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Gilbert Gottfried Gets Another Shot At T.V. After Tsunami Jokes

GilbertGottfried law and orderAfter being in entertainment jail for almost a year comedian Gilbert Gottfried is back on TV this week. This Wednesday(November 30), the actor will guest star in an episode of “Law & Order SVU,” in a part which may become permanent.

“I’m like a computer geek for the department who helps them with numbers and information,” he says.

This past spring, the comedian made headlines after making insensitive jokes on Twitter about Japanese tsunami. In result, Gottfried lost a very well-paying job as the duck on the Aflac commercials.

“Funny thing about that incident,” he said. “The company fires me, and I became a bigger tragedy and accident than the actual tsunami. According to the media, I caused it.”

gilbert gottfried law and order, Determined not to let the tsunami jokes define who he is, Gottfried still tweets.

“I still do [Twitter],” Gottfried says. “Funny thing about what happened. There were people who said, ‘Oh, his career is totally over’ — which I love.”

“Whenever TV shows, newspapers, magazines do their top story on how your career is over, well — if my career was over, I wouldn’t be the top story.”





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