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Michael Rispoli Takes Lead in ABC Comedy 'The Manzanis'

Kirstie Alley will co-star with male lead Michael Rispoli on the new ABC comedy “The Manzanis”.  The show has been on ABC’s back burner for two years and the first few episodes have finally begun taping. The producers include Marco Pennette and Dave Flebotte, and with funny lady Kirstie at the helm it should be a show worth watching.

ABC has yet to determine when audiences will be able to view the new sitcom, but Deadline News is quoted as saying that it will be similar to “Roseanne” with Alley laying down the funny lines and the rest of the cast helping to set the comedic stage.

Rispoli will be playing Kirstie’s husband and is said to have some very comical lines of his own. “The Manzani’s” will offer a fresh and funny twist on the happenings of everyday family life. With comic actors like Rispoli and Alley how could it be anything else? We look forward to watching it on ABC.

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