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Forest Whitaker To Star In Movie 'The Butler'

Forest Whitaker is currently working out a deal to play the lead role in the upcoming movie The Butler. The film is a story of Eugene Allen, a black butler who worked at the White House from 1952 to 1986, serving under eight presidents.

The film is based on an article written about Eugene’s life story by Wil Haygood. The butler started working at the White House at a time when black people were still discriminated against.

Oprah Winfrey was also offered a part in the movie.  The actress/mogul would play Allen’s wife. David Oyelowo is in talks to play the butler’s son. Other actors who have been considered for roles are Hugh Jackman, Mila Kunis and John Cusack. Kunis would portray Jackie Kennedy and Cusack would star as Richard Nixon (the role for Hugh Jackman is still not clear).

Lee Daniels is writing the film, and Pamela Williams will produce.

Whitaker has recently starred in Catch .44 and he has just signed on to play Desmond Tutu in The Archbishop and the Antichrist.

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0 thoughts on “Forest Whitaker To Star In Movie 'The Butler'

  1. Peachycakes82 says:

    Let me guess…he’s going to play the part as the Butler…SMH if that’s the case!

  2. Panther78 says:

    …and watch him get an Oscar for the portrayal. double SMH

  3. huge hi beamz says:

    y? hiz career doezn’t need this, but good ol massa gone giv ’em da oscar now sir

  4. Premed says:

    oh hey look, another white savior movie (yes….it mostly will be, somehow, some way, this will end up being where the white man save the day). Fukk Hollywood…for real. I know The Oscars are going to eat good off of this flick. They LOOOOOVE these kinds of movies.

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