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Wow! Johnny Depp's Bodyguards Beat Down A Handicapped Woman

Wow! Did Johnny Depp's Bodyguards Beat Down A Handicap Woman

According to a police report, Johnny Depp’s personal security put a disabled woman in the hospital Thursday night.

Authorities say 52-year-old Robyn Ecker filed the police report claiming she was attending an Iggy Pop show in Los Angeles on Thursday (December 1) for her husband’s birthday celebration when she was attacked.

The woman and her husband’s table was right next to the actor and his entourage. Ecker claims that after dancing too close to Depp’s table his bodyguards jumped on her and wrestled her to the ground.

The police officer who documented the incident, mentioned that Ecker appeared to be drunk when filing the report.

Ecker was admitted to hospital and treated for her injuries.

There are no more details at this time…

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