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Bobbi Kristina Emerges After Leolah Brown Slams Houston Family

Bobbi Kristina was likely blindsided not only by the official toxicology report on the shocking death of Whitney Houston but the claims made by Bobby Brown’s family namely his sister Leolah Brown and nephews.

The Los Angeles County, California Coroner’s Chief of Operation Craig Harvey stated, “The final cause of death has been established as drowning due to atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use.”

During an interview with Dr. Drew Leolah explicitly stated singer Ray-J provided cocaine to Whitney days before her death. As it pertains to Bobbi Kristina, the Brown family believes someone is manipulating her to gain guardianship and control over her finances and Patricia and Gary Houston do have the 19-year old’s interest at heart.

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Whitney’s only daughter is also dealing with her own press issues as she is constantly hounded by photographers capturing her relationship with ‘adopted brother’ Nick Gordon. It appears however that Nick is Bobbi Kristina’s primary source of comfort. Following the toxicology reports she was spotted walking hand in hand with Nick wearing dark shades and saddened countenance.

Watch the video of Leolah Brown and Bobby’s family below:

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