Beyonce Plans Yoga Vacation With Blue Ivy And Gwyneth Paltrow

Beyonce Knowles and close friend, actress Gwyneth Paltrow are reportedly planning to vacation at a villa in Tuscany, Italy. A girl’s get-away just for the two of them? Not quite. The two are said to be taking along Beyoncé’s daughter, eight week old Blue Ivy Carter, as well as Paltrow’s seven year old daughter Apple, and five year old son, Moses. The ‘Single-Ladies’ singer and the ‘Iron Man’ star are said to have already booked the private villa for a luxury-based yoga break. This will be the first vacation for Beyonce who was sparked a debate last week when she was spotted breastfeeding Blue Ivy in public.

A source told The Sun UK, “They’re planning daily yoga sessions at the private five-star villa, which has its own pool.”

“Beyoncé has also been taking her daughter Blue Ivy to baby yoga classes after Gwyneth recommended it, so they will spend some of the holiday doing that.”

“And the pair will get stuck into a menu of Gwyneth’s favorite organic grub while they are away.”

Although husbands Jay-Z, and Coldplay rock star, Chris Martin, are responsible for introducing the ladies, it doesn’t seem as if they have plans to go along. Perhaps, they’re just not really into the idea of daily yoga sessions.

It’s funny, some people wait their entire lives to take a trip to Italy, and Baby Blue gets to go after only a couple of months on earth. This little baby has one interesting life ahead of her.

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