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Kelly Clarkson National Anthem: Where Does It Rank?

Next to Whitney Houston’s National Anthem in ’91, Kelly Clarkson takes the cake – or does she?

The former American Idol winner left the theatrics at home or for other entertainers like Christina Aguilera and instead brought a solid, simple and pitch perfect rendition of the ‘The Star Spangle Banner’ at Super Bowl XLVI.

Accompanied by marching band and a children’s chorus, critics are giving Clarkson high marks with some saying she “hit all the right notes” and “In football terms, we call this performance a touchdown.”

Despite her excellent performance Kelly had her doubts when she posted on her Whosay account on Friday,

“Just finished rehearsing the anthem in Indy … wow, I’m actually really nervous about singing at the Super Bowl ha!Here’s hoping I nail it and don’t screw it up!”

No screw ups here! What did you think of Kelly Clarkson’s National Anthem performance? Was it the best? If not who’s done it better? Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Faith Hill, Beyonce??

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