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Steve Buscemi Helps SNL Pull Off Penn State Sex Scandal Spoof

Steve Buscemi hosted Saturday Night Live and managed to help SNL spoof  the Penn State sex scandal.

When it comes to sexual abuse of children it’s a difficult task to find anyone able to find humor in the topic.  However, Saturday Night Live, a show that usually tackles controversial issues with comedy, was able to dig up some big laughs about the recent scandal.

While on his second stint  hosting the show, Boardwalk Empire star Steve Buscemi, contributed to the ruckus in the skit dubbed “Coach Bert.”  Buscemi played a coach who finds himself in the midst of an investigation after being accused of being a sexual predator—simply based on his creepy appearance. Unlike the actual Penn State case, the school officials in Coach Bert’s case, as well as the police, have no evidence, no accusations and no suspicion that wrongdoing has occurred whatsoever. Everything is based on Coach Bert’s looks.

Buscemi did not spare himself from being a target of the wisecracking.  He kicked off the show by taking a few cracks at himself by addressing his days before the hit HBO show as the quintessential creepy guy who played just that in almost every role until that point. Interestingly enough, Buscemi went on to play the “creepy guy” for the majority of the SNL episode.

You can watch more SNL clips with Steve Buscemi here. So, what did you think about Buscemi’s second stab at hosting SNL?  Was the skit in poor taste, or were there laughs to be had?


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