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Is Usain Bolt Suffering From ‘White Woman Complex’?

His arm around her waist, sprinter Usain Bolt and his latest girlfriend are the picture of togetherness.

The world’s fastest man has been dating fashion designer Lubica Slovak for six months and the relationship is described as ‘very serious’.

A friend of 28-year-old Miss Slovak declared: ‘Love has no race – it’s a heart to heart connection.’

But 25-year-old Bolt has come in for criticism from fellow black Jamaicans unhappy that he has chosen a white partner.

One online posting said: ‘Really now Usain! Some successful black men obviously suffer from a white woman complex. You too?’, while another complained: ‘Another one of our men snatched.’

Further protests included: ‘Out of all the girls on this island you pick a snowbunny’, and: ‘These superstars will always disappoint if we depend on them to raise our racial identity.’

The sprinter nicknamed Lightning Bolt is known for his mid-race celebrations and post- victory bow-and-arrow pose.

He is the reigning Olympic champion and world record holder over 100 and 200 metres.

He hopes to smash his own records and retain his titles in London this summer, watched by his Slovakian-born girlfriend.

Miss Slovak emigrated to Canada with her father when she was 14 and studied fashion design at the Ryerson University in Toronto.

She moved to Jamaica after she ‘fell in love’ with the island during a holiday in 2000.

Miss Slovak was introduced to Bolt last year through a mutual friend, reggae singer Tami Chynn, with whom she owns an award-winning clothing line called Anuna and a Kingston boutique.

Shortly after they met, she interviewed Bolt for a feature in a Slovakian newspaper and they began dating in mid-November.

A friend told the Mail: ‘They are very comfortable together and easy. They do quiet dinners in  the country and trips to Montego Bay. They don’t really do the red carpet thing.’

Fiercely private, the couple made sure they were not seen together at functions and spent most evenings at Bolt’s gated home in a suburb  of Kingston.

But when a picture of them kissing was published in the Jamaican Observer last month, they received a barrage of abuse.

The accompanying article included a controversial cartoon of a black woman with ‘local’ written on her T-shirt looking upset while Bolt runs into the arms of ‘Slovakian fashion designer’.

One reader responded: ‘They make he mingle with white girls. She just divorce him and take aways his money’, while another added: ‘I hope when he’s ready to settle down he chooses a beautiful Jamaican black woman … In the meantime have fun “responsibly”, cause some “pretty girls” just a wait fi “lock u down” for the wrong reasons.’

Others called Bolt ‘the next Tiger Woods’, referring to the mixed-race golfer and his £60million divorce settlement with Swedish former model Elin Nordegren.

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314 thoughts on “Is Usain Bolt Suffering From ‘White Woman Complex’?

  1. all black men with "money" suffer the same syndrome this is not new and hes a black athlete with money so that's preety much common sense.

  2. Rich Evans says:

    If this was a regular average black man who was blue collar or even in a normal profession would black women care? Let him date who he wants b/c if this was Serena or Venus dating a white man there would be much applause from Black Women.

  3. The girlfriend is right – love has no colour. I am so tired of this reverse racism from some black people griping about 'our women'. Is there something inherently superior about being Jamaican for instance? You'd think so, the way some of them go on. And the complaints I've seen on forums about black men, well, you can't have it both ways. Good luck to him – and let the man love who he wants.

  4. Stephen Johnson says:

    I would hope that one day we can evolve beyond the limited thinking shown by some of the people quoted in this piece. Every person has their own brain (or lack of one). We should stop trying to fit people in neat little boxes, by generalizing and categorizing the behaviour of an entire group of people, whatever their race.

    ABS, why empower racist stereotypes by publishing articles like this? At least make it part of a larger dialogue, instead of a simple click-bait article.

  5. Dime Wars says:

    Nothing wrong with publishing the article. It's just news and enabling a broader conversation.
    The fact of the matter is while love is universal, race still matters and its a variable in the equation for who some people desire and love.

  6. Christine Bowers says:

    wow…smh…really?? ya'll need to get some business and i'm not just sayin this bcz i'm in an interracial relationship…IT'S THE TRUTH 🙂

  7. Maci Justice says:

    race should not matter at all I am black and successful and my love is with a woman, not a black woman or white… a woman, funny thing is this I am from america and blacks as well as whites who live in america or jamaica is not of pure race anyway so why care. smh

  8. Dime Wars says:

    Good for you.

  9. If a white athlete dating was dating a black girl and white people starting complaining, everyone would be called a racist.

  10. Kadian Nelson says:

    So every time we hear something in the news that is sensitive to our situation we should bash the source and not address the issue. SMH….

  11. Jasmine N Milo says:

    Just want to thank god for my BEAUTIFUL man of color and our gorgeous son. This WHITE girl couldn't imagine life without them! Thank the good Lord I was raised to love thy neighbor, and to understand that Jesus loves the little children All the children of the world….so do I. Love is thoughtful kind and color blind!

  12. Christine Kent says:

    I love this site

  13. Is this evidence of black racism, I never woulda thought.

  14. Are you kidding? Blacks are so ugly!

  15. What is the issue?

  16. Michael Busby says:

    No matter how many white women he sleeps with, in the morning he is still going to be a black man and all that entails.

  17. Kadian Nelson says:

    people's attitude towards interracial relationship

  18. Dime Wars says:

    Yeah, most folks don't understand the complexity of the issue.

  19. Anonymous says:

    What kind of racist garbage is this?

  20. Disgusting rasist rant against white women. Shame on the author.

  21. Contrary to popular opinion Jamaica is a melting pot of different cultures.These people have every known nationality living on this tiny island.Orientals, English, Europeans, African decendants etc.You have to look at their heritage to understand the people.The Crest of Arms of Jamaica says it all(OUT OF MANY ONE PEOPLE)Most Jamaicans are of mixed heritage.

  22. Bobby Brewer says:

    when does bolt have time for this.

  23. Anonymous says:

    It's amazing how well you can see color when you're boasting about your interracial relationship. For you, Bolt and every other interracial spouse part of the attraction is precisely the other person's race. Being more attracted to a given race means you are less attracted to the others, i.e. means you are rejecting others. It's normal and hardly offensive to know that women of other races "reject" me in favor of their own men. We grew up differently, etc. They're "rejecting" what they don't know. That means I don't have to take their rejection personally because what do they know anyway?

    It's abnormal and very offensive to know that women of my own race reject me in favor of non-white men. We grew up similarly, etc. They're rejecting what they DO know. That means they know white men, and have decided we're not good enough. How can I or any other white man not take that personally?

  24. Sayinie Webb says:

    He dumped her already! said he needs to concentrate on the Olympics!

  25. Joe Tyger says:

    Its funny reading this as an intelligent black man that is very much so at ease in his own skin…a simple question for everyone who made a comment in this article: If Usain Bolt was simply himself and not a superstar, would anyone on that island give a damn who he dated? I'll answer my own question- probably not. Some of these same black Jamacian women who are now up-in-arms because of who he is dating now probably didn't give Bolt the time of day prior to his fame. Funny how the money bends our better senses… Likewise any brothas out there hating on Bolt need to check their egos at the door- if this same beautiful Slovak woman had come your way, you'd be dating her too (despite the color difference)…To all: Grow up! People date and fall in love with whom they please and not by way of any arbitrary set of rules imposed by someone else.

  26. The reason black male athletes go for white women is fairly simple: They can have them. Because white people (men and women) appear less masculine/more feminine than black people, a white woman will appear especially feminine, and hence especially attractive, to a black man judging her by the standards of his race. The black man will likewise appear especially masculine to the white woman, but black male-white female marriages are still the exception because women choose husbands based on economic and social criteria as well as raw masculinity, and few black men meet the economic and social criteria typically maintained by white women. Black athletes, on the other hand, often do.

  27. Jasmine N Milo says:

    Wrong sir I did not neccesarily grow similarly to you. I grew up all over the place suffered abuse in some of those householdsand ultimately in poverty with my mother in the hood. Now that doesn't mean I'm hood but I understand the mentality. I didn't actively choose a Non White mate. We found each other on a weekend out of town with friends and fell in love at first site. I didn't REJECT any one based on anything. You know what else, I am boasting about my interacial relationship. I'm not going to hang my head in shame for choosing the man of my dreams and pursuing what my heart wanted! Nor will I apolgize to those of you who feel rejected. There is someone for everyone and if everyone opened their hearts and closed their eyes they would truly see what I see and that's that love prevails all ignorance, boundaries, and limitations. I'm no the one to try and put in a box and neatly label my life according to yours or any others standards. Anyways I posted my initial thoughts out of my profound love for my man. Kinda like a shout out not some philosophical exercise for someone like you to judge or ruin with your insecurities and shortcomings. Thank you very much.

  28. Jamaica like many countries in Asia and Africa have a huge skin bleaching problem, so lets not pretend colorism doesn't exist in your country. In Jamaica light skin blacks and white women are revered, so let's not pretend like love sees no color. I know plenty dark skin black american women who have told me they are gonna have a baby by @ white man so their baby can have "pretty" hair. Has anyone noticed, how extremely darkskin black men love to date white or very light skin black women? Its sad but so many black are dark skin people around the world really do hate themselves. Joe pick up a few books by the great Jamaican Marcus Garvey and you will understand why many black people aren't happy about this relationship.

  29. Total hogwash, plenty of black men date unattractive, large, trailer park white women. And plenty of white women date, poor, unattractive, ex-con black men. So money has little to do with it, just watch a episode of Jerry Springer. Black men have a huge problem with black women and its truly sad.

  30. Jacqueline Gibson says:

    Who cares and stop speaking for all black people and especially black woman.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Oh my God this really has to stop…can you blame the man who he falls in love with…I am a born Jamaican live in North America and I am sick and tired of people keep talking about Black and White relationships….the last time I check its the same color blood that runs through all our veins. Jesus died for everyone….not a particular skin color….move on people…..

  32. Warren Smith says:

    White girls instinctively smell the potential for money, ask any black athlete, musician, or successful entrepenure. They don't discriminate. Ugly, ignorant, ghetto, or even a violent history fails to deter a determined white woman chasing a dollar. Sisters quit complaining and start competing.:)

  33. I don't want my children dating outside they're race and I will never accept it if they do I will always love my child black need love ourselves 1st before we bring outsiders in our world look at the state of black we need to take care of ourselves

  34. Joe Tyger says:

    Excellent post Vatrice and I understand fully your point. I just don't think this is simply a skin color issue, however. As I stated earlier, I am very at ease in my own skin (I am a dark-skinned black man). White women may or may not be Bolt's preference, but it seems that he (at the time) fell in love with one…can you really control who you fall in love with? A better question: would you dismiss the woman or man you have fallen in love (and that you could potentially live the rest of your life with) soley based upon the fact that he or she was light/dark skinned or another race? I would hope that the thought process in such a decision would be far more detailed than that. There is also a bigger picture here: Usain Bolt is now in a position whereby he can travel the world and meet many people of many different cultures and races, definitely expanding his horizons. Can you blame him for experimenting a little here and there while finding his way as a young man? Yes, colorism is a big issue among blacks in the US, unfortunately and believe me, I have felt that pain personally. However, unconditional love of my race and myself have helped me realize that many of us (not all) do have this self-hatred problem and that we do not have to succumb to it- its an individual choice. Dating or marrying exclusively your own race doesn't automatically qualify you as someone whom loves your race more or even loves yourself and what you are. Many of the same blacks we are discussing (that garner light skin/dark skin issues) are in fact married to other blacks. Black pride and love of the black race, for me, is a non-negotiable fact regardless of who I date or marry. Back to the topic at hand, Usain Bolt is no less of my brother regardless of who he dates. Black love is unconditional…

  35. Peter Dawkins says:

    Orientals is food that we eat Asians are people from Asia

  36. Wesley Sweet says:

    You just said it. They date them because they don't have the money and power to have the best. Duh

  37. Conner Tony says:

    Joe you do not have a Clue…….it's not about the money…….sista's have a problem with Good Black Men dating any other woman besides a Black Woman because there are a shortage of Good Black Men for them (not enough to go around)
    With all things being equal……if there were enough good black men to go around

    The Sister's would tell any woman who was having any problems with their man…..GET YOU A GOOD BLACK MAN HONEY!….


  38. Anonymous says:

    The title of this article is so offensive I decided not to read beyond it. "Is Usain Bolt Suffering From ‘White Woman Complex’?" More racism – thanks for the nausea.

  39. Anonymous says:

    rico0732 – Whoa! Hey guy – that's a little intense! Try relaxing your mind a little and someone will fall for you.

  40. Anonymous says:

    "All black men with money"?

  41. Joe Tyger says:

    I follow you, but as I eluded to way earlier in my previous post, Usain Bolt didn't just become a "Good Black Man" since he became famous. He was a "Good Black Man" when he was a nobody. Where were these same women then? It seems that they have an issue with whom he (was) dating far after the fact…also: What is your definition of a "Good Black Man?"

  42. Anonymous says:

    Funny thing is Jaimaicans are closer to African blood than an African American is. It has been proven(chris rock is 40% Caucasian)!

  43. Anonymous says:

    rico0732 Black men are beautiful! They have a certain confidence about themselves! Brothers are groomed extremely well and do not have inadequacy issues(from my observance/experience). However, i am married to a white man. It has been proven that depending on the area, you grew up in. I lived in a predominately white area and went to predominately white schools. Always friends with people of another country, my closest friends where bosnian, russian, latvian, hispanic etc. i am married to a full bloodied german born and raised in a tiny german community in brazil.

  44. Anonymous says:

    rico0732 It is all about preference. It is not racist or prejudice for a white women to specifically like white men vice versa and all across the board. The person that is racist/prejudice/bigot is the one making negative jabs about the situation! Rico, there are plenty of other women and other nationalities that may well be interested in you: you just havent noticed!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Conner Tony despite my comment above i have to firmly agree with you. black women's profiles are the last ones to be viewed on dating sites. They are typically skipped over. I do believe the color of my skin has something to do with why im accepted more readily by whites than a women a couple shades darker. My mom is a beautiful brown skin complexion with thick strong black hair and no wrinkles(she looks like basset! but prettier) And the funny thing is, that is a gas station there was a black man at the counter….he didnt talk to me i felt b/c he may think me "snobby" due to my lighter skin(i've observed with light skinned females/males, they treat themselves like they are better) But i noticed at a young age, that white people chose to talk to me, and not to my mother…My mother complimented me and said "kelll, you do a good job at forcing them to speak to me. you walk away leaving them to talk to me."

  46. Jasmine, I had to read the book "Their Eyes Were Watching God" my freshman year of college. I had a white female friend proofreading my essay, she totally didn't get the whole colorism message Zola Hurston was addressing in the book. My friend just said, "wait isn't Janie pretty? what does skin color and hair have to do with it?" Read Alice Walker's book Meridian or listen to the authentic conversation, Spike Lee displays in the film Jungle Fever, when the group of Black women are talking about interracial dating. Ask East Indian and Latina women why their mothers discourage them from dating dark men. Most white women do not get it because your so-called "beauty", ie blonde hair/blue eyes/ fair skin is revered around the world. I can recall in my Californian middle school, how a group of tough Mexican girls who were called "chollas" hated when the popular cute Mexican boys dated white girls, they would even threaten to beat up the white girls. SO often women of color are told they are not pretty enough, but a man of color will date anything white no matter how unattractive, poor or trashy they are, just as long as the woman is white. Im sure you and your husband are inlove but I still am aware black men and women suffer from extreme self hatred and many equate everything white as being "right" and anything black as being "wrong".

  47. @ Orville, most African Americans are of mixed heritage, most so-called Latinos are of mixed heritage, big deal! @ Peter would it be PC to say "People from the Orient"?

  48. Jasmine N Milo says:

    I understand completely where your coming from albeit I am neither poor, trashy, or unnattractive. My husband doesn't suffer from self hatred either. His father is a black and his mother us white, so I think his desire to be with a white woman reveres his respect for his mother. His parents are still happily married and we are on our 5th year together. I guess from my perspective I see the beauty in you and any other person of color for just that. African American woman have distinctly the most beautiful hair I have ever seen and more ways to style it to make their look unattainable by any girl with fine straight hair. I love deep dark skin the way it looks like beautiful rich brown satin and mocha Carmel skin that looks beautifully tanned. Why is that more white folks spend millions of dollars on tanning salons if darker skin wasn't beautiful. Maybe if all of those people who have such self hatred could just see how they are truly perceived by others they would know just how beautiful they really are regardless of how dark or light they are. I'm not kidding when I said I was raised to judge people the merit of their worth by the merit of their word and the beauty from within.

    Thank you for your insight however I think opinions just very based on what part of the world we grew up in. Unfortunately no amount of verbal sparring is going to change that. I choose to live in my world, the one where I'm raising my happy little family and wife of an awesome man who loves me for me.

  49. Lewis Ben says:

    so true,….I am black and completely agree

  50. Tru Locs says:

    Thank you Christine for this heart stopping reminder, lets hope all those idiots chatting crap here have a watch at it so that they can be reminded of the path they are taking… His-tory is repeating itself slowly but surely!!!

  51. Anyone is entitled to be with or have preference. Its 2012… colour should be of no concern any more and of should never been. Past is past and people need to become more acceptable of peoples personal choices in life.
    Still don't understand how people can be infuriated by someone's relationship choices… that choice is for that individual and only them.

  52. David Nguyen says:

    You sir, have issues. People who cannot stand on their own merits try to better themselves by denigrating others, by implication or otherwise, or through the declaration of your arbitrary "status" of part of the supposed upper hierarchy on the chain-of-being. To simplify matters, your issue is predicated upon the the size of your reproductive organ, or there lack of. In the morning he still going to be a black man and all that entails. You have no power buddy, get lost.

  53. Michael Busby says:

    LOL!!! You gotta be kidding me. Claiming people "have issues" is the old and tired liberal argument trying to put down people who stand up to you and your communist ideas. You are the one with issues. I know who I am, what I am, and I am damn proud of it. If you don't like it, tough.

  54. David Nguyen says:

    You can't get good looking women and Usain Bolt can have his pick, that's the bottom line. If you don't like it, tough.

    I'm a communist as much as you are a cross- burner and child-molester. Let's put away the old and tired race card generalizations buddy.

  55. Marcyah Simister says:

    I don't see the big deal, Usain has dated blacks, Jamaican women, I don't think color should matter it's who he love and who loves him, and the connection to each other. Love is color blind, we all bleed red!

  56. This just in: America has a race issue. A big one.

  57. David Oake says:

    That is racist. Holy sh*t, is that ever racist.

  58. David Oake says:

    Yeah, but it's in a huge publication. People should not talk like this – it's so divisive. Making the problem worse.

  59. I think Usain Bolt and his white girlfriend should go hold hands on the red hills of Georgia.

  60. Anonymous says:

    no me,I don't want my black women with white guys

  61. Want to say its disgusting to me that people complain so much about racism but then those same people complain about interracial relationships….love my man of color n don't want it any other way! Let people live the way they want and stop being so judgmental!

  62. Jeff Flash Thompson says:

    once again another black website perpetuates racism, geesh when will you realize to stop pointing the finger and being race baitors.

  63. Raena Zlonis says:

    ppl are so dam stupid

  64. Dennis Valdez says:

    Hilarious! There is no such thing as black or white! Everyone one is a different shade on the continuum of brown! And in 50 years, the earth will finally be ONE family. Then we can finally move on and work together for a better future TOGETHER! Conversations and debates about these issues is mindless and a waste of time and people's energy. There are days I wish we were all color blind.
    A wise young person once said, “… the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart."
    Congratulations, UB for following your heart and finding another soul that makes you happy.
    For the people that make a big deal out of this, you do not own UB. He is a wonderful role model for 'your' kids because the message behind his choice says "love someone for who they are, not for what they look like". If she is a gold-digger, it's not because her skin genetically predisposes her to committing dishonest acts, but rather her lack of character. Dishonesty, hate, and selfishness are NOT related to race or ethnic background, but moulded by an environment of negativity from people with attitudes such as yours. Stop the hating. It is none of your business. Happiness breeds happiness. Thank you UB and Lubica creating positive energy and sharing it with the rest of us. Best of Luck and God Bless you both.

  65. This is a reply to Joseph Miller. If Michael Phelps was dating an African American girl (and for all i know he is) and people would start complaining that that he should date within his race, could you imagine the uproar that would happen from both the African American community as well as the media and society in general

  66. Anonymous says:

    Well……..would it be a false accusation?

  67. Ha! Mr. Hutnicki I really don't even remember now even reading this article, let alone replying to you, but I see now that your criticism is rooted in the notion that this article itself kind of meretricious for "white woman complex" to Usain Bolt. I don't think I understood that before (I'm sure I only glossed over the whole thing) but I can see now that you employed the "if these positions were reversed" argument, which, as I now see, was totally legitimate. If the positions were reversed, people who would question the union of a white male athlete and a black female would, I think justifiably, be labled as racist…as is likely the black (largely Jamaicans) who criticize Mr. Bolt's relationship. That too is racist.

    But I question whether or not the complaints would really ever happen in the first place, however. For instance, I just performed two searches: 1) Famous white men who dated/married black women, and 2) Famous black women who dated/married black men. In both case 1 (Robert DeNiro, David Bowie, and Roger Ebert, to name a few) and case 2 (Venus Williams, Tamera Mowry, Alfre Woodard, and Naomi Campbell) I simply can't recall a significant outcry of any sort from any race. Largely, people simply have gotten past it, if not on a personal level, at least on the level of public discourse. I'm perplexed as to why this questioning has befallen Mr. Bolt. Any insights as to why?

  68. Kimberly Theskynolimit JS says:

    lmao @ I am black and completely agree……..smmfh

  69. Victoria Araba Adobah says:

    Never say never. Your children might end up get married to a white person. If you refuse to accept it, then you have a massive problem. I find it funny that you are racist and have a profile picture of Marilyn Monroe. I support interracial love and I am proud of it!

  70. Victoria Araba Adobah says:

    getting married*

  71. The issue at hand is not the relationship. At the end of the day, true love shows no boundaries, you cant help who you fall in love with. If they love each other, leave them alone. Also, those sisters running up their mouth about it, I am certain they would not even give him the time of day if we wasnt a celebrity ANYWAY! However, I do have a problem with black men (and women) who completely and totally exclude dating somebody within their own race. That to me is the symptom of another issue which is self-hate. YEP, In 2012, I still hear black men and women not wanting to mate with someone within their own race beause they still they are more interested in creating off spring that is beautiful in complexion and hair texture. That is why in 2012, we have black people bleaching their skin and black women walking around with some oriental woman's hair sewn into their hair. sad.

  72. Geoff Smith says:

    Any form of hate is bad… must love yourself before you can love others 😉

  73. Do you want to know why Usain Bolt dates white women, because he can. That's it. He is a man with money and fame and that is very attractive to many women, black or white and every are shade in between. He is like my mother in law in a Las Vegas buffet, everything looks so good and its there for the taking.

  74. Derynda Howells says:

    Love is color blind, we all bleed red!
    Marcyah, are you the only one with a brain here, perhaps?
    You are SO right…my family is mixed, and beautiful, and there is no such thing as 'pure', either black, white or Asian. It's 2012 & people should just try to get on with each other. Some marriages & couples are not all that, but lots are great… it's all down to the individuals involved, & you can't put them all in the same category. Good for you, I like you lots.

  75. Wiili Stuhldreier says:

    All rich guys want a trophy woman…and braggin rights if they bag a white chick…

  76. Conner Tony There is no shortage of only good black men, I'm so sure every race has its shortage, I mean forget all stereotypes, think of things on more of a cultural level. People who are brought up in for instance "hoods" are more likely to have negative attitudes in comparison to people who have grown up in suburbs.
    What I believe is that in society today, it is still slightly harder for black people to attain jobs or fulfil career goals because of stereotypical views that are commonly portrayed by a huge number of people. Because of this, there are financially deprived people who feel they must behave in certain ways (picked up from peers within their environment).
    You ever see the comparison between a lot of people who come from poverty stricken areas to those from wealthier backgrounds? e.g. A wealthy person being able to afford most things that a dis-fortunate person who feels they have to steal and sell drugs in order to get by…. its not colour, its culture/class.

    I am sure there is a shortage of good men/women within every race. Black, White, Asian people cheat, run away from their kids, mistreat their women, get bored etc..

  77. Syndrome??? Attraction and preference is not a syndrome… remember the woman is a model… and Usain is an Athlete…. When you have money and fame your more likely to find someone who is in the same financial class as yourself (and there are not as many black people in that category in comparison to other races (forgive me if I'm wrong). I am pretty sure they got with each other due to genuine attraction for each other.
    Love and money is colour-blind…. well it should be

  78. Lynn McLay Mead Knott says:

    I don't get it. The African Americans complain they're not respected but they keep trying to insist on keeping the races separate. Don't you all really think that 200 years from now, we can all be a nice mixed blend of colors and no one will be able to judge by color any more? If you blend blue and red, you get a lovely green. What can't races do the same? Stop telling us not to find someone from "outside our race". Love is love. Grab it where you can find it.

  79. Lynn McLay Mead Knott says:

    LOL. Of course I meant purple… 🙂

  80. That Usain Bolt is dating a white woman is no suprise. If you've been led to believe that white women are the standard for beauty, it is only natural that when an African American male has achieved the acclaim and accompanying economic advantages afforded Usain Bolt, that the next logical step is possession of a trophy wife. On the other hand, if Usain Bolt hadn't been a celebrity, 'the slovakian model' wouldn't have given him the time of day and we wouldn't be reading this story.

  81. Anonymous says:

    People we have to get beyond race. Yes, there are many reasons that black men date white women and they are linked to racism and the history of black people in America, but there is such a thing as love. Once two people are together they have to work out their situation as two human beings. Also, sometimes opposites attract. I do think in 25-50 years (even sooner)there will be that many more interracial children and we will be beyond race at that point. But, as for reverse racism-it cannot exist. Why are people still saying that? White people cannot be discriminated against. But, love is love people. The younger generation will lead the way.

  82. Patricia Ritchie says:

    Jasmine N Milo i agree with you 100 % does it matter who love whom

  83. I'm not even going to pretend that your not right! The whole country would be up in arms if the roles were reversed. Saying that though, i'm married to a Jamaican man and i get abuse from fellow Jamaican women too & i'm black…… Just because i was born in the UK hold a British passport, they feel as though i'm "stealing their man" It's illiterate ignorance to be honest. Let him do what he wants to do, date who he wants to date and marry who he wants to marry. It's actually a ridiculous article.

  84. That is universal for all me. Ever notice old rich men with young women

  85. oops, I mean men

  86. Earl Gardner says:

    rico0732 – if you don't want women to think you aren't good enough, you need to change your attitude and act 'good enough'. Right minded people fall in love with what's on the inside and not the external color of someone's skin. That might attract someone to begin with, but to keep that person interested over time there needs to be substance. I fell in love with my half German/half South Korean wife not for her external beauty, which she undoubtedly has. But because she is trustworthy, because she is honest, because she is ambitious and because she is loving….none of those things have anything to do with the color of her skin.

  87. only thing that is attract about him. Is his money.

  88. Victoria Araba Adobah says:

    Your black women? you don't owe black women. Black women have a right to date who they like.

  89. Victoria Araba Adobah says:

    Love has no colour. If interracial relationships bother you, then don't date oustside your race. Don't push your narrow minded views on anyone. I support interracial relationships and proud of it. I have a mind of my own. Ignorant people should sling their hooks!

  90. this is an instance where "community ostracism" worked well. black women are the guardians of black racial unity. the men think just with their penis and will destroy our genetic future just for a 15-minute ride. I strongly urge black women to continue speaking up, continue being vocal and to outright reject and humiliate all the 'black' men who would genocide our race for selfish ejacalation. some black american male celebs in particular are disgusting…from Diddy to Tiger they are soo caught up with their White Woman complex, they fail to see how they are parading their insecurities. Thank God for Obama – who was wise enough to get a real black woman. ADVICE TO BLACK MEN: if u want white pokey…hire a call girl and hide the fact that u are doing it (cheaper + not damagin to our community). AMEN TO COMMUNITY PRESSURE!

  91. Jon Morris says:

    1. Whenever I watch American movies I often think how typical it is for the couples in them to be same-race. What is bad about mixed race marriage? Maybe Usain and the girl just like each other. 2. If you want to hear some real racism, ask a few Jamaicans what they think about Indians and Jews etc etc etc.

  92. Jon Morris says:

    kc01713-they are not "your women" mate so too bad. It's the 21st century now so we don't have to be racist bigots or tell people who to marry.

  93. Ciaran Ferguson says:

    Are you talking skin colour or race?

  94. Am a bit surprised that Jamaicans have a racial side. I have a few Jamaican friends who do not see color in friendships/relationships. This is quite shocking to say the least! Life is about choices and if the two are happy, they should be permitted to enjoy themselves without having definitely jealous people speaking over their happiness.

  95. Roisin Kelly says:

    Feeling a bit sorry for your children. There are no "outsiders", we are all just people.

  96. Jon Morris says:

    Why are you supposing that they marry because of race? Why is it so "normal" to default to marrying someone of your own race or colour when you live in a supposedly multi cultural multi racial society?

  97. Jon Morris says:

    I am talking about race, which seems to come down to colour in the USA.

  98. Jon Morris says:

    Joseph C. Miller It seems that it is a Jamaican issue

  99. Jon Morris says:

    Go on then Michael, what are you?

  100. mr bolt can date anyone he wants, it's his business not mine or anyone elses.

  101. let's be clear sir, i am glad i was born a black man in america, i wouldn't have it any other way. i don't want to be white and i certainly wouldn't want to be you. i like myself a lot.

  102. Jon Morris says:

    I think it is kind of a big deal because it means people are separating themselves on arbitrary colour codes. In America you get white people who are part slav, celt, etc etc and they are just "white". So its not really about race, but colour. Kind of different really.

  103. Sandra Robinson says:

    Usain r u insane? What ever makes you happiest buddy, go for it.

  104. Another one bite the dust.

  105. Bigg Manitobski says:

    it's no one's business.

  106. Charley E. says:

    we are a minority in this world and we will always be attacked for our rejection of tribalism and ignorance. thank you for standing up for truth and celebrating difference. Keep shouting out to your man!

  107. Aj Cichelly says:

    @Bigg Manitobski….and to go along with your comments, who gives a tinkers damn….surprised you read that article!!!! If people would stop reading or listening to this type of crap, we wouldn't have our air time on TV filled with ET Tonight and BS shows like that….and I wouldn't have to stand in the line up at the grocery store and read how Katie Holmes stuck a knife in boneheads back…..You getting my drift here?

  108. If love didn't see color or one of my cousins wouldn't have said, "next wife Im getting is gonna be straight from tijuana,mexico", cause they do not talk back. Or my little cousin wouldn't say things like, i do not date "whole black girls" only half, meaning, he only dates bi racial women. If love doesn't see color, why did my Jamaican college friend refuse to date/fall inlove with anyone darker than her because she didn't want dark babies? If love didn't see any color, why did Taye Diggs, mother tell him she knew he would marry a white woman?

  109. Bigg Manitobski says:

    i didnt read the article, i just looked at the picture and figured that was what the story was about

  110. Hey Joe, a better question would be: If Usain Bolt was simply himself and not a superstar, "would this foreign White woman still want him?" Hell no.. They are only after the money. #Reality

  111. Vanessa Ward says:

    Snowbunny? Thought we were getting past the racist bs…can't believe I'm reading an article where people are complaining about a mixed race couple /smh. Iff this article had been written the other way around it would have been branded as racist. /shrugs. It is what it is.

  112. Anthony Stokes says:

    She pulling the Speed right out of him LOL!

  113. He obviously hasn't watched the first Rocky movie where coach Mick said" WOMEN RUIN LEGS!!!!"

  114. Joe Jeremiah says:

    Vatrice George Hahaha

  115. Joe Jeremiah says:

    Vatrice George Hahaha

  116. What a bunch of non-sense. Just as many white men think black women are hot and would love to date some, but as our colors don't mix together a whole lot yet… (tho that's improving) there's not as much opportunity. I dated a very nice black lady back in school, but after graduating never bumped into any again. Doesn't it seem like it's black women who are the most angry here? IMO they should broaden their horizons and not just seek out black men for relationships.

  117. What a bunch of non-sense. Just as many white men think black women are hot and would love to date some, but as our colors don't mix together a whole lot yet… (tho that's improving) there's not as much opportunity. I dated a very nice black lady back in school, but after graduating never bumped into any again. Doesn't it seem like it's black women who are the most angry here? IMO they should broaden their horizons and not just seek out black men for relationships.

  118. Exactly! Well said Joe.

  119. Exactly! Well said Joe.

  120. Tap Wata says:

    if you don't like to see it close your eyes so that they anatomically match your closed mind.

  121. Tap Wata says:

    aother thing, who really check for Usain because of who he is dating. I want to see him break his record 2 or 3 times again to further solidify his legend, and his bank account. ABS staff writer stop stirring the pot.

  122. Anonymous says:

    An utter disgrace. Once again we see that it's just fine for black people to demonstrate a racist attitude toward white people yet if white people made similar comments they'd be pilloried for saying the same thing. When are we going to recognise that not just white people can be racist?

  123. Anonymous says:

    Shame racists, on all sides, drag the rest of us down with their views.

  124. Allan Tarver says:

    Jamaican girls I know have Terrible attitudes….do what's good for u Bolt

  125. I think Bulworth said it best:

    "Everybody just gotta keep f&$*in' everybody 'til they're all the same color!"

  126. I think that is weird. I can understand if a family member (mom, dad, etc) had an issue with it, but why would a total stranger care who you were dating.

  127. Mark Edward says:

    the bottom line is white woman are by far the most attractive females on this planet, every time I go out to a night club all I see is blacks just mobbing white girls, these clubs are predominantly white so I ask myself why do blacks come here? I'm a white man and if I knew a club was predominantly black I would stay far away from it.

  128. Ring a ling a ling..becky sue swing, booyakah!

  129. Laura M Vreeland says:

    Here's the thing. In several years, we will all be beige. No more black, white, yellow or red skins. This world is a melting pot, and when you put us all in and melt us together, we will be beige. I wish I would be alive to see the day. Then what will the racists do?

  130. Don Ramirez says:

    usain bolt dating a white female is ok…calling usain a racist isn't..what if a white woman dates a black man as in the case of seal whom he married heidi klum, would you call it racist? even this article is racist because in the first place there shouldn't be any issue about usain dating a white girl..please, let's stop racism…we're all the same in GOD'S eyes..color is not what we care for, surviving is in our own struggles…

  131. After dating all kinds of women – black, latin, white, indian , asian…I can say there are bad apples in all groups. I'll admit that meeting a black woman with class is possible, but it's like finding a needle in a haystack, and who has the time to look for a needle in a haystack ?

  132. Anonymous says:

    Vatrice George
    How you are a top commenter with silly comments like that, I do not know.
    The church I go to, the background I am from (Nigerian ethnicity, born and raised in the U.K) belies such nonsense. I'm embarrassed that you try to speak on behalf of the "black race" (what a horrible term).
    My wife is Nigerian (born there, came here at the age of 16), is a beautiful black woman – however, if my child came and told me he/she were to marry one from England, Jamaica, India, China etc, so long as they have a solid foundation, WHO CARES how much melanin they have.

    Grow up!

  133. I cant believe this is still an issue! if he were a nobody, no one would give a $h! t! Some of these "date your colour" comments make me disgusted with the human race.

  134. shouldnt matter if u are black or white or who u see

  135. Tru Locs says:

    I see so many sleep walkers… Its the 21st century yes indeed but what really has "CHANGED?" That's such a political word and people cling to it like it breaths life. The 21st century… SIGH! Yes indeed black folks do have "CHOICES" but are we to believe anything have really changed? Most of you'll all brain dead and are walking right back into the situation our ancestors have been just that your mind is enslaved and that's the worst part!

  136. Tru Locs says:

    Chioma Hutchinson … I ask you one question, how do you measure what you supposedly experience from fellow black Jamaican women as abuse? I'm not a psychologist nor a historian but last time I checked ever since colonization and its mental effects there has been a rift among a lot of blacks from various places and usually the reactions of many is to address it with aggression which makes things worst… As a seemingly sensible woman, don't you think its best to meet the alleged abuse with calm and understanding? Read up on the behaviors of people post slavery/colonization and try to understand the effects and how it works, I will stop at nothing to create peace, understanding and harmony among my black brothas and sistas till the very end! Understand yourself and your own first sista.

  137. Tru Locs says:

    Christine just shut up and enjoy your chocolate cake in peace!!!

  138. also this picture is old. he was recently dating that black girl Milan from college hill. everybody relax

  139. Angela Sikorski Dunkley says:

    *puke* Ignorance.

  140. Michelle Kirkwood says:

    What YOU don't get, meesterlang1, is that black women (and black people in general) have always been told in this country that white women are better then them simply BECAUSE they're white, and we were brainwashed into hating EVERYTHING about ourselves during slavery—our hair,our lips,our bodies, everything about ourselves was deemed unattractive compared to white women. White people have shoved that down black people's throats for over 400 years—THAT'S why some people have a problem when a successful brother gets with a white woman, because society has always shoved up in black women's faces that racist bull**** about them being more unattractive because they're NOT white.

    And black men were told that the ultimate symbol to show that you're made it in society is a white woman. THAT'S why some people have a problem with who he chose to be with. I could care less who he's with myself, but I understand where that issue is coming from.

  141. Trophy wife/girlfriend….

  142. Conner Tony
    Lack of good black men has nothing to do with Usain Bolt's situation. The Jamaican women are up in arms because he is internationally famous and he chose Slovakian beauty model over any of them. It has nothing to do with lack of good black men. It has more to do with the identity and self esteem of many jamaican woman. Women are always comparing themselves with others and they feel they need men in their lives to validate their own beauty. When Usain chooses a woman that looks totally different from them it violates theirs senses and pride

  143. Vatrice George
    You are comparing apples to oranges. Anyone who chooses someone based soley on color does not truly love the person, it is only a mental obsession. Love is color blind. Look at the millions of caucasian people in the world who adopt poor unfortunate african children. Are you telling me those adoptive parents do not love their adoptive children.

  144. Yes you make a valid point. The Racism has been shoved in our faces for the past 300 years. However, you and I do not know what Usain Bolt motivations, thoughts, and desires are. I think it is very presumptious for people to say he suffers' from Black Athlete White woman syndrome. Usain Bolt is a successful Jamaican man who has travelled the world. He is not really in the same circle as the average Jamaican woman.

  145. Robert Lynn says:

    See if you can figure it out.

  146. Tony Vella says:

    You're right. White women love to be with the super star rich black guys. I sort of feel sorry for the guy, she's there for the fame and money, that's all.

  147. Asiti Sura says:

    you are right.

  148. Asiti Sura says:

    you are right.

  149. To this day it still amazes me that people think who anyone dates is any of their business to begin with—–MYOB…..

  150. Anonymous says:


  151. Joe Holt says:


  152. Bcinema.TV says:

    Kellymrabbitt- your statement does not make sense. Race doesn't exist. We have decoded the human genome and know this. The only thing that is proven is that there are no race genes and that our phenotypical differences are superficial. Your talk of blood is meaningless. Read Luigi Cavalli-Sforza who works in this area as it relates to blood typing. If you want to discuss cultural differences- fine. But lets be clear that that is not the same thing.

  153. Bcinema.TV says:

    Yeah- that is total hogwash.

  154. Bcinema.TV says:

    @Jon- a racist who has issues and is in denial. Unreal.

  155. I feel sorry for you and your children.

  156. Victoria Araba Adobah I agree.

  157. Stephen D. Bruce says:

    Your black women…u own black women?

  158. Stephen D. Bruce says:

    Seems to me Usain Bolt did'nt need your permission to date or marry who he wanted….mind your own life and stop putting your convictions on other ppl's lives, if she was purple would that be better?

  159. Bruno Gissara says:

    Why the fuss.. who cares who he goes out with, why is colour any concern in a relationship… The idea that a black successful man should only be going out with other black women, and not white women is just as racist as suggesting a white man should only go out with white women… what is the world coming to? Leave the guy alone.. some people need to get a life and mind their own business…

  160. Alvin Davis says:

    there are alot of good black men out there and black women, anyone says other wise are lying. whites are opportunist anybody with money thats what they see and not the color its not import when money is involved. there must not be many good white men because in my state they are all walking up and down the street if you know what i mean or with a black man so , so the white women must not can find a good white man in that case . i am white and telling it like its. neither race is better than the other we just hide everything in the closet

  161. Alvin Davis says:

    you go my sister. so it loud i am black and proud

  162. Alvin Davis says:

    yes. usain got money now so nine times out of ten he will be like OJ Simpson. he want feel complete without one. he thinks with a white woman his life is better and he can do as he please and they would look at him different with a white woman. when she gets into his pocket when she have his baby then things will change. tiger woods wife now that she has money and do not have anything to worry about now that she has money, she will never date a black man or marry one. she got what she wants ( money) thats the motivation

  163. Dossevi Trenou says:

    You are right and this is racism: It does not matter who does it. We are all capable of racism. It's one of the worst curses of the only "race" I know, the human race, our incredible and unique and sometimes awfully dumb human specie.

  164. Tony Graham says:

    who cares! he can date who ever he wants!

  165. Liam Boodhoo says:

    This is unfortunate. No matter which way you look at it, any person criticizing anyone of ethnic origin A dating another of ethnic origin B because of ethnicity is being racist. I'm half English and half Mauritian and my parents had to put up with this crap when they were together. Thank god they didn't let the narrow minded ideas of others affect them otherwise I'd not be here. Difference is, that was more than 30 years ago! Pathetic.

  166. Ben Usaf says:

    Tbf, the two most awesome men I know are both mixed race and likely wouldn't have existed with attitudes like this

  167. Alex Brummitt says:

    To basically accuse him of being a 'race traitor' for associating with who he wants to would not have been out of place in a German newspaper of the late 1930's (sorry for invoking Godwin's Law!)

  168. James Holt says:

    Are these people that stupid and narrow minded that they think racism will solve racism? I couldn't read much as got angry reading it. what an eye opener though, someone even said that he wasn't helping raise their racial profile by dating a white woman! Wow just wow.

  169. Anna Ayles says:

    OMG retards…i thought we lived in 2012…that is such a bad attitude to have

  170. Stuart McKay says:

    I'ma post this later too, pretty sure I wouldn't be on this Planet either if my mum and dad listened to what "they" say…. It doesn't shock me though that's whats sad, I've heard this attitude expressed a lot and rarely if ever challenged.

  171. Alex Brummitt says:

    Well, regardless of the ethnicity of the people that your children end up with, let's all hope that their spelling is better than their bigoted mother.

  172. Date who ever you want…That's what I say! I don't care! If he likes whoever who cares! I am not intimidated about any race! For God sakes it's 2012 and counting not 1860!

  173. Hi Liam be brave Newphen

  174. Nephew am pround of you.

  175. Jasmine N Milo says:

    Well they always say haters are our biggest fans! So I'll just take a minute to say thank you! I'll make sure when I'm rubbing all over my mans sexy mocha skin, to spare a second and give you a shout out! Oohwee its going down tonight! 😉 P.S. why isn't there a picture of you? My guess is somethings are probably best left unseen! Lol!

  176. Michael Chower says:

    might be a downgrade for the offsprings in terms of athletics genes.

  177. rico0732 If a non white guy just happens to click with a white woman, let's say at work for example..and they develop a liking for each other's personalities,ect.. which evolves into a relationship, you would take that as her rejecting the men of her own race ??

  178. You act like black women are always easy to get along with, when you know that's not the case. My ex girl even admitted to me that she argued over little or nothing, and was a 'black woman with bad attitude'..yet she still can't comprehend why I left her for a non black woman ?! I don't know why black women don't get it. Then if black men are attracted to a nice easy going girly acting, drama-free white woman or other non black female, you actually wonder why ?! Not all black females are like that, but from my experience, finding one who isn't like that and has class, is like looking for a needle in a haystack…who in the world has time to look for a needle in a haystack ?? Instead of pointing to black men on that issue, black women need to be pointing to the woman in the mirror.

  179. Crystal Bush says:

    kc01713 They are not your black women, they are no one's. It's disturbing that some black people refer to fellow black people of the opposite sex as our/my guys or women. It's degrading and makes them sound like property instead of human beings with free will.

  180. Osiris Nhine says:

    Black women have a huge problem with black men. It's the Politics.

  181. Fen Gregersen says:

    It's good to see that blacks are just as annoyed and disgusted with race mixing as whites are. You guys have a right to preserve your black race, and we have a right to preserve our white race. May we each go our separate ways in peace.

  182. Mariana Monteiro says:

    Bolt is a 21st century human being, to which race means running and nothing else. Serously, if he was dating Beyonce, these people would still criticise by saying she's not the prototype of a black woman. Who the cares who he's dating? As long as he keeps racing..

  183. Sarah Hill says:

    How sad that still in this day and age, that comments like this are being made, love does not see color, only hate, his succes on the track for his country should be talked about, NOT who he has fallen in love with, I wish them all the luck in the world! from a proud white woman, who lives with a black man!

  184. Joe Moe says:

    in the future everyone will be brown.

  185. Gran Von says:

    With all due respect guys, the problem is that while black men are pursuing women of other races, very few men are pursuing the black women. I ask you to look around and see how many decent, beautiful black women, with good attitudes, education, respectful, spiritual who are single, never married and childless. I noted to a colleague of mine (she's Indian and married to an African), African women take longer to marry and many have children later and usually out of wedlock or for those of us who are more church going we are now dying childless. The ultimate reason is that our men want children with soft hair and we can't force men to pursue us if they don't want us.

  186. Gran Von says:

    That happens so rarely, its merely a blip on the radar. The opposite though is a pandemic. With all due respect guys, the problem is that while black men are pursuing women of other races, very few men are pursuing the black women. I ask you to look around and see how many decent, beautiful black women, with good attitudes, education, respectful, spiritual who are single, never married and childless. I noted to a colleague of mine (she's Indian and married to an African), African women take longer to marry and many have children later and usually out of wedlock or for those of us who are more church going we are now dying childless. The ultimate reason is that our men want children with soft hair and we can't force men to pursue us if they don't want us.

  187. Gran Von says:

    Black men want kids with soft hair and light skin. With all due respect guys, the problem is that while black men are pursuing women of other races, very few men are pursuing the black women. I ask you to look around and see how many decent, beautiful black women, with good attitudes, education, respectful, spiritual who are single, never married and childless. I noted to a colleague of mine (she's Indian and married to an African), African women take longer to marry and many have children later and usually out of wedlock or for those of us who are more church going we are now dying childless. The ultimate reason is that our men want children with soft hair and we can't force men to pursue us if they don't want us.

  188. Gran Von says:

    The truth is that our men want children with soft hair and lighter skin. Its not our attitude or any other excuse that keep our men from pursuing us. They just don't want us or want their kids with our hair. With all due respect, the problem is that while black men are pursuing women of other races, very few men are pursuing the black women. I ask you to look around and see how many decent, beautiful black women, with good attitudes, education, respectful, spiritual and successful who are single, never married and childless. I noted to a colleague of mine (she's Indian and married to an African), African women take longer to marry and many have children later and usually out of wedlock or for those of us who are more church going we are now dying childless. The ultimate reason is that our men want children with soft hair and we can't force men to pursue us if they don't want us.

  189. Gran Von says:

    Marcus Movie Springer, I'm sorry but you are mistaken. Global educational statistics show that girls of African descent are out performing boys of African descent by far. I know because I stats for several Universities and have studied education at the Masters level and had the privilege of seeing these stats myself. Resultantly many black women are more educated than their males are making much, much more money than they are. The thing is that they are not being pursued because they are at the bottom of the social ladder. Why? Their hair and in some cases, their complexion does not help a black man earn 'ranks'. As a male you'd know that the type/kind of woman you have matters. As you said, its attraction and preference and that is why as I do stats on a yearly basis in my own school for our ministry of Education I can tell you that the number of straight haired and mixed-race children (Afircan/others) seems to be increasing. While the African race is dwindling. If you can't choose who you love, African women can't force men to want us or love us.

  190. You said "The truth is that our men want children with soft hair and lighter skin", that's just a baseless assumption to avoid having to look in the mirror

  191. Gran Von says:

    Nope. Its the truth. How do I know? I've heard it from the guys themselves, its based on their attraction and preference. It may not be your case and if so I'm glad. No need to get worked up. We're not making this personal. I look in the mirror everyday and have no prob with myself. Do you see my pic? I do stats each year for my local Ministry of Education and I can tell you that while the number of mixed race children (African/others) and straight-haired children is increasing, the number of children of African descent is becoming less. No assumption here. dealing with facts.

  192. I'm a black guy and you're telling me what my reasons for being open to dating other races ?? lol…And point out where got worked up in my first comment. A ot of blaack men at young ages will date a non black woman at a time when their not even thinking about having kids, so the notion of dating outside the race to have "children with soft hair and lighter skin", is just silly and that thinking is just based on an inferiority complex that a lot of black women have. If some black guys have said that to you, then it's still unrealistic to assume that it applies to all. Looks count, but a level headed guy such as my self want a woman we can get along with..personality is everything.

  193. Gran Von I'm a black guy and you're telling me what my personal reasons are for being open to dating other races ?? lol…And point out where got worked up in my first comment. A lot of black men at young ages will date a non black woman at a time when they're not even thinking about having kids, so the notion of dating outside the race to have "children with soft hair and lighter skin", is kind of silly and that way of thinking is based on an inferiority complex that a lot of black women have. Even if some black guys have said that to you, it's still unrealistic to assume that it applies to all. Looks count, but a level headed guy such as my self value a woman we can get along with..personality is everything.

  194. Gran Von says:

    You see, that's the problem. We like to argue too much with each other. I haven't told you your feelings. I beg the question do I even know you to have such an unwarranted attack launched upon a sister? I have never made this a personal attack on you. I said if you are the exception to the rule that's good. Each rule has an exception. I did say that it may not be your case. Take for example analyze why you are so hostile to me my brother. I have not attacked you personally yet examine your response. I will continue to maintain that if men don't want black women, there is nothing we can do about it. They prefer the others (straight hair – its what they all have in common). Do not convolute this post and make it all about you my dear. I am loving personable and peaceable, no attitude. I also know many other black women like that. Don't make this personal by insulting me or black women or else you would appear to be instigating a fight. Don't abuse me.

  195. lol…you said "Nope. Its the truth. How do I know?" Which is why I asked you are to you telling what my personal reasons are for dating other races of women, how is that directing hostility ?!? See that the problem a lot of women (not just black, but lots of black women) easily mistake a conversation for being an arguement. You can't mention a single insult that I've directed at you, so what are you talking about ? Do you know ?! And you have at least as many comments on here that I have, or more…so like you told me "Do not convolute this post and make it all about you my dear". Problem is lots of black women have convinced themselves that straight hair is better hair, and I don't agree with's just something that makes another group of people different- not better.

  196. Joe Moe says:

    Gran Von you heard it from 2 or 3 guys?

  197. Gran Von says:

    Please explain what you are suggesting by the phrase "to avoid having to look in the mirror" and to whom you are referring since I am the one who made the statement upon which the quote was based on this forum? I have heard it all not from 2 or 3 men in what you suppose may be my microcosm but from many. Black women have bad attitudes, its that hair, many of them are fat and out of shape, they're gold diggers, they aren't submissive, they don't give up sex easily, they give up sex too easily, they're just ugly, other races are more attractive/ eye catching, they don't know how to generate and make, spend, save money, they're stupid, they can't get you far in life, they aren't exciting, they're manly in appearance and attitude and the latest addition is that we argue now as opposed to conversing. There's more. I invite you to read any forum upon which discussions like this exist and it eventually comes out. The bottom line is that our men and those of other races want and pursue us less and less. Surveys have been done several countries showing that many highly educated black women are finding it hard to get married? The suggestion is that we accept other races. The reality is that we aren't pursued. We respond most readily to online matches and get the least responses. What do y'all want us to do? Run down men and then the next addition to the plethora of woes will be that we are aggressive? I know that I don't have a problem with myself ( many women and men have found me very personable for I get along well with everyone). The bottom line is that our men don't want us. They will not help build a better black woman by encouraging her to be better if that's the case.

    The words silly and unrealistic connote that I don't know what I'm talking about and that the statements have popped out of thin air. That's an insult to my intelligence and doing such is hostile especially if it is directed at a particular individual as in this case.

    My point is that we are not wanted. The reason does not matter. Black women are not wanted, desirable, desired women. Has anyone gotten that in this conversation?

  198. Gran Von says:

    May I also add that I speak not of myself nor any individual. I speak generally. As such, to every rule or general statement you will find an exception. I'm glad for those to whom this conversation does not apply.

  199. Gran Von says:

    Rosy, that's exactly what I'm saying. Most other races marry or commit earlier. You can only marry if the other person wants to marry you. When I say African I'm referring to the African diaspora or those of predominantly African descent not the continent or solely those on it.Thus if you examine broader global trends this would indeed hold true. In most societies illegitimate children are a disgrace but thinking on this matter is changing. Those who place more value on having children in marriage choose to remain childless if no man chooses to commit to them. You can't force someone to want to marry you. If marriage isn't a prerequisite to having children, then some women black (and yes a few of other races too) are choosing in increasing numbers to have children without marriage.

  200. Rosy Kaparos says:

    You are absolutely right.

  201. Anonymous says:

    Gran Von who lied to?

  202. Gran Von says:

    This is no lie. There are several statistics to back this up. It may not be your reality but is the truth nonetheless.

  203. Anonymous says:

    Look, some people are racist, some are not. They come in all colors. Bolt should tell those who don't like his white girlfriend to fck off.

  204. Amanda Struz says:

    Conner Tony Maybe the reason black men are looking elsewhere is because of constant problems with the women of their own color! The only reason racism still exists today is because it is kept around by those who dont want to grow the F up and realize that people are simple people. Color has no reason to be part of anything be it a job, relationship or whatever else. You black women say their men want children with softer hair…or lighter skin…big deal….if there is a shortage of anything where you come from..its common sense.

  205. Amanda Struz says:

    rico0732 Did they not teach you anything in school? There is only ONE race on this planet..and its the human race…all others are species.

    As for everyone else complaining here…its nothing to do with color, creed, decisions or whatnot that bothers you…it all boils down to 3 simple words to describe you…YOU'RE ALL JEALOUS…..jealous that those people dating, be it a different shade or not, and you are stuck home alone and very lonely. Its got nothing to do with color at all. Grow up people..and get a life.

  206. JA Paige says:

    I don't care about who that fool dates..what I care about is the phrase 'Black Girl' this Daniel person used. Ah, woman was used to describe the chick this dude was dating wasn't it? I find it interesting and insulting how so many people use this term so often. It's an unconscious slight against Black WOMEN that goes virtually unnoticed.

  207. JA Paige says:

    I don't care about who that fool dates..what I care about is the phrase 'Black Girl' this Daniel person used. Ah, woman was used to describe the chick this dude was dating wasn't it? I find it interesting and insulting how so many people use this term so often. It's an unconscious slight against Black WOMEN that goes virtually unnoticed.

  208. Odehyah Baht Israel says:

    Why are we concerned with Usain Bolt? He's had his moment in the spotlight. Track and field is not a sport that is in the public eye for very long. Once every 4 years we have to see Bolt. So what he does privately is of no interest or concern.

  209. Chunkie Jones says:

    Based on findings from a study conducted at the University of my EYEBALLS fool.

  210. Michelle J. Henderson says:

    Softer hair? Really?

  211. Michelle J. Henderson says:

    Benjamin your an idiot, Vatrice your racist..

  212. Doug Wilder says:

    The guy is an A- hole, If he wasn't famous and rich no one would want to date him.

  213. Gabriel Carrillo says:

    Maybe I'm blind..but I really don't think its anybody's business who he's kissing but come on guys the picture is a fake/…look at the picture!

  214. Gustavo Coronado says:

    just imagine what they would say if the guy turned out to be gay

  215. Mike Kane says:

    The fans welcome the controversy~ Now someone is behind the racist 8-ball!

  216. why are they budging into his private life??? i have to accuse them of reverse bigotry

  217. Anonymous says:

    Where the white women at?

  218. Jasmin DeJesus says:

    He is a man and she is a woman…. they like each other and that is it. Why do people have to turn this into stupid bull sh*t all the time? Seriously? Who cares!

  219. Teila K. Day says:

    Interesting- I think reasonably intelligent men would simply want women with well mannered intelligent guys regardless of their race. In case you didn't realize it, Black Women aren't "yours". I wouldn't pitch a fit if white movie stars and sport personalities started dating Black Women. Why would it concern me? Why does the colour of someone's skin concern you so?

  220. Teila K. Day says:

    Vatrice George… I'd like to know the social, financial and education status of those women who told you that they'd like to have kids with a white man just so their babies can have soft hair. Those are probably the type of women that most educated, grounded, financially stable black men would never date, let alone bring home for their mothers to meet. I'd be embarrassed to have friends like that regardless of their color.

  221. Teila K. Day says:

    Joshua Cartwight at least seems to have a brain… and a decent vocabulary.

  222. Teila K. Day says:

    I'd bet that he'd rather be the attractive black man that he is and all that comes with it. You presuppose that most men of colour would rather be something different. What I gather, is that most men (and women) regardless of their skin colour would not want to trade the skin that they're in.

  223. Teila K. Day says:

    Actually white people, like many other demographics are discriminated against daily, though discrimination against people of colour is more prevalent due to white people being the majority. If the U.S. was 80% Chinese or Mexican, you'd see white people discriminated against far more often. It isn't rocket science and you don't have to have a PhD in sociology to figure that out 😉

  224. Gran, I have no idea if that is correct or not and in today's world you do see more couples that are mixed, but I still believe that most couples are still same racegroup (whatever you want to call it) People do tend to be with people they are more comfortable with but of course that is a generalization. Like i said before the only people who should have a say is a persons family and friends. Outside of those people, what business is it of anyone who they date

  225. There is only one RACE. The HUMAN race. Happy birthday John Lennon. Imagine. A world without labels.

  226. Pierre Henry says:

    Vatrice love has no colour if you think it does i would like you to show my all in the colours in its pallet. Its the people who attach colour to love who thinks it has such a quality.

  227. Patrick Tyrone Hightower says:

    what does that have to do with anything! Nobody was talking about A.A!

  228. Jon Morris says:

    Globalization is gonna make that pretty hard to achieve, love. Can't stop history.

  229. Jon Morris says:

    If that photo is real I can't believe men are not interested in you church or no church!

  230. By "broaden" I mean not just color, but weight, age, etc. Way too many picky people out there. I know people who are so picky, they've spent years as lonely singles… but hey, maybe that's what they really want? But if you don't want to be single and lonely, don't be so damn picky! : ) Look for people with similar interests. Get involved in a hobby and meet people that way.

    As for race… ain't no race but the human race. Someday we'll all realize that.

  231. He doesn't look he's suffering. Me on the other hand…

  232. Samuel Bull says:

    look at them big ol jungle lips. reminds me of a joke on how you babysit one of them.

  233. That's life nowadays amongst most black guys. They got 22 hav a white woman as 2 say

  234. That is d way nowadays amongst most black guys as if 2 say black women r not good enough. No, u r not good enough 4 us. I bet ur goin 2 pay their way & there will be no domestic violence, & she (d white woman) dont hav 2 worry about d nig+* takin care of d mixed kids. They believe they r gods wen they r wit white women. Stupidity @ it's highest level. I dont make money 2& hav u

  235. Daniel h., that hasnt happen. Keep ur comment.

  236. Anonymous says:

    I ain't mad at him…if she treat you good and there is no Drama, Man do your thang!

  237. my black women? you really have no idea, do you! There are men and there are women and then there are small minded people who turn CULTURE (because race is a flawed and misused concept) and color into a them versus us issue. What on earth are you trying to say? Save the poor black woman from the evil white man? Don't mix the blood? Don't date outside the race? I've heard all these arguments from small minded racists who think they're doing something noble. Well, I love my wife, my beautiful guyanese wife and she loves her husband. And she loves it that I'm white although it doesn't really make any difference to me or her – I'd love her for who she is. Travel out of your parochial little patch and actually talk to some people of a different colour. You might learn something instead of wasting pixels making stupid statements.

  238. Rudy Joseph says:

    Total non issue. People are like 3000+ years too late to be complaining about people who date "outside their race."

  239. Terry DeWitt says:

    did you ever consider that your Jamaican college friend was/is just plain "NUTS."

  240. Iyana Burke says:

    Black people (especially Jamaicans) do care because we know how greedy and disgusting some white women can be!! Anyway, that woman is history!! Thank God!!

  241. Travis Autry says:

    Soon as she get knock up she gone

  242. Anonymous says:

    The Black Star is becoming more racist than FOX News, you know… white is a color too. Why give the space to some "fellow black Jamaicans" just to cause a stir (I suppose transparent is a problem too).
    Shame on you this time BlackStar!

  243. so this disproves the theory once you go black you never go back.

  244. Cal Tecke says:

    so this is 2012.

  245. Anty Gravity says:

    Very sad how Dirk Nowitzki just married a beautiful Kenyan woman & everyone wishes him well. Yet, here so many stand against Bolt dating a white woman. The simple fact is more black men end up marrying outside of their race because they are more open to it then Black woman. Most black woman won't give a man outside of her race the time of day. You might want to stop blaming others for your lack of interest in men of other races.

  246. Anonymous says:

    He will soon have sued and broke white woman complex like all blacks do eventually, when his money is gone he will have to back to getto stank.

  247. Anonymous says:

    Most white woman with black men are fat, ugly, rejected and only in it for the money if they are attractive.

  248. D Beth Dixon says:

    Gran Von It's simple blackmen have been brainwashed to the effect that white women are superior and special and most of all validates those blackmen who have very low self esteem from being black. It's that simple..albeit a few date and marry for the right reasons…but too often is the case it is for the wrong reasons, because they can,( Entertainers, Athletes,) and it will possibly open doors to them economicall/socially that otherwise would have been closed to them…STATUS SYMBOL.

  249. D Beth Dixon says:

    If you really want to see where colorism is at it's highest apex , travel to Brazil where soccer players , whom are very dark skin; as soon as they sign a contract, they marry a white woman that would not have given them the time of day if they did not have zillions, so don't give me that crap about dating and falling in love irregardless of color.( maybe a few). Black men have been deliberately brainwashed to revere white women and a Eurocentric look to keep us divided. Many (dark-skinned) blackmen feel inferior about being dark skinned and it shows up in their preference for lighter skinned women on a consistent basis and choosing white women all together. I never had any trouble dating at all because 9 out of 10 dark skin sucessful black men chased me down,(light skinned) I was an ornament that represented and validated their personhood. It took me a long time to figure that out but I now know. And guess what, If a white man dates a black woman which I have, she most likely will be light skin and have Eurocentric features as well. "Halle Berry".

  250. D Beth Dixon says:

    No white people adopting black babies are the new sensation and the new rage if they have the money..or haven't you heard .

  251. D Beth Dixon says:

    That self-hate was deliberately crafted by the slave masters to divide the race, and what a darn good job he did. Read the book, The Makings of a Slave.

  252. D Beth Dixon says:

    No white woman is as femine as I or my other gorgeous sisters of various shades and different hair textures. Hog wash. Your view is the typical european view that preposes that white women are superior to any other race of women on earth. And the sad state is that your race and blacks(men) in general beleive it.

  253. Iyana Burke says:

    shut up!!

  254. Anty Gravity says:

    Make Me

  255. Anty Gravity says:

    Patrick Tyrone Hightower : I tell them all the time. Everytime we have a company function & I hear anyone, white or black complaining of not finding the so called "one for them". I tell them, well if you would simply open your eyes, you would see better. When you decide to date only one race, you cut yourself off from so many other posibilities & opportunities.. So many claim to be looking for love, well love doesn't have a color, so it's going to be hard to find what your really looking for..

  256. Anonymous says:

    I suppose that the main reason successful black men like Usain Bolt date white women is because it makes them feel superior against white men but at the end of the day they're still negroes and their women would more likely divorce them and go white again like that ugly scar face singer Seal. In P.R we have a refrain: aunque el mono se vista de seda, mono se queda. Translation: a monkey dressed in silk is still a monkey. We can't change who we are.

  257. I totally agree. I never understood why people felt that why.

  258. Would his slovak girlfriend give him the time of day if he wasn't a superstar.

  259. Poet Laureate says:

    Joe Tyger ; do you know if Ussain dated black women before he became rich and famous? Furthermore, did he date white women before he became rich and famous. and let's suppose, he wanted to date white women but had no luck because he hadn't reach that status yet, so he stays with the black woman. Then he reaches a level of stardom and now the white women are all over him so he dump the black woman for the white woman. He wants to fit in with the society of the rich and famous, just like all rich black athlete men. It's an identity issue that's starts in the homes and up to the parents, especially mothers to teach our young black men that there is nothing wrong with choosing a black woman for a soul mate although we all have the free choice to date/marry who we want in this world but sometimes it leads to heartache and heartbreaks! Especially when the money goes away…..

  260. Poet Laureate says:

    Christopher Mumby ; do you ever think about the abuse of many of those children who are adopted into those white homes?

  261. Poet Laureate says:

    Bryant Anderson ; amen to that!

  262. Poet Laureate says:

    D Beth Dixon ; so true; i think it starts with the mothers teaching our sons the importance of their black history

  263. Lesley Nicole says:

    Wow! Jasmine that was well versed, direct, yet polite. Check!

  264. Lesley Nicole says:

    I think what Daniel said was cool, because he is a white man. Black women should broaden their horizons, but the options aren't the same for black women as they are for black men. Some white women who would be top shelf to a black man, would be passed over by a white man. And though white men are I believe equally attracted to black women, it hasn't been and still isn't as socially acceptable for them to marry perhaps their lovers, or mistresses because marriage in certain circles is about business, culture or religion, often people are more faithful to their culture, religion and traditions, than love. The world loves to pick and pull pieces of our heritage to glue on themselves, we lack the same admiration white men, other cultures have for our blackness. Full lips, curves and hips, thick hair, everyone can appreciate something from another culture, I just wish we would appreciate our own beauty. Love who you love, and if it's not your business respect peoples choices, just don't be afraid of getting what you want, if its about compatibility, connection, chemistry and having things in common.

  265. Lesley Nicole says:

    I'm super late but I think Vatrice put it out there. Benjamin is right in terms of the lower percentage of wealthy black men that date white women, actually the higher percentage would go to the white women that are supporting the down and out black man, thus not having any other options. So I guess it goes both ways…

  266. Lesley Nicole says:

    How did I get on this page… it's heated… yeah Michael your right… he is still a black man. I can't speak for the black man, but I can only imagine, being just as good, or better than most white men, and not getting the credit, be talked down to, exploited, having their women in higher positions and social status. If I were a black man, that got out of the rat race, that excelled beyond all this very real racism, I might just go get me the prettiest white woman I could find, to say.. two fingers down. I think a lot of them do it just to piss guys like you off. In the old days white woman would have to creep around for the old black buck, now they can just be out all day, in your face making babies with the black man… I think I feel differently about the entire thing now… It seems everyone has territorial issues with their race, we own our choices nothing more.

  267. The reason why white people don't like black people is because they think black people don't like them. I am a black man and I have very close, genuine friends of all races. I love my wife very much and would love her equally if she was as white as snow or as black as coal. Love has no color. Racism is evil in any form. Please leave Usain and his girlfriend alone. Their attachment to each other should never be the subject of the harsh comments printed in this forum. Good luck Usain.

  268. Sum this all up, it the Willie lench sidrom, wake up people

  269. Anty Gravity says:

    So you really think soft hair has something to do with it.!! WOW

  270. Frank Mercuri says:

    Moving on up.

  271. Frank Mercuri says:

    Black men find white women to be more desirable. Why is that a surprise?

  272. Frank Mercuri says:

    Intelligent? He runs for money.

  273. Frank Mercuri says:

    Love has no colour but somehow it makes a difference when it comes to bone marrow transplants and deseases like Syckle cell. That and the fact that the child comes out black. It leads to the death of a race.

  274. White people have actually disowned their own family member for crossing the color line- I've seen it firsthand…all of this was started by white people and now blacks are "catchin up"….

  275. Hopefully Daniel….Hopefully…

  276. Bolt is one ugly MoFu, she could have done much better.

  277. Linda Diane says:

    I find that a lot of black men are attracted to white women , because in slavery times they were not allowed to have a white woman so that has always been their dream, and it has passed on from generation to generation. Sorry just saying!

  278. This is not just a black man issue, its a black women issue also its just the way it is, when most of the Black people be it man or woman that achieve world wide status a lot of them date outside their race. We men just get the most publicity and criticism about it.Black men are always criticized the most in whatever it is. A lot of brothers have dated sisters and once they started dating women of other races and they decided to stick with it.This is about money and status a lot of black women feel that money and status should with them. Its not about race don't be fooled Black women are upset because its the Black men that Have the Money and the Status that get with the white woman.They don't care about the normal everyday brother.

  279. Gariell Singer-songwriter says:

    Why is that supposed to be an issue to a point of talking about? It is shown we're still living among ignorant people! Black women should (not stereotyping) stop bitching! Every one has the right to choose their own destiny with no judgement followed. He chose to be with an opposite sex he is attracted to. It's not about black and white. it's about right and wrong and there is nothing wrong choosing who you want to be with. I believe we should stop making the difference between black and white etc… I agree with Daniel Hutnicki, it would be called racist if white people start complaining because a white athlete is dating a black person. This has to stop!

  280. Michelle Mack says:

    what the hell is white woman complex??

  281. Gariell Singer-songwriter says:

    Idea that illiterate people invent.

  282. Vatrice, whats sad is the way a lot of sisters want it both ways, There are a lot of sisters who do the same thing, but its ok when a paula patton,eve,kelly roland,michellek,etc date white men, but when brothers do it its a problem, Sisters want to be strong and tell you like it is, but a lot of men like feminine women and a lot of sisters arent as feminine as other women and the most feminine women get us men.A lot of black women think being submissive and letting a man take charge is weak and will fight you tooth and nail, where as other women have no problem doing it a lot of times its like youre in competition with your woman. For some Black men its just less stress.

  283. A better question would be "Are these skanks suffering from Gorilla fever"?

  284. Paul Snipes says:

    Wow…..none of my business. Why is it even an issue on here?

  285. Sandra Jaffe says:

    What about all the white men that go after Asian women? Should white women start complaining?

  286. Anonymous says:

    Omg its just a colour.
    I date Black, White and Asians.
    Its a shame how the world is today.
    This is not a serious issue.
    So stop with the ignorance.

  287. why the hell you even called marcus cause you sure as hell ain acting like your name sake….telling me to forget 250 million plus deaths,loss of land,dignitry,pride and one stoops that low and you be telling us to get ovwer it its 2012 .ha!why not go and goole the no of incercarations of blacks and discrimination based on race so you find a commonsense ground to try to be humane and noe black..

  288. Anonymous says:

    Dirk Nowitzki in a tradition African wedding wearing a dashiki should tell you enough about our racial harmony and CHOICE!

  289. Anonymous says:

    Gran Von NEVER…believe and state government statistics as gospel. They are the spinmasters that have you all confused. Black -white and indifferent!

  290. Marcus Springer, a Black man that knows his history cannot bring about his own destruction using the pretexts given to him by the white race that he shouldn't like those features that distinguish him. He makes no such allowances for the colonization of his mind.

    A man who professes that history is an illusion best forgotten, is a man that has no future. This is a man that will continued to be dominated by those that have plans for him.

  291. Joe Tyger, You are completely wrong about it being acceptable to enjoy the 'individualistic' ideology of Western culture. If you are not a part of your own system, you are a part of someone else's system.

    And a Black man who ignores his system will bring about his own destruction in lending himself to western system. Within this white system he comes to hate the ethnic features that distinguish him and he seeks to wash them away. A man who abides by his own system's code of ethics, makes no such allowances for the colonization of his mind.

    This young man is reverberating a very destructive message about what it means in his nation to have status. What makes a good man is being able to achieve a certain status. In Western systems, higher status is reserved for Western people. Haiti was a wealthy sugar producing economy until they gained their freedom, then no one wanted their sugar anymore and they have been impoverished ever sense (and with poverty comes crime). Such is the global system of white supremacy. That is their system and they follow its code. If we don't have our own code, we will drown in theirs.

  292. This young man is reverberating a very destructive message about what it means in this nation to have status. If you are not a part of your own system, you are a part of someone else's system.

  293. Jamel Wright says:

    Gran Von Save that ish! I met and married my wife not because she was white. I married her because we shared good times, had lots in common and genuinely care about each other. We fight, like all couples, but we always work stuff out. This isn't black/white, it's human/common sense. Love knows no color, gene or strand of hair.

  294. Jamel Wright says:

    Conner Tony well, black women have a nasty habit(along with most women) with passing up good black guys in favor of monkeys who sex them and treat them like trash.

    I waited quite a long while for women to get their ish together, but they were not worth my time.

    It's hard enough to find someone who will respect you, the last thing you need to do is limit yourself in this world. Life is short.

  295. Jamel Wright says:

    You rock, Ara!

  296. This is ridiculous. I'm Black. I like White women, but I don't discriminate. I also like Black women, Asian women, Hispanic women, and the list goes on. I've dated a lot of White women and Black women always get mad or have negative comments… Black women who have no interest in me when I'm single. We are not "yours" because we are black men. We don't belong to anyone but God and we can date whoever we are attracted to. Btw, I've attempted to date several Black women that reject me or make it almost impossible to get with them, especially if they look good. Or once I got around them, they thought so highly of themselves and I couldn't even enjoy myself because they were looking for me to impress them, instead of just enjoying themselves and my company. My ex was white and she used to get crap from white people about dating me. So everybody is hating from the outside of other people's happy relationships. If he loves a white woman, why is there a problem? Nobody would care if he was broke and had a White woman. They'd be congratulating him. lol and smh at this racist world.

  297. I don't know about your comments. But the article is clearly referring to him having a white women complex. Just so you know dating someone who is of similar social status/money as you is common. He obviously just associated her with his level. If a powerful Jamaican black woman wanted him and they clicked he'd be with her. But he doesn't want a groupie he got with someone at his current level however their relationship won't last because his riches are temporary being that he is an athlete. Women in general white or black don't want to support a man, so he better find other avenues.

  298. Misty Moonsilver says:

    wait…. There are black women with similar social status/money….wtf

  299. Thats what I said. I just said that his perception + lack of single black women in his country is what affected it. Remember this Slovakian girl lives in Jamaica

  300. Les Redmon says:

    "The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God." 1 Corinthians, chapter 1.

  301. Troy Whitmore says:

    Wat makes u think tha boltster is gonna fuck up his cash?

  302. It surprised me to read your comments guys…fascinating subject….hopefully this debate will help some people understand that we are one human race…Peace and love.

  303. Phyllis Holmes says:

    Gran Von – I am a black woman married to a black man; but I think you need to get out of the US. Black women are considered exotic in most European countries. I spent over 2 years in Germany and it is a black woman's paradise. Additionally, you might want to check the stats on your assumption, there are more interracial couples female to male than there are male to female. We have arrived.

  304. Keith Ponder says:

    I don't care one way or the other today because I use to date White women and I know where their anger comes from. The South is filled with graves of Black men that were either sleeping with White women or accused of just looking at White women. Any of you know the story about Emmit Till? While in college and professional sports, I date beautiful White women that didn't want anything to do with Black people outside of sports. Our presence angered White men and Black women.I was always fighting White guys who disapproved. It hurt my professional career.Sometimes the love is real and a lot of times, Black athletes get involved in inter-racial relationship for validation and approval.I love Usain Bolt and I hope he's happy but I also know for a fact that if he wasn't the fastest man on the planet, that woman would not be giving him the time of the day. I don't knock inter-racial relationships, I just grew out of it.Only 1 out of every 4 Black men are considered to be available to Black women. Out of the other 3, 1 is incarcerated, 1 is gay and the other is unemployed. This is what angers some Black people about inter-racial dating. There's a shortage of good Available Black men today in America.Some Black athletes don't want to be troubled with issues that sometimes come along with their own women. The insecurity and income opportunity can allow them to feel superior to the own sisters. That the truth and it's said. I am not anti-White but today, I have a deep loved for my troubled race. Our hope for survival as a people will only come from within. Some people don't care about that. I do. Today, I'm in a monogamous marriage with a Jamaican woman and I'm raising a strong Black woman as a daughter. My neighbors are White and they love us.

  305. Keith Ponder says:

    I don't care one way or the other today because I use to date White women and I know where their anger comes from. The South is filled with graves of Black men that were either sleeping with White women or accused of just looking at White women. Any of you know the story about Emmit Till? While in college and professional sports, I dated beautiful White women that didn't want anything to do with Black people outside of sports. Our presence angered White men and Black women.I was always fighting White guys who disapproved. It hurt my professional career.Sometimes the love is real and a lot of times, Black athletes get involved in inter-racial relationship for validation and approval.I love Usain Bolt and I hope he's happy but I also know for a fact that if he wasn't the fastest man on the planet, that woman would not be giving him the time of the day. I don't knock inter-racial relationships, I just grew out of it.Only 1 out of every 4 Black men are considered to be available to Black women. Out of the other 3, 1 is incarcerated, 1 is gay and the other is unemployed. This is what angers some Black people about inter-racial dating. There's a shortage of good Available Black men today in America.Some Black athletes don't want to be troubled with issues that sometimes come along with their own women. The insecurity and income opportunity can allow them to feel superior to the own sisters. That's the truth and it's really sad. I am not anti-White but today, I have a deep loved for my troubled race. Our hope for survival as a people will only come from within. Some people don't care about that. I do. Today, I'm in a monogamous marriage with a Jamaican woman and I'm raising a strong Black woman as a daughter. My neighbors are White and they love us. Again, I don't knock who others date. White women treated me really good, but Black women need strong Black men like myself and I hate seeing how Black men treat Black women today. Getting them pregnant and leaving them because they don't want to be grow up be responsible. The people in Jamaica that are angry are the people the raised Usain Bolt and helped in becoming who he is today. Now they feel not good enough and abandon. Whether I agree or not isn't relevant. What is relevant is that I understand.

  306. Keith Ponder says:

    Gran Von isn't putting African women down. She's simply being brutally honest and most people don't want to hear the truth.

    Phyllis,why should she have to get out of the U.S.Running from our problems over to Europe is not the solution. How can you say "we have arrived"? Black men and women arriving separately is impossible. No other race of are even foolish enough to think that. 'We have arrived"? Poverty is at an all time high in America today and Black women are catching the worst of it. How is raising 2-3 children on a minimum wage income or food stamps considered to be "Arrived" ? Yes we do have Black athletes and entertainers that are millionaires today, but Black people as a whole are suffering. Phyllis, with all due respect to you, it sounds like you've got a real bad case of denial.

  307. Keith Ponder says:

    Ara,Love has no color but hatred does. This country just barely avoided a fiscal cliff that might possibly brought on the worst depression that we'll ever see simply because a racist GOP did not want to deal with President Barack Obama. Instead, the president had to send in Joe Biden, a White man, his VP to negotiate with Harry McConnell. I truly admired your utopian ideals but I don't think that some of you have lived long enough to say that you've experienced the reality of the United States of America. We have a race problem. I was involved in inter-racial relationships all through my life up until 10 years ago. She didn't hate Black women but she damn sure felt that she was superior to them. I don't knock inter-racial relationships but I'm often disturbed behind the purpose and intent behind most of them and please don't try to call me a racist because to this day still, even though I'm happily married to a sister, I can honest say that out of all of them women that I was involved with or slept with through, high school, college and professional football, only 5 or 6 of them were Black. White women loved me and the sad part about it is that most of them really wanted nothing to do with Black people. They used to try to tell me that I was different. I still think that a lot of White women are beautiful but when the smoke clear and I was mature enough to acknowledge my purpose and answer to my calling I had to settle down with a Black woman. She needed me more than any White woman could have. I couldn't see myself with my wife today. I thanked my mother, grandmothers, aunts and sisters for all that they instilled in my while growing by bringing home a Black woman. You need to go and see Django. That man loved his woman so much that he was willing to walk back through hell to save her. It takes a strong Black man to want to uplift his woman today. Most of us really don't want to be bothered with each other anymore because of lack of knowledge and self hatred. I had my pick of the litter. I know what I'm talking about.

  308. How ridiculous ! Why is anyone looking at colour ? Talking about her taking his money, fix up and stop hating !

  309. Gail Pegues says:

    In 2013 what exactly is the issue?

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