Vera Farmiga & Andy Garcia To Star In 'Admissions'

Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia will come together for the romantic dramedy Admissions according to a Deadline report.

The Adam Rodgers romantic comedy stars Garcia and Farminga who will play two strangers whose spontaneous romance sparks  while taking their children to tour the same small college.

Farmiga’s character, Edith, is a free-spirited single mom while Garcia’s character, George, is an uptight surgeon.  The pair would not have otherwise connected had it not been for each other’s children, so they skip the rest of the walking tour to spend the day together.

Glenn German is credited with co-writing the script with Rodgers, whose last directing effort, The Response, was nominated for Best Live Action Short Film at this year’s Oscars.

Admissions is not to be confused with the upcoming Paul Weitz comedy movie titled Admission, whose title is not pluralized.


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