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ABC Family Acquires 'Hunger Games' TV Rights

ABC Family is hoping to cash in on the success that the record-setting Hunger Games franchise is having. Over the weekend, the company has acquired the after rights to the Lionsgate film.

The movie just claimed the third highest-grossing opening weekend of all time, which just opened with $155 million at the North American box office($216 World Wide) this past weekend.

“This tremendous opening weekend reinforces what we have already learned — a powerful heroine, themes of romance and iconic characters will keenly resonate with our Millennial audience,” says ABC Family president Michael Riley. “This franchise will continue to enhance our network for years to come.”

Lionsgate president of worldwide television Jim Packer adds: “With its exciting programming lineup and the ongoing expansion and diversification of its core demo, we believe that ABC Family is the perfect home for The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, and we expect these first two installments of our franchise to resonate with audiences for many years.”

ABC Family and Lionsgate deal includes the TV rights to the upcoming second movie in the Hunger Games franchise, Catching Fire. The Hunger Games will begin airing on ABC Family in 2014.

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