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Nat Faxon Books Lead Role In "Ned Fox Is My Manny"

Nat Faxon has landed a new role in an upcoming pilot.

According to sources, the actor/writer who recently won an academy award, has been selected to play in a lead role in Fox’s new comedy Ned Fox is My Manny.

The show is based on Kate, a single mother who shares a home with her nonchalant brother Ned, so he can help her raise her child.

Faxon will play Ned Fox and Abby Elliott (Kate) has already signed on to star as the single mom.

In the past, Faxon has been the voice of Allen Gregory on The Cleveland Show, the writer for The Descendants, as well as starred in episodes of Happy Endings, Party Down and Happy Hour.

Others lined up to play in Ned Fox is My Manny include Lucy Punch, Maggie Jones and Echo Kellum.

The writer is Dana Fox, and the interesting thing is that the character Ned, is based on her real brother, Ben Fox.

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