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Ezra Miller Is In The Runnings For Manga Character Tetsuo in "Akira"

Ezra Miller, Tetsuo, Japanese animation, munga, Akira movieEzra Miller is looking to get a piece of the American pie with this remake of the Japanese anime Akira. Miller is leading the pack of few actors considered for the role and there is no mystery why: from his previous role in ‘Lets Talk About Kevin‘ you can see that Miller has the best chops for the live manga role. Tetsuo is a dark character that has deep mental issues with admiring the friends that he hates, and having ambitions of becoming the most powerful of them all. Also running for the role is Alden Eherenreich, but isn’t nearly as talked about for the role.

Jaume Collet-Serra is set to direct the film, with Katsuhiro Ohtomo and Steve Kloves writing the screenplay.

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