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Beyonce Releases New Tumblr Photos And Sings To Baby Blue Ivy

UPDATE-Beyonce Knowles has since returned from a family vacation/wedding anniversary celebration in St. Barts with Jay-Z and their baby Blue Ivy Carter but new pictures have since emerged.

While in the states Beyonce is known for covering up Blue Ivy with various blankets while out in public. Away from the prowling paparazzi in France Beyonce clearly felt more relaxed. In a couple blurry photos the new mom is seen cooing at her 3-month old with Jay-Z’s over sized boombox in the background. We’re guessing she’s singing ‘Halo’. What song do you think Beyonce is singing to Blue Ivy?

Update: Beyonce tumblr is updated! The Single Ladies singer kept her promise and released more beautiful photos just two weeks later. The pictures are included with Blue Ivy pictures from St. Barts. Check them out below!

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3 thoughts on “Beyonce Releases New Tumblr Photos And Sings To Baby Blue Ivy

  1. Arlene says:

    I think she’s singing “rock a by baby on the tree top”

  2. VIRGINIA says:

    Chilren are a blessing from God. Whenever you see a bird, feed that’s life. iT’S great for Beyonce and Jayz to come up with a name based upon God’s little creatures, the bird Blue-jAY. That’s where the name come from, joined together with daddy Jay-Z’s name. It beautiflu, just like the parents. When Noah build the Ark, he sent the sparrow out. When it didn’t return he knew it was life.

    Blessing to the entire family.

    Virginia Sanders, Memphis, Tennessee

  3. Brenda says:

    Trust me, she’s not showing off her nail art that’s straight up illuminati “All seeing Eye” symbolism! Wake up people!

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