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Eva Mendes Opens Up About Childhood Bullying

Eva Mendes is arguably one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood right now but like many people, she was bullied when she was a kid. In an interview with Showbiz Tonight, she admitted that from 7th to 9th grade she was bullied by another girl.

“I would just try to make myself smaller inside. It was torture,” said Mendes. She described how she was scared to go to her parents or school officials because she did not want to make it worse. “I literally had to deal with it on my own and it took me two years to figure out how to do that,” she recalled.

The turning point for Mendes was when the bully tried to mess up new shoes she had received from her mother, who was working two jobs at the time. “She stomped on my feet so hard and that didn’t even bother me because I could take that but I looked down and I saw my mother’s beautiful little face,” she said. This caused Mendes to confront the bully and from that day, the girl didn’t bother her again.

Mendes shared this story during an interview to promote her movie Girl in Progress in which she stars as a single mom to a teenaged girl. According to Showbiz Tonight, the movie touches on bullying.

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