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Anne Hathaway Compares Herself To Lindsay Lohan

In a recent interview, Anne Hathaway tells the world that she “is not a saint” while reflecting on past experiences of  self-destructive behavior.

The star even compared her past actions to those of troubled actress, Lindsay Lohan.  Lohan has become increasingly popular for her alleged heavy drug use and party-going lifestyle – activities that have managed to overshadow her once successful acting career.

“I never sit in judgment.  Lindsay Lohan and I have more in common than people think,” Hathaway tells The Sun.  “We’ve all done things we shouldn’t.  It is just that I did stuff at college when nobody knew about it.  I’m not a saint.  I wasted time doing self-destructive things.  I found out you can only dance on so many table tops.”

Hathaway revealed that although she was wild in college, by the time she began appearing in the spotlight, she had already gotten past that stage in her life.

“I got all that out of my system,” says Hathaway.  “And I am healthy and grounded.”

Oddly enough, during an interview today, Lohan claimed that she was done with her partying ways.  The Mean Girls actress told Matt Lauer, “I went out, actually, a few months ago with a friend.  And I was so uncomfortable.  Not because I felt tempted, just because it was just the same thing that it always was before.  It just wasn’t fun for me,” Lohan said. “I’ve become more of a homebody.  And I like that.”


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