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5 New 'Dark Knight Rises' Photos

New photos hit the web showing Commissioner Gorden clutching a glock 9 and displaying a terrifying look, a nice detailed close up of Batman’s costume, and another one with Batman and Bane going heads-up in the movie’s final battle.

There is not much more to be said about ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, except that everybody and their mother can’t wait to see the film!

It’s unclear if Bane will be super sized like in the comic, but for now it seems he will be equal in stature with Batman. If you haven’t seen the teaser yet check it out here. One ┬ámore trailer is said to be released, but until then check out the photos.

Be sure to check back for the latest updates on The Dark Knight Rises. Directed by award winning director Christopher Nolan, and starring Christian Bale as Batman and Tom Hardy as Bane.

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Commissioner Gorden with his hand gun and a terrifying look.

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