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Kelly Rowland Brings Sexy Back With Steamy 1 Xtra Live Performance

When Kelly Rowland recently mentioned that since she’s hit her 30’s she feels more “sexually liberated“, she wasn’t kidding. The sassy, ex-Destiny’s Child member put on a sexy performance during last nights BBC Radio 1 Xtra Live that had the audience gasping for more.

Rowland appeared on stage with male performers Jessie J, Dappy and Labrinth in a form fitted, penguin tailed coat, sparkling green leotard, and hot pants which were barely long enough to be considered underwear.

Just before the show Kelly tweeted her fans;

“Warmin up w/ my boys b4 2nite’s 1xtra live show!!!”

And warm up she did. Kelly’s performance was filled with crotch gyrations, low squats, and the occasional extended tongue from her male cohorts that set the stage on fire!

Yes folks, our little Kelly is all grown up. No more wholesome and conservative for her; Kelly is moving in a new direction and it screams sexy.

In the clip below Kelly completes a Destiny’s Child medley with some of the groups biggest hits including “Bug A Boo” to “Survivor” (and everything in between). Grab a soldier, say her name, and get “Jumpin’ Jumpin’”.

Check it out – What do you think of Kelly’s new sexy image?

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