Trailer: A Thousand Words

Eddie Murphy is dropping another film in the wake of the turmoil that he and best chum Brett Ratner put the Academy through. I guess Paramout believes in the cardinal rule: any publicity is good publicity.

In ‘A Thousand Words’, Jack McCall is a slick talking literary agent who can fast-talk his way through anything and close any deal. He targets a New Age guru Dr. Sinja for more selfish, monetary gain. However, Dr Sinja is onto him and puts a magical spell on Jack.  Soon after, a mysterious tree sprouts in Jack’s backyard and realizes that a leaf falls from the tree for every word he speaks. The purpose of the spell is that when all the leaves are gone from the tree, the tree will die and so will Jack. Now, with only one thousand words left, the fast talking agent has to come up with clever ways of communicating without using words.

‘A Thousand Words’ will hit theaters March 23rd 2012 worldwide.

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