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Halo Hell Jumper Trailer: First Episode

halo-helljumperThe uber popular video game, Halo, will be brought to life early next year by aspiring movie makers Dan Wang and Helena Hilario. Halo Helljumper, is a short series of films  that take place in the  year 2552 and follows the life of one battle hardened ODST soldier from enlistment in the UNSC before the Human-Covenant War to around the Fall of Reach.  The soldier’s name is Gage Yevgenny and the film begins with him being rescued by the Rookie on the colony of New Jerusalem.  Instead of letting the Rookie take him back, Cage forces him to listen to his story of the war.

The movie stars Bradley Rose, Mingyu Chu, Kimberly Carvalho, Tyler Le Marr, and Daniel Benhamu. It’s set to be released in January 2012.

Check out the Halo Helljumper trailer and production photos below:

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