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Kelly Rowland Talks Poor Albums Sales And New Projects

Kelly Rowland covers the latest issue of Jet magazine and surprisingly she opened up about her latest album ‘Here I Am’. The album had an undeniable hit with ‘Motivation’, the single went on to sell millions and spun several remixes. Unfortunately those sales didn’t translate to album sales, ‘Here I Am’ has yet to hit Gold status. But the former Destiny’s Child star is not crying a river over the album. On the topic she tells Jet,

“I was very happy with the album, period. It was a long time coming and I’m proud that Motivation was nominated for a Grammy; it’s been a really great year,” she says after a brief pause. Her tone holds a mixture of slight annoyance, understandable frustration and reasonable divatude.

Before you believe that Kelly is OK with mediocrity she shares her New Years resolution,

“I want an album in the Top 5,” she shares. She’s scheming, plotting and gunning for No. 1. That’s right!

Ms. Kelly is not resting on her laurels and she can openly admit that she isn’t releasing music for a sake of it but desires all the accolades. Nothing wrong with that – it’s well placed and deserved. Kelly stated the new album will “tell stories about grown woman things– what we go through every single day in relationships and love, empowering each other.”

Looking forward to it!

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