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JOHNNY DEPP Suffers One Of His Biggest Flops

A new movie came out this week called The Rum Diary, to little applause from critics and a few shrugs from viewers. While lead actor Johnny Depp is known for his cinematic prowess, this latest flop may hurt his career. There are a few reasons why this picture, which may be the worst film in his career, is notable.

“The Rum Diary” is based on a novel that its own author (and Johnny Depp’s mentor, Hunter S. Thompson) didn’t think was worth publishing. Depp on the other hand believed in the story and was anxious to get it produced for film, and decided to participate in the movie adaptation. Depp has always been seen as a box-office draw, and his recent participation in the Pirates of the Caribbean series proves his appeal among viewers of all demographics. With “The Rum Diary”’s paltry opening weekend gross of 5 million dollars (on a 50 million budget), this film is easily the biggest flop of Depp’s A-list movie career.

It is too early to tell how this movie’s failure will affect Depp as a draw. There is hope, however. If the actor can continue to pump his famous franchises and keep his awesome work relationship with director Tim Burton, we should see Johnny Depp in an abundance of more successful movies for years to come.

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