playing-snooker-

  336. David Gass says:

    Classy rebuttal, lady.

  337. Jerry Tyller says:

    What is the big deal, at least she did not call him a n!gger

  338. Patrick Tyrone Hightower says:

    its all good! we know the white girl is priveledged and cannot do wrong! and she does NOT represent the BEST of S.Africa!

  339. Patrick Tyrone Hightower says:

    Know the whole story !!!

  340. James Sbi Jackson says:

    Randall Selinger HATE ALL YOU WANT

  341. James Sbi Jackson says:

    Shaun Walker They aren't just killed by black men, they are also killed mostly by white men.

  342. Don Meaker says:

    yes, they were. Further, they enslaved each other before the Europeans showed up.

  343. Don Meaker says:

    The Arabs normally castrated their black slaves.

  344. Don Meaker says:

    Rhea Jones-Price The cotton gin was invented after the African slave trade was outlawed in the US. There was some smuggling afterwards, but the later African slave trade went to the Caribbean islands or to Brazil, not to the US. Cotton had nothing to do with the importation of most black slaves to the US.

    In the colonial US there was slavery, and local natives, whites, and blacks were all enslaved, usually using the indentured servant paradigm. The first slave for life in virginia was a black man, indentured to another (free) black, and a court held that he could be enslaved for life as punishment for running away during his term of indenture.

  345. Don Meaker says:

    Rhea Jones-Price The cotton gin was invented after the African slave trade was outlawed in the US. There was some smuggling afterwards, but the later African slave trade went to the Caribbean islands or to Brazil, not to the US. Cotton had nothing to do with the importation of most black slaves to the US.

    In the colonial US there was slavery, and local natives, whites, and blacks were all enslaved, usually using the indentured servant paradigm. The first slave for life in virginia was a black man, indentured to another (free) black, and a court held that he could be enslaved for life as punishment for running away during his term of indenture.

  346. Raven Lee Meadows says:

    Hello M. e. Huges. I clicked on WIKI, and I wish to copy-paste a bit more from the definition taken from 3rd paragraph down in Etymology and history section :
    " During the fur trade of the early 1800s to the late 1840s in the Western United States, the word was spelled "niggur", and is often recorded in literature of the time. George Fredrick Ruxton often included the word as part of the "mountain man" lexicon, did not indicate that the word was pejorative at the time. "Niggur" was evidently similar to the modern use of dude, or guy. This passage from Ruxton's Life in the Far West illustrates the common use of the word in spoken form, "Travler, marm, this niggur's no travler; I ar' a trapper, marm, a mountain-man, wagh!"[6] It was never used as a term for blacks among the mountain man during this period, as Indians, Mexicans, and Frenchmen and Anglos alike could be a "niggur".[7]

  347. Raven Lee Meadows says:

    By this definition, it clearly states, the word was used when speaking of a dude or a guy.! That is amazing to me. LOL… Seems we are all wrong in this thread. Maybe? Then, how in the world did it became a word for black men? Lets read on >>>

  348. Joe Kelsall says:

    When Apartheid disappeared , so did many of the West's investments. This was a DELIBERATE attempt to ensure that South Africa fell on its face.

  349. Odira Ononye says:

    muhammad? those muslims grr

  350. Odira Ononye says:

    Hey Canada has free healthcare what does Gods country have? a bunch of old republicans

  351. Odira Ononye says:

    Shawn White trying his hardest to get attention how sad

  352. Odira Ononye says:

    Shawn walker you know foreigners are living better live income wises than most white supremecists

  353. Odira Ononye says:

    See what i'm saying Shaun Walker wrong commenting at the wrong time geez what a bozo

  354. Odira Ononye says:

    Where you live at I will then I will spit in your face, I'm totally kidding lol sorry plz don't kill me

  355. Raven Lee Meadows says:

    I never heard of that word til now. Meh, she sounds fiesty… like any kid her age who shoots off at the mouth… idk.. tweets are an extension of our mouth… it sure has set off a fire in here. We need a fire extinshquisher up in here o.O….. LOL

  356. Anonymous says:

    You all are so racist, since blacks are so bad why are whites getting tans to look like us and getting black men and women, to try to be us…stop the hate!

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