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Bobbi Kristina Will Decide Role Bobby Brown Has In Her Life

Bobbi Kristina Brown, 18-year-old daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, will be the only determining factor as to how her father Bobby Brown will play a role in her life, according to a family member.

Whitney Houston’s godmother, Darlene Love, told Access Hollywood that the Houston family will not manipulate Bobby and Whitney’s only daughter’s choice on how she will proceed with a relationship with her father.

“That’s really going to have to be her choice whether she wants him in her life, and I don’t think nobody is going to give her any information or try to remove her one way or the other,” Love said in the interview. “That’s one decision she is going to have to definitely make on her own.”

While there has been no direct confirmation of ill-wills between daughter and father, there have been signs of a troubled relationship between the two since the untimely death of the legendary singer Whitney Houston.

Most poignantly at Whitney’s funeral, Brown was given direct orders, per Mark Trigg, the Houston’s family attorney (an agreement was reached), not to reach out to Bobbi Kristina unless she initiated. However, after beckoning for his three children from other relationships to sit with him (they were arranged to sit elsewhere) and asked to move, and blocked by security when he wanted to reach out to Bobbi Kristina—he left unexpectedly after kissing Whitney’s casket. It’s also rumored that Bobby is shopping a tell-all. This screams private issues running amuck.

“Bobbi Kristina wanted to be left alone,” Trigg said. “If his daughter had intervened, security would not stand in the way and would have made sure they connected.” Trigg explained as he phoned into the “The Frank And Wanda Morning Show” on Tuesday furthering clarifying Bobby’s reason(s) for abruptly leaving the home going services.

Whatever issues Bobbi Kristina may have with her father, Brown is worried about his daughter’s welfare since losing her mother, whom she was extremely close with, and wants her to seek professional help.

“Bobby told family friends that he’s really worried about Bobbi Kristina,” the source said.

Bobby is said to be afraid for his daughter and is limited to what he can say because of “family bad blood and drama,” but is adamant that he doesn’t want her to “do something stupid”—like drugs and wants her to seek professional help to cope with her grieving process.

Hopefully Bobbi Kristina can get past her anger with her father. We think she needs all of her family in her life with all things considered.

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