Gingrich Officially Pulls Plug On Lifeless Campaign


The last holdout for the Republican nomination for the Presidency, Newt Gingrich, bowed out, too, on Wednesday. Finally. Poor primary results and a growing wave of support of Mitt Romney made it clear weeks ago that Gingrich had no shot of winning the bid.

And when Gingrich campaign reported more than $4 million in losses, remaining in the race seemed to be fueled by pure stubbornness – or hope for a miracle.

Gingrich’s concession is almost a political after thought, as the media has already gone on to proposing potential vice-presidential candidates to run alongside Romney this November. After thanking his supporters via his website, Gingrich vowed to work against the “genuine disaster” that would result should President Barack Obama be re-elected.

The former candidate did not offer any support of Romney, choosing to omit his rival from his message.

With Romney no longer facing any obstacles within his own party, the next major step will be the 2012 Republican National Convention in August, where he will no doubt officially be named the GOP presidential candidate to oppose President Obama.

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