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Lindsay Lohan Released After Doing Four Hours Of Her 30 Day Jail Sentence

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that Lindsay Lohan was released early from jail Monday morning (November 8), after serving just four hours of her 30 day sentence for violating probation.

The authorities claimed that the jail was too overcrowded and there was no room for the troubled actress. “All I can tell you is that she was already released,” said L.A. Sheriff’s Deputy Tony Moore.

A sheriff’s spokesman recently explained to the media that Lohan could be released early. Currently there is a federal mandate to ease the overpopulated jails. Nonviolent offenders are being sent home early after serving a short time of their sentences. The actress was freed because she fell under that category.

The “Mean Girl” was originally sentenced to 30 days in county jail after she admitted that she violated probation terms by not attending her community service job regularly.

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