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Mel B's Daughter Phoenix Files Battery Charges Against Father

Melanie ‘Mel B‘ Brown’s oldest daughter Phoenix reportedly filed charges against her father Jimmy Gulzar earlier this month. Mel B was married to the Gulzar for 2-years when their marriage ended in 2000. Mel once described her marriage to Jimmy as “rocky”.

According to Radar Online, Phoenix was visiting her father per his visitation agreement to see her four times a month. It is unclear what happened but Jimmy refused to allow Phoenix to leave to return to Melanie.

“The cops had to be called to enforce the court order, which states that Mel has primary custody of Phoenix. There was a stand off for several hours. When it became clear that Gulzar wasn’t going to turn Phoenix over, LAPD responded and told Jimmy he had to allow his daughter to leave his apartment.”

“When Phoenix came out, she was extremely distraught and very upset. The police immediately took her to the police station to fill out a report.”

According to the police report filed: “Victim is suspect’s daughter. Susp has visitation rights w/daughter. When daughter attempted to leave susp’s house to return to mother’s home, susp grabbed vict’s arm refusing to let her leave.”

Mel B who’s filming Australian X Factor has not commented on the incident.

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