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Etta James' Sons Fight Over Her Estate Amid Terminal Illness Report

UPDATE-Grammy award winning singer Etta James is terminally ill with Cancer. James, 73, who’s known for her plethora of soulful hits, including the now classic ‘At Last’ is fighting a hard battle with “Leukemia, Dementia and Kidney Stones and many, many other illnesses” according to her live-in physician, Dr. Elaine James (no relation). But another battle continues in the courtroom with her sons, Etta’s husband Artis Mills and her live-in physician Dr. Elaine James.

Dr. James who’s reportedly getting a monthly salary of $30,000 a month is defending allegations that she’s the next Dr. Conrad Murray who was convicted earlier this month in the death of Micheal Jackson. According to the Press-Enterprise newspaper Dr. James salary and care came under fire from Etta’s sons Donto and Sametto.

“Her salary, she said, is based on her around-the-clock availability and the number of specialties she practices while caring for Etta James.”

James’ husband Mills who hired Dr. James said through his attorney Bettye Barnard, “Dr. James is keeping this lady alive.”

But Donto and Sametto see things differently and believe their mother could “be in very serious danger.” “I was so upset” said Dr. James of the allegations. “These were really nasty allegations.”

The James’ brothers continue to fight Artis over Etta James’ million dollar estate believing that he doesn’t have Etta’s best interest at heart.

“I saw her the day before yesterday, and I think she needs to be in the hospital. She doesn’t look good,” said Donto James.


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