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Kelly Rowland 80/20 Diet Rule Keeps Her Sexy

Kelly Rowland gabbed with talk show host Chelsea Handler about her Grammy nominated single ‘Motivation’, the new man in her life, and her ‘Sexy Abs’ workout DVD when she dropped by the funny woman’s late-night show.

The X Factor judge walked out in a floor-length black halter dress with cream colorblocking in the back and Diana Ross larger-than-life (seriously) hair. Warming Kelly right up, Chelsea dug right in breaking the ice “nice boobs”.   Handler jumped from boobs to Kelly’s best selling record yet, ’Motivation’, and how she got Lil Wayne to collaborate for the chart topper.

“I saw him at a [Miami] Heat game and I told him I had a song. I went to the studio, played him the song and he got on it,” she explained.”

The former Destiny Child’s member delved into how securing collabs can become problematic because artists may want “half of the writing credits”, but she explained that Lil’ Wayne’s quick response was a good diversion from such.

“Sometimes, I don’t know if you guys know, but artists will be a little bit difficult when it comes to getting on songs. You go through that Hollywood stuff. I don’t like that and he just did it.”

The ladies then jumped into Kelly’s ‘Sexy Abs’ DVD as Kelly’s latest venture after tackling music for so many years and presently trying her hand at judging on the British X-Factor. ’80/20′ Kelly mused about her workout tip by celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins that keep her trim and sexy.

Chelsea snuck in a question about her being single or not and Kelly unabashedly replied that she had “a good man” with an undeniable smirk which prompted Handler’s follow up statement.

“You look happy and horny when you speak about him,” Chelsea said.

“Those feelings come about too when thinking about him,” Kelly admitted.

Kelly’s ‘Motivation’ is nominated for a Grammy in the Best Rap/Song Collaboration category.

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