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Jennifer Williams Lawsuit Sparks Basketball Wives Reunion Boycott

The reunion for season four of Basketball Wives is in jeopardy after Jennifer Williams decided to file a lawsuit against Nia Crooks, her former friend and Evelyn Lozada‘s assistant. After Monday night’s episode aired Jennifer revealed her decision to file the lawsuit. While Nia is not an official cast member she’s received the support of all the ladies. Perhaps it was one thing for Jennifer to file a lawsuit and another to hold a press conference as she did this morning with her lawyer and claim emotional distress after the open hand face slap.

“Williams claims she is still suffering from a whiplash-like neck injury and post traumatic stress stemming from the slap, which was seen in the episode that aired Monday.”

“Whiplash”??? Reportedly much of the cast believes Jennifer’s claims are BS since she made it to filming everyday following the incident.

Williams remains adamant insisting that she was humiliated by the experience.

“It’s humiliating. I get anxiety just thinking about it. She hit me with her open hand on my cheek. I’ve never been hit in my life.”

Should Jennifer Williams continue with her lawsuit?

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0 thoughts on “Jennifer Williams Lawsuit Sparks Basketball Wives Reunion Boycott

  1. Brenda says:

    FYI whiplash symptoms can inflate days even weeks after the initial injury itself. Why do you think most people who are in minor car accidents refuse medical attention…….because they don’t feel the affects right then. Damaged nerves get irritated over time and in Jen’s case it’s a typical late on set of whiplash.
    Jen go forward with your lawsuit. I simply believe this Nia character was used as a mule because Evelyn and the rest of the coward crew were too chicken to do the dirty work themselves. They’re ALL goning to get what’s coming to them. Evelyn will NEVER walk down the isle with Ocho, Shaunie will be dumped for a younger chick…SOON and the rest will crumble and fall into the shadows of jumpoff has beens!

    Watch what I tell you!

    1. Diamond,Crystal,China says:

      My heart goes out to Jennifer ,whom is classy,beautiful,wealty,and a real basket ball wife. she has had drinks thrown in her face,slapped inthe head with a purse and slapped in the face by a bunch of molested ,fatherless , childbarriers without marriage lesbians. Jenneifer you must sue Shanie, Evelyn, Tammie, Sussie and the b freind of Evelyn. jennifer has done nothing to these women but showed dignity and class. Shanie has no Class got lucky now has someones babyboy around her thick daughter , Evelyn is so ugly, her body is so worn and use looking as her daughrter, they will both have to sleep with ocho , thatis what Evelyn want all the girls to do look at the way she look at the new girls and then fight . Sussie is very jelous of dark skin intelegent women SUSSIE IS THE BIG SNAKE OF THE SHOW. Jen sue all of the shehe’s. WE hope the show goes off ASAP. DISGRASS TO ALL WOMEN

  2. Dajournalist says:

    YEs. She should absolutely file suit. She has a right to film a show and promote her wares whatever they may be) without some crazy hoodrat jumping over tables, slapping her with a pocketbook or open hand. That bish coulda hit me with a feather and I would have fell down and stayed down.

  3. lisa says:

    Evelyn needs to sit her tired @ss down… Didnt Tammy want to sue Evelyn over the T-shirts???? So I think all these ladies are fakes and like to keep drama going all the time…. Jen please stay away from all these ladies because they all are back stabbers including flair nose Shaunie…. To old to be acting like they are still in high school….

  4. Minnies2cent says:

    We are all held accountable for our actions…..just because others are from a place of fight and nothing is done about it doesn’t make it right….as long as they are able to put their hands on people without reprecussion they will continue to do so.

  5. michelle says:

    Jennifer is such a Classy Lady and the lawsuit is past due. Nia had no right to slap Jennifer across the face,so, when you make a conscience decision to slap somebody, put your big girl panties on and take what comes with it. Evelyn has animalistic behavior. A lawsuit should have been filed when she threw that bottle at Kenya. She is crazy, Tami is MESSY, Shaunie has sold her dignity for a dollar and i am so disappointed in her. Go, Jennifer,.continue being a lady.

  6. egemain says:

    as usual Evelyn pumped Nia up to fight, between Evelyn and Tammy instigating asses, If I was Jennifer I would have forgotten being a lady for 10 minutes and whooped that ass. And Evelyn why did you leap over the table after the fight was over. From the looks of it you were assaulting her too. They need to take this show off because, you might as well pull up youtube and fights. This how ghetto this show is. And Shaunie don’t look so innocent you started the whole BS by first hoping up about what you heard.

  7. Sue says:

    I wish I could get on the show. I got four other friends that would get these whoes in ine. If they want to get ghetto then thats what they would get. Tammi is just mouth and it take liqour to get her going, my friend E will handle her with that. My sister will beat the breaks off Evenyln ass and if the others want some I got someone forthem to. Stop acting and bring those whore to MaconGA.

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