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Lionsgate 'The Hunger Games' Record Breaking Opening Night

The Hunger Games takes a commanding lead in the box office shattering multiple records for Lionsgate. Based on Suzanne Collins popular teen sci-fi novels The Hunger Games opened at midnight on Friday morning to a record setting $19.7 million. With that one day of box office profit, The Hunger Games is Lionsgate’s sixth highest grossing film in the history of the company.

At the end of Friday The Hunger Games grossed another $48.5 million, totaling a staggering $68.2 million. That makes The Hunger Games the fifth highest grossing movie opening in America, in addition to fifth highest grossing day one in America

Lionsgate can credit their success on their unusual marketing campaign that’s proven so successful. The studio adapted the strategy of not showing any images of the scenes. “Fans don’t know what the action is in the film” – all the interest invested into the movie was done without actually seeing the movie. For many fans all they needed was the iconic flaming mocking jay symbol, which kicked off the marketing campaign last year.

This ends the studio’s long streak of box office failures. Obviously!

The Hunger Games is projected to siphon in somewhere between $140 and 150 million at the ending of this weekend. Check back tomorrow for updated numbers.




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