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Aaron Sorkin May Write The 'Steve Jobs' Movie

Oscar-winning writer Aaron Sorkin may pencil in the words to the biopic about the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.
According to E! Online, Sorkin mentioned -while guest speaking at an event in Santa Monica, Calif., that Sony Pictures asked him to write the ‘Jobs’ film.

“It’s something I’m strongly considering,” he expressed to the crowd. “Right now I’m just in the thinking-about-it stages.”

Sony acquired the rights to Walter Isaacson’s unauthorized biography “Steve Jobs, published in late October. The movie would likely be based on Isaacson’s book.

Jobs died on Oct. 5 after a long battle with cancer.

Aaron B. Sorkin is an Academy and Emmy award winning American screenwriter, whose projects include A Few Good Men, The American President, The West Wing, Sports Night, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, The Social Network, and Moneyball.

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