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X Factor USA Winner Melanie Amaro Wants A New Home

UPDATE-Melanie Amaro the first winner of X Factor USA has big plans! Amaro was awarded with $5million recording contract and a spot on a Pepsi Superbowl commercial.

Melanie isn’t wasting time compiling her wish list. The 19 year old college freshman stated that she planned on getting a foot massage, house for her mom, and a lifetime supply of chicken. Wow…that’s a lot of chicken.

Melanie admitted during an interview with People Magazine that her life would certainly change given she has only ever had a few hundred dollars to her name. “Life will change a lot.   The most I have ever had before was $200, if I was lucky.”

She also commented that she knew a new house would have to be in the budget because the present home she shares with her mom is less than desirable.   “The one we live in now sucks.” She also mentioned that since chicken is her favorite food, it also had to be on the list. “I can’t live without it, it’s my favorite food.”

Overcome with emotion, Amaro even forgot the words to her favorite song, Listen at the end of the show. Later back stage, she recanted the unexpected moment by stating; “I couldn’t remember any of the words.” Adding, “I was so overwhelmed; it was such a surprise to me.”

Runner up Josh Krajcik later stated that he was relieved the competition was over so he could return to Ohio and recoup by stating; “It was a relief when it was over.” He also mentioned that he felt Melanie was a more than deserving winner because she had an amazing voice. “I felt pride for Melanie and pride for myself. She deserved to win; America decided, and she’s got an amazing voice.”

Third place finalist Chris Rene admitted that in the future he hoped to sign a deal with his idol and mentor L.A. Reid.   But for now, Chris said he would settle for a Red Bull and some rest. “Everyone who knows my music and my story, a lot more people have accepted me than I thought, and that’s really beautiful.”

Another victor in last nights competition was Simon Cowell as someone from his team claimed the final prize which had some believing the winner may have been previously chosen; but Cowell remain unfazed   as he stated; “She was a good contestant because she thought long and hard about how she would interpret songs.” Adding; “Every week we were discovering something new in her.”

Cowell even mentioned that four labels were already interested in signing the X Factor USA winner with a decision soon to be heard today.

Congratulations Melanie Amaro! Enjoy your winnings…and your new home.

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