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Fatality On The Set Of The Expendables 2

Fatality On Set Of The Expendables 2

Update: The stuntman that was fatally killed during an explosion on set of The Expendables 2 has been identified. Kun Lieu met a tragic end during a stunt gone wrong while shooting. Nuo Sun also was seriously injured as a result of the same explosion and is now in stable condition. The unfortunate accident happened during 2nd-team shoot and none of 1st-team was around during the accident. 2nd team will resume shooting shortly pending the investigation. 1st-team has continued shooting on schedule.

Previously Reported:

A stuntman for the film The Expendables 2 was killed from an accident on set in the evening of October 27, 2011. The specific scene for the film was being shot at the Ognyanovo dam, which is somewhere near the capital of Bulgaria. The scene involved a bomb exploding aboard an inflatable raft. In addition to the death of the stuntman, two others were injured. One of the injured stuntmen was initially in very critical condition that required him to be operated on by doctors for at least five hours. At this point, both stuntmen are medically stable.

None of the major actors were hurt or even near the place of the accident. Those who were involved in the accident belonged to a second unit who were filming a couple of hours away from the main crew that included the main cast. The producers have already expressed their sympathies and regrets on the occurrence of the accident. Out of respect for the families of the victims, their names and nationalities remain unrevealed to the public. The production team and staff have also offered full cooperation to authorities with regard to the investigation of the incident.

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