Exclusive Update: Brett Ratner And Eddie Murphy Both Drop Out Of The Oscars

Brett Ratner is out as producer of the 84th Academy Awards show.

Brett Ratner shouted out a gay slur during a Q&A for the “Tower Heist” that led him to step down as producer for The 84th Oscars. During the event, Ratner said “rehearsing is for fags,” and just as quickly as these remarks flew out of his mouth, NY Magazine published the video that quickly spread all over the web. The director immediately called Tom Sherak and resigned as producer for the Oscars.

Huffingtonpost reports that the Academy released an official response: “Words have meaning, and they have consequences. Brett is a good person, but his comments were unacceptable. We all hope this will be an opportunity to raise awareness about the harm that is caused by reckless and insensitive remarks, regardless of the intent.”

Brett Ratner chose Eddie Murphy to host the Oscars. Those two are as thick as thieves, no pun intended, but the question still lingers: Is Eddie Murphy still going to host the telecast without Ratner?

An inside source close to Eddie Murphy anonymously told WHOGOTTHEROLE.COM that “he will drop out of the Oscars too.”

Only time will tell if this statement is true.

*** Update: The anonymous tipper was correct. Eddie Murphy will not host the upcoming Oscars. ***

Remarks start at 2:40


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