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Vanessa Bryant's Divorcing Kobe Over Recent Case Of Infidelity

UPDATE-Kobe Bryant’s divorce from his wife of ten and a half years, Vanessa Lynne Bryant, has dominated headlines for much of the weekend.

In the latest update   of the divorce saga, Vanessa apparently filed for divorce after catching the NBA star cheating…..again! According to reports Kobe has cheated with multiple women over the years but his recent infidelity apparently took the cake! It’s not clear how this case differed from the others but we can begin the countdown for women who will pop out of the woods and tell us why.

In an attempt to keep Vanessa quiet or make this go away quickly,   the Los Angeles Lakers star is already coughing up the dough like he did in 2003.

Many remember when Kobe gifted Vanessa with a $4 million diamond apology ring after being charged with sexual assault.   If this is any indication of what’s to come then Vanessa will have very little to worry about…..financially that is. 🙂 Thus far Vanessa has snagged the former couples massive Newport Coast mansion and Kobe agreed the pay spousal support. The amount remains unknown…for now.

How do you think this divorce will impact Kobe Bryant’s basketball career? Where will Vanessa go from here?

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