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Michael Douglas Makes His Acting Return In Upcoming Film 'Last Vegas'

Michael Douglas has signed on to play in the upcoming comedy film Last Vegas.

Last Vegas centers around a group of four retired men, who are called upon for a Las Vegas bachelor party by their friend. The friend, after years of being a ladies man, is finally settling down and marrying a woman half his age. Subsequently, the comrades, who are all in their 60s, head to Las Vegas for the bachelor party for the only single man left in their group.

Douglas will play the ladies man who’s planning to finally tie the knot.  While they’re in Vegas, he and his friend are also able to settle an old riff which developed when they were younger.

Back in August 2010, Douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer. He took a break from acting to fight the disease, and reported in January of this year that he was cancer free.

Last Vegas was written by Dan Fogelman and will be directed by Jon Turteltaub. CBS will produce the film.

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