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Queen Latifah Raps With Will Smith To Host New Daytime Talk Show

Queen Latifah is a very versatile woman. She has had a successful acting and rapping career and now she will be the host of her own talk show. Latifah was the host of a talk show in 1999 entitled “The Queen Latifah show“, but it ended in 2001. Her new talk show will debut sometime in 2013 and the name for it has not been released.

Ms. Latifah will be giving advice to the viewers and guests of her talk show. Actor Will Smith will produce the talk show. Smith and Latifah have known each other for over 20 years and also worked together on the popular 90s sitcom “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” The exact date that the talk show will make its debut has not yet been released, either.

Fans have to wait awhile to see Latifah’s show, but they can see her in a new gospel production entitled, “Joyful Noises”.  Joyful Noises also stars Dolly Parton and it will hit theaters in January of 2012.

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